Austin Community College District Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


ACC should be attended by those are are not necessarily able to afford a 4 year university. Also someone who is sort of a'home body' and doesn't want to be far from home and the responsibilities present would do well at a community college. Also, students who want to get their core classes out of the way as cheaply and easily as possible would do benefit form attending ACC before transferring to a 4-year university.


Anyone should come to Austin Community College if they'd like. The campus I attend is very diverse, whether it's religion, race, or anything else. It's very easy to meet and become friends with new people. Some of the classmates I have become friends with, I would have never thought we'd be friends. If someone is serious about getting their degree in a subject they're interested, then by all means, they can register.


People that are trying to get their associates degree, or who are wanting to transfer to a 4 year school. This is a good school for people that have full time or part time jobs.


Any person who wants to complete all of their core classes while getting a great education at a low cost.


People who want to save money at school!


I think people who aren't to sure of the career path they want to take in life. Some students already know what they want to do wih their life and what they want to be when they grow up. But for who dont know and are looking to find themselves, community college is a great alternative with a smaller price tag.


any one no matter you age race, background ,acc is open to any one.


Anyone wanting to achieve their dream of a college education should attend Austin Community College. Nontraditional, or even students on a budget, can still receive excellent education and be one step closer to a college degree


Anyone who wants to learn. ACC is the perfect stepping stone to a 4-year degree. They have learning labs and great teachers to help you reach your goals. A person who wants to go farhter asn a AA degree. A person who wants to do or be anything they set their mondsd too. ACC has different degree programs from teaching to being a medical assataice. People who want to save money and start out with sm all callrooms and great teachers and have lots of degree programs to choce from the ACC will be the pefect match. Anyone can


Someone interested and rich in the arts and movement of the arts. Someone who wants to be in the center of the city and have fun every day! (College of Charleston)

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