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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Jeanne Jacqueline

Follow your heart. I know you think that it's best to follow what everyone says you would do best at, but that isn't what YOU want. You need to think about the classes you love, not the best grades you get. Were you ever happy in those classes? No? What classes make you happy? What classes are you excited to get to, that you rush to? The classes that you study the best for, classes where the homework makes you excited! That is what you should follow. That is what you should study. Like they say: If you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Same with classes: If you love what you study, studying is never a chore. So please, follow your heart, and you will be happy.


Top 5 things I would tell my 18-year old self about college: 5. Take classes that are relevant to real life. While Intro to Poetry may be interesting, you would be better served by taking Accounting 101. 4. Get a good degree. You can't go wrong with math and science. Even if you get a liberal arts degree, take math and science core courses to give yourself options later in life. 3. Don't get credit cards. The offers will come flooding in and it seems like free money but it's definitely too good to be true. 2. Be sure to take care of your physical and mental health. Regular exercise will help your body and your brain be in prime condition for learning and thriving. 1. Go to class! This is the most important factor. I didn't realize at the time how important it is to be in class, immersed in the material, taking notes and absorbing information. Many things will sink in even when you are not paying 100% attention.


Look dude, High school has been fun hasn't it? My two biggest pieces of advice I can give to you are to be really frugal with all the money you will be receiving and to not slack on your work and stay focused! You're going to be blessed with some good cash from financial aid and from the jobs you're going to have. The best thing you can do is to spend what you need and save as much as you can. Once you transfer its going to give you the leg up you need to get yourself through a long semester. Next thing, and the most important is to focus on those studies. Don't play around and spend long nights procrastinating. Take advantage of all the resources and talk to people. You're going to make some great friends so utilize them. If you don't do this you're going to end up in a situation that will take far longer than what you think to come out of. You're going to have fun because you know how to have fun. Just tone it down just a little bit. Good luck!!


Enroll in college as soon as possible after graduation from high school, and if enrolling in a community college, make sure the classes that you take are transferable credits. College is as you make it. Go to class, do what you are instructed to do, study, and you'll do just fine. College is mostly about dedication, so dedicate yourself as much as possible. Higher education is the means to having a career that is a love of life; whatever you love to do, try and relate that love to a degree, and you'll be a lot happier in the end. These are all things that I've learned over the years that I know now at the age of 33, with age comes wisdom, but I am satisfied that I'm doing what I'm doing now, because I know that I will be happy with my degree and career choice. This is a statement that I did not make when I obtained my high school diploma and associates degree from Austin Community College.




Don't write off the scholars. Don't skip out on taking the SAT. Don't keep that job at Dairy Queen. Don't move to California with that boy. Don't assume you deserve the abuse he put you through. Don't assume you deserve the abuse you've put yourself through. Don't keep biting the hands that try to feed you. Don't assume there's no hope left. Don't disregard your talents. Don't lose sight of the sunrise through the darkness of the night. When you see that sliver of light peeking over the horizon, run for it. Soak yourself in it. Know that you are not alone. Know that you are only as worthless as you think you are. Know that it will get better. Know that you will need to keep working for it to get better. Know that work will be fulfilling; know that your pursuit of knowledge is nothing to be ashamed of. Know that one day soon, you will be full of so much love that you will dedicate your life and your overactive mind to spreading it. Know that it will be okay. Know your own strength.


I would first tell myself to wait on having children, because it made everything much more difficult while trying to raise a toddler in nursing school. I would take advantage of the vocational and technical training offered in highschool in order to get a job while in college. I would tell my seventeen year old self to not focus on the long term goal and set short-terms in order to remain focus and gain small victories along the way. I would say to look at school tuition rates rather than the party factor or what would be the "cool" place to go. Apply for every scholarship you qualify for, and continue searching out and applying fo them as you go along to cut down on student loans. Only borrow, what you need for your tuition, do not accept the refund. Be very frugal while in school. Seek out your own learning opportunities. Try and find a job within your field of study because it will significantly help you when you graduate and are trying to find a job.


