Austin Community College District Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Plenty of lazy and disrespectful. Too many students that don't understand the purpose of a college education and to much complaining. However, i have been in the honors program where the over achievers go, those students are amazing.


Austin Community College is a perfect representation of Austin itself in its diversity, including students of all races, ages, genders and sexualities.


My classmates are average, hardworking men and women that are trying to further their lives and making them better by attending an accredited college.


My classmates are one of two differences: they are either serious about school looking to graduate with two year degree or tranfer to a traditional four year college; or they are looking to pass time and attending classes at school just gives them something to do.


My classmates are a diverse group -- recent graduates from high school, nontraditional students, men, women, every ethnicity, and from many different continents and countries.


My classmates are the shinning representation of everything I think I'm not yet am so familiar with, we are all of the same species, but our minds are in different worlds.


More and more people have begun going to college, which basically means, all the people you went to high school with are going to be in college with you. If you thought college was going to be filled with intellectuals and all courses would be interesting, plan to continue on to a Master's or Doctoral program, because the students are the same in undergraduate school as they were in high school.


The classrooms at ACC are very never know what the age group is that will be in your class. They also have a dual credit program where high school students can attend college classes and earn credit for both college and high school.


My classmates are a combination of recent high school graduates, dual enrollment students and older students who are updating their education in order to compete more effectively in the modern workplace.


My classmates are quiet, self-abiding creatures at first glance, but flower into social butterflies once I took the time to know them throughout the semester.


A mix of ages, ethnicity, and ideas; it's a mesh of many different people with different backgrounds in one room.

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