Austin Community College District Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I'm getting my education.


When asked about my classes, I say how conveniently small the class is. I always like to tell students who are interested in coming to my school, that it is very easy to get around the campus, as well as meet new friends.


Its a great way to start college if you dont have any experience with college courses. Also, that it has several locations which are convenient and provides a variety of times after five if you work full time. It has great professors that set you up for success and you have a more interaction with them if needed.


Understanding that I am not what is considered a ?traditional? student, I brag most about the fact my school wants its students to achieve their dreams. Many schools tend to shy away from helping older or returning students. Austin Community College gave me the tools I needed to reach my goal of becoming a college graduate.


How reasonable tuition is and how many campuses there are.

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