I wish that I could have talked to myself even earlier than that so I could have avoided taking the long route to my desired school. However, if I could have talked to myself senior year, I would have said, "Sophie, don't lose sight of what is important and that is your education and your future. Stay confident and you will be just fine. Do not give up, you will be amazing." Then I would have said, "flashcards are about to become your best friend", "the first year at home is going to be rough but once you leave you're going to miss mom", "double check the FIRST EXAM DATE in your planner for second semester psychology ", "stop working at Texadelphia... it isn't going to get better", and "don't you put that dark red shirt in the laundry with everything white that you own". That about sums it up. Senior Sophie seemed to have a nice transition, though. Finally, I would conclude with something sweet like "knock 'em dead babe", or maybe just "you got this". That's really all she needs.


Stick with you're path. It's going to be a crazy ride!


Never put anything off! If you organize your time better, not only will you complete all your assignments ahead of schedule, you'll find you have much more time to focus on your hobbies and having fun. You won't have to feel guilty about hanging out with your friends or watching tv, and you won't let stress build up until the last possible moment. Just put away all your distractions and focus on what's important, and you'll be much happier in the end.


Change and transitions have never come easily to me. In fact when any semblance of change would arise I would fight it tooth and nail trying to keep my life exactly the same. Change has always left a foul taste in my mouth, mostly due to the fact that most often times change did not bring about better circumestances. If I could go back to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that although transitions can be frightening sometimes one just has to take a leap of faith and hope for the best. My first year of college had no shortage of bad experiences but it also had a multitude of good ones. It is the good memories that one needs to focus on. College is definitely different than high school but that does not mean that it won't be amazing. Just have faith.


College isn't as scary as people make it out to be. Yes some people may not be as friendly as others, but it doesn't mean they're "out to get you." Tests do require a little more studying than in high school, and papers are a little tough. Studying for the SAT and doing well on it, will help you when registering for certain classes in college. Keep your math and science notebooks, it definitely helps a lot. Make sure not to fall asleep in Anatomy class after practice, even though the lectures may be "boring", the papers and notes will help you in Anatomy in college. Last but not least, don't let your "high school sweet heart" stop you from going to college. If anyone tries holding you back from being what you dream to be, they're not meant to be in your life. You'll be a great paramedic. Believe in yourself and never stop trying, because that's all that matters.


If i could go back in time, i would tell myself to finish school. So many of my friends that i graduated with are done with their degrees even their masters degrees and have their dream job. I wish i wouldnt have waited so long to go back to school. Now that I have i am more determined than ever to finish and get my degree in education.


I would tell myself that you must establish good study habbits and learn very good time management skills. I would also tell them that college really isn't about partying and that it is a lot of work. Going to class, working full time and studying is a lot of work. No matter what your friends in highschool tell you about how easy it will be they are wrong. If you are out partying all the time you wont have time to study and in return you will get poor results in the classroom which is where it matters.


I would tell myself is the most important thing to do in highschol is to have respect for your time in highschool. Looking back I was always under the assumption that I could always finish everything tomorrow. I would also say take advantage of you teachers knowledge ask questions about your future. what to expect in the working world ,what is your talents are and how to excel in them . Also find out what courses you didn't do well in throughout your highschool years and try to buckle down and focus on those subjets. Enjoy the moments you have with your fellow students because in some aspects this will be the last time you may see them again. I would encourage myself to take a summer course in college math before starting my first year in college. or any other course that I needed to comprehend better before starting college. Since I went away to college I would began to organize my priorities in accordance with my studies. I would set up a strict schedule and stick to it as it pertains to my studying time. I would also make sure to be participate in class room discussions


I would tell myself to choose nursing as my major because many years will be wasted taking unnecessary classes due to constantly changing my major. I would tell myself to start off at Austin Community College to get all the core requirements out of the way because all colleges and universities have similar core requirements and it will be significantly cheaper than completing them at a university. Also, start applying for as many scholarships as possible and look into grants. Student loans start adding up and it will not take long before you are neck deep in student debt. Take part in more volunteer activities because it will better increase your chances of receiving scholarships and being accepted into the university you wish to transfer too. Do not get behind on reading and studying for your classes because it makes life more stressful than it needs to be. If possible, get ahead on reading and review your notes every day to keep the information fresh in your head. Remember to stay positive and focus on the day when all of your work finally pays off and you finally receive your BS in Nursing!!!


