Austin Community College District Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?

Jeanne Jacqueline

This school is best for people who are not ready(emotionally, physically or financially) for a University or simply do not want to go to a University. But a person who just is not interested in College at all, should not go here. I've seen many people who don't want to attend school, but their parents insist that they do. These people are the ones who never show up to class, and do not care about their grades. This just frustrates the students who really do want to learn, and wastes the teachers time.


The only people who shouldn't attend ACC are those unwilling to learn and grow even in an environment that provides all the tools necessary for anyone to succeed if they try.


Someone who wants a fresh start and the whole so called 'college experience' probably shouldn't attend ACC. ACC is meant for those who are still discerning their future major/career, those who are not ready to be a way from and those who can not afford a 4 year university.


if you like big classroom settings you should not attend this school. the classroom sizes are around 15- 30 people while other colleges have 200 people in a class. if you like a campus that has multiple buildings that are in one mile radius this is not your school ACC has many different campuses. they can be 30 miles away from each other but they are around austin.


Anyone can attend this school. The only kind of person that should not attend Austin Community College, is someone who has a full scholarship somewhere else.


Nobody. It's a community college. Its open to everyone who wants to further their education or even start on it. And if you fit that description, then your always welcome.


If you are attending college because you feel like you have to, you should not go to this or any college or university until you decide you want to be there on your own. If you don't want to be there, you will not get the full experience and education that is offered. If needed, take a break from school and go when you are ready to make it a priority. You will achieve more and be a better student when you want to be there.


Someone who doesn't want to do anything with their lives, someone who isn't ready to take the next step to adulthood. Someone who can't afford college. Someone who thinks that college isn't for them and that working odd jobs is the way to go. Some people just can't learn by sitting in a classroom, they have to be outside or have an one -on -one to get things done. Sometimes college can only be done on the weekend an dACC campuse don't have weekend classes, people who wan to make something of themselves. Alwasys

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