Try to plan ahead because theres no harm, especially with scholarships.


Use highschool to learn to study, it's not easy to learn when you have 5 or 6 asignments piled up. Always work hard and keep your head up! Yourself is who matters, Yourself is who will make a life for you.


If i were able to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school student, i would tell me to take more time to study, take part in more activities in school, be more into school. College is much diiferent from high school much more than i knew. I would get me to condition myself with better study habits making the transition from high school to college less difficult.


I wish I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. While I was in high school, I had no intention to college. During my junior and senior year I skipped and left school a lot. At the end of my senior year I thought about going to college, but I feel that choosing a college and deciding what you want to go to school for is a pretty major decision, so I decided to take a year off to decide what type of school would be best for me and what kind of career I?d like to have. I've learned from other people's experiences that college is mandatory if you want to have a good life for you and your family. If I could go back in time and talk to myself in high school I?d tell myself to make to make good decisions, not to skip school, go to college, and to do the best I possibly can to increase my chances for academic scholarships.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior,I would tell myself to buckle down and take things a little more serious. It's my future at stake no on else's. I would learn to focus more on note taking and time management. college life is really different, thing's aren't just handed to you and if you really want to succeed and finally make your family proud you would step up and stop wasting so much time. If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself you have to and will make it into college, I just need to put in the time and effort to make a brighter future.


Don't worry about working during college. Apply for financial aid and concentrate on your studies. If financial aid runs out then apply for scholarships. Then always know you will have the option for loans which you'll have to pay back once you graduate. Don't stress about having to take loans out because it?s a great investment. When you need assistance with your studies doesn't be hold back on using the tools that the university has given you that you've already paid for with your tuition. Never give up because when you're done with school that is the biggest achievement you'll make in your life. Getting your degree will open more doors than ever. You'll have far more options than anyone without a degree. Don't postpone getting your degree at a later date because it's always hard going back to school. Continue on with your studies and you'll be a success. You are very smart and you'll make it through the toughest times while you're in school. You'll meet people and remember everyone in that college is in the same boat. Help each other through this.


If I had the opportunity to give advice to the person I was as a high school senior, I would suggest taking the time to discover what I really wanted from my education. Going to college simply because it's expected, or because high school is over, is not likely to lead to the greatest benefit. I think it's important for students to take the time to explore, through work, travel, volunteering, reading, and other life experiences. It was only as an adult many years past high school that I really understood what type of education and career would give me the ability to earn a living doing something I love. The advice to take time to explore before selecting a college or university might sound risky to parents who are very invested in seeing their children make the best choices for their work and education. It might even make new graduates a bit nervous. However, I've discovered in my own life and through observing young people make the transition from high school to college, that education is much more effective and exciting when the student has real clarity and knows what she loves and wants in life.


If I could go back in time, the first thing I would do, is be enthusiastic about the future. I would explain to myself how hard life will be without college, and encourage myself to complete college. I would explain to myself that college life is a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of hard work.


If I could go back and give advice to myself or anyone else for that matter, I would tell myself to enjoy being a "kid". Responsibility not just for yourself but for your child is a very hard thing to do. Being a single parent makes that just a little more challenging. I would tell myself to try and work up to my potential. I would somehow convince myself to get an early college start by taking a couple of Jr. College classes during high school. Getting just one step ahead would help out a lot in the beginning of college. After you graduate high school, you become an adult, and with that comes responsibilities that some people just aren't ready to have. Take time to sit back and do your best and try different things in school. Run for senior class president or try getting involved in different clubs/organization. Life only gets better, so enjoy the small moments you have in between being a teenager and becoming an adult.


College is very different from high school. You have more freedom, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. It might seem too hard sometimes, but it is worth the trouble. The classes are more interesting becuase you get to choose them, even though you do have to take some mandatory classes. You get to make your own schedule. After awhile, you realize taking those morning classes are actually better for your time management than the afternoon classes that seem so appealing at first. College is a good way to find out what kind of person you are, and who you want to be. It helps you see things in a different light. College doesn't just educate you , it changes your life.


As a highschool student my life always revolved around friends, sports, and fun. Most of my worries came from being able to just get up to that 70% average grade, that way I would be eligible to play soccer. Throughout highschool I was never really into school and never really cared much about academics. My parents were pretty much happy with the fact that I passed my classes, as long as I graduated, that was fine with them. Towards the end of my junior year in highschool I finally started to open my eyes and realize that their was a life after highschool, something needed to be done. So starting my senior year I decided to give up soccer and NJROTC, in order to focus more on my academics. Although my coach really hated me for this I knew it was the right decision, it had to be done. So I took on a couple of AP classes and started thinking about taking SATS and worrying about college. I wish I wouldo've tried harder in highschool, if I could go back, Id tell myself to, "focus in school, worry about my future, prepare myself, it only gets harder."


Dont stray into the workforce. Grab your education while your young and finish strong. This will magnify your oppurtunities in the world and take you where you wanted to go the whole time. Procrastination only makes life want to teach you, in life's own little crazy way, that education is important and needs to be attended to first!


?I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger?, is a lyric we can all empathize with. However, while the idea of time travel seems glamorous and sexy, the human condition still applies. I could tell high school Aaron that the world doesn?t owe him a single thing and there is no need to impress anyone, ever. Would he listen though? That?s the question. As if the song ?Ooh La La? by The Faces was the testament to regret, which is ultimately the reason anyone would want to go to the past in the first place. Regreting our experiences of growing up and occasionally failing. Is that something we all desperately want to throw away so badly? Pain, suffering and mistakes are crucial to growth There would be no counteracting moments of joy and pride if we didn?t feel like a worthless sack of pity sometimes. Those sometimes are just as special and priceless as the highest highs a person can reach within themself. Therefore, if I was able to talk to the old me, I wouldn?t say a damn thing.


If I could go back in time, specifically to my Senior year in high school, I would tell myself to apply to all the Scholarships I can! College is so expensive and having low income parents, no savings, no job at the time, apply, apply, apply. The one thing I definitely regret is not puting all the effort into getting things done! I would tell my self to take as many AP classes that I can! I would tell myself to go to the campus I'm planning to attend and get the counselors there to show me a plan of what classes I would need to take to accomplish my goals in the least amount of time! And I would scream and tell myself DO NOT TAKE A YEAR OFF!!! It takes longer to come back and your already behind a year from the prospect year of your college graduation. Instead of taking four years to graduate you are already going to take five years. That's if you don't take more time off. I would also tell myself to not be intimidated by college because you learn to become part of it! You adjust!


Listen to yourself; do not allow others to control you or your choices. Make your own decision and stick with it. Do not allow yourself to be distracted and fall off your course. If you do what everyone else is wanting, you'll dislike your chosen profession or degree program. Disliking your course choices will lead to failure, if not in your courses, then in life.


i would go play soccer my last year have a blast with that.also apply to as many grants as possible and try to get into a 4 yr college. save as much money for college as i possible can.


Hello hurry up enroll !!! We have so many certificates and degrees to finish.. Quit hesitating to travel and experience internships your going to regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tutoring and group help sessions are usually a necessity when trying to maintain an A average. Not only is the idea of picking which class one wishes to go to, it can lead to a student being dropped from a class without a refund. There are many middle-aged adults going back to college to get their degree at the same time the 18-year-old college student is going to start his or her degree. Cutting class and taking make-up tests is no longer an option as it might have been in past high school experiences. Adapting to the reality of college is not an easy task. The inexperienced mind of a young adult can often play tricks on that person. Students have to learn to use their time wisely, and that last minute cramming will not cut it. A student must adapt quickly if they wishe to succeed. College life can be very stressful, a complete opposite of what many imagine. New students often find it hard to fit in with their fellow students. Often, students are not in classes with their friends, but with other students who sometimes can be old enough to be their parents.


I would tell my younger self not to be afraid because even though I have a lot to learn about life, I will only learn it in time, and I shouldn't be afraid of college. I would stress the importance of me taking advantage of the college couselor, taking the SATs, and even taking out student loans if necessary to pay for school. Over the years, I've learned that loans get paid off eventually, tuition rates rise, and taking classes part-time while working full-time takes a long time. I would try to impress upon my younger self that time is going to feel like it's flying, so I should go to school while I'm young because, later on in my thirties, I'm going to want my free time after working a long day, or I might want to go to graduate school like a lot of my friends at that time in my life.


i would have told myself what a great choice i was makeing and collage is the way i would also le me know no not to wait to enroll.


Don't talk back to teachers because some of them will take it badlly and others better than they should. Never not do homework for you will fall behind. Don't join clubs because you are too easily distracted from your work at hand. Don't let your family tell you you can't make it in life because you are better than they think you are. Stay positive and make your dreams real.


Don't rely on anyone else, not even the advisors and counselors to help you get where you are trying to be. Do not be afraid to ask questions and speak up, it is normal to have insecurities and to feel lost and hopefully there is comfort in that statement alone. It is OK to change your mind, it's your life, change it to fit your needs and desires as musch as you need to. Make friends with advisors and faculty members, if not for their advice, for the recommendation letters you might need later. Take every opportunity you can to volunteer and take advantage of any and all resources available. Most importantly learn something from every class, even the tough ones! Challenge yourself every semester and strive for the "A" everytime, even if you believe it's out of reach. This is when you educate yourself! Keep your eyes open along the way and maybe you'll find a career that makes you happy on the first time, but remember you can always try it again.


Making the transition to college life should be exciting: do not stress out. Attending school not too far from home can be very helpful. Choose a school that is in a useful environment for when you do obtain free time, or incase you need a job. Make sure the school you choose offers majors you are intrested in and go for it. Do not slack off: your classes are a lot of your own money. You will need help. Therefore, apply for as many scholarships as you can. Be friendly and ask for help if you need it. Join an organization at your school. Organizations will help you meet people and get involved. Your parents will not be there to guide you. Learn when to stay in and study and when not go out with friends. Last but not least, stay healthy. Do not fall for the freshmen fifteen: continue eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Good Luck!


As a senior, even though everybody around me was freaking out about colleges and applications and such, I was just trying to focus on passing so I could graduate! I didnt apply to any universities because I had to many other things going on. But my high school was always promoting ACC (the community college) and it was just down the street and so I decided to get maybe a year or 2 done there and then transfer to a big university. Honestly, I think I actually made the right choice in getting my basics out of the way at a community college first because transfer students are usually looked highly upon by big universities and also going to a community college for a little while saves you a LOT of money!


If i could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself to not be serious when I take classes and not just blow them off because I dont have to worry about being caught roaming the halls and I can sleep in now....I would be sure to tell myself to focus on what I want to do an take classes just for the sake of taking classes make sure they count towards something. I would also tell myself to keep up with the volunteer hours I was doing because it would allow me to be eligable for even more scholarships if I kept it up.


If I could back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to be more focused on my education. The miscellaneous things that were causing distractions are not something that require any attention from me. I would have tried to explain that while studying is important, focusing on being true to who I am is also important, not following others blindly. Of course, I would also mention that financial aid is very important. Researching and applying for various scholarships, loans and grants is also very important and not to leave it to the last minute.


Easy. "Get started and work your butt off. It's not going to be as easy as you thought." Along with some tips at how to succeed in individual departments of course.


I would have given myself the advice of starting to take college searching a lot more serious. As content as I am with my decision of getting my basics while staying at home; I think I would have had enjoyed starting everything off right off the bat. Due to our financial situation I would have also liked to have started looking for college scholarships a lot sooner, with more determination.


There are few things that will add to your life experience like going to college. However, you need to ask yourself what college means to you and why you want to go. If the answer to this question involes being pressured into it for one reason or another, I would strongly urge you to take a break from school and revisit the idea when you are ready to make your education your top priority. You do not need to know what you want to be when you grow up before you start taking classes. Do not let the unknown discourage you from continuing your education. Take a few classes that peak your curiosity until you find something that inspires you enough to move forward. Try not to be motivated by what makes more sense, but rather what makes you happy. A degree is a degree and it will look good to prospective employers regardless of the major. You will have a better chance at success in your life if you love what you do, so study something you love and do not let others get you down.


Gosh, it would be very informative and useful if I could go back and give myself advice about college. First, I would tell myself that its not a good idea to take morning classes. Just because high school was structured that way doesnt mean my life has to be. Give yourself time to think in the morning before throwing yourself straight into class. Second, I would tell myself that school should always come before friends, and dont take classes with friends who need to be babysat. Its fun to hang out, but its also fun to finish school so you can get on with your life. Lastly, I would tell myself that its important to continue school. No matter how hard you think life has become, or how hard your classes are, life will always throw you curve balls, you just have to get up and dust yourself off and try again.


I would tell myself to keep pushing myself to continue my education, and that I would be a happier person by doing so. I would want my high school senior self to know that getting started would be a struggle, but that I could get through it. I would want myself to know about the many opportunities that are presented once I got involved in higher education. Since I am 28 now, I would want my younger self to not wait so long to get started, and to keep searching for the answers about school until I got them. I would tell myself to buckle down and apply for scholarships because I deserve them!


Run! Go as fast as you can and enroll. Who am I to tell you this? I am you at thirty. I remember being eighteen and thinking I knew everything. What could college teach me? Life taught me there was more to college than just a piece of paper. College has given me tools that I will take with me beyond graduation. Knowledge is something that can never be taken from you. Allowing your mind to be acquainted to ideas other than your own, opens experiences in life others may never know. Do not be afraid. Life comes at you fast, and sometimes unexpected opportunities arise. One moment, the loss of a job may seem devastating. The next, you realize it is an opportunity to change your destiny. Live your life by the words from Winston Churchill, ?"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved


The idea of having the chance to go back in time in order to let myself know something then that I know now sounds like a chance of a life time to most people. However, given the chance I would gladly pass it up. Yes, I made mistakes my senior year as I made the transition into a college student and made more as I lived through my first semester in college; however, I wouldn't want to take away the event of making any of those mistakes. Wanting to go back and make myself aware of exactly what is about to come my way in life would also admit having regrets. I regret nothing in life. I make my own mistakes in life but am forgiven by my True and Holy God. He leads me through the valley of death in order to reach the mountain of salvation. I think every fresh college student needs to make mistakes on their journey in order to truely live. Living through learning through mistakes makes us able to love stronger as people. So maybe I would talk to myself my senior year in high school and tell myself to love everyone unconditionally.


There is so much advice I would give myself as a high school senior. Mainly, I would tell myself not to worry as much, because in life it's inevitable that a person makes a mistake. As a college student, it's easy to stress over a paper or a test to the point it becomes overwhelming. However, all that stress is unnecessary and all the big assignments insignificant. As long as you work hard, there is no need to worry. If you make a bad grade on a test, don't dwell on it. Just try harder and learn from your mistakes. I would also tell myself as a high school senior is to ask for help. No one is born knowing everything about college, and at times it is confusing. Utilize the resources at your school, such as financial aid, advisors, and tutors, because college is always easier with some help.

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