Austin Community College District Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Austin Community College has prepared me for transfer to Texas State University, which I have applied for the fall of 2015. They work hand in hand with Texas State University by offering an extensive transfer guideline, including courses that fulfill the first two years of classes that transfer to my selected degree: Wildlife Biology.


There are campuses all around Austin and surrounding cities that all offer a variety of classes. While someone may have to drive to another part of the city, it gets them to know that particular part. It's my goal to try to take a class at every single ACC campus.


Thw amount of money for the education you recieve is amazing!


The Teachers hands-down. The really take the time to help you understand and the fact that classes aren't so huge you get to have a more one one vs a big college class.


The best thing abut my school is that the classes are smaller than a traditional college. The classes are not as expensive as a four year college would be. And it is very affordable. The instructors understand that textbooks are really expensive and take that into consideration.


The BEST thing about Austin Community College is that you have different locations that allow you to choose whats closest to you, for example I live in Pflugerville and the Closest campus is Northrige but I work off of Lamar and 183 making Rio Grand the Campus that benefits me the most!


Diversity of the student body is the best thing about my current college. Previously I have attended a private university where the student body was primarily faint skinned and upper middle-class to upper-class in their socio-economic status. With the diversity of my current college a student is able to be more worldly and accepting of others. You can not only pull from one or two cultures, rather you can pull and engulf yourself in a myriad of cultures and gain experiences and wisdom from others.


The online program they have is very flexible and convenient for a student that has to work while going to school. All the counselors in every department are very helpful. There are always events going on planned by Student Life.


The best thing about Austin Community College is the small classes. With a small student-teacher ratio, I am able to receive more individual attention from my professors. My largest class last semester was only thirty-six students, which allowed the professor to speak individually with students if needed. It?s also an advantage because we are able to have open class discussions, where students may learn from other students? ideas.


The campus locations are spread out so you can find a campus near you no matter where you live. They also provide so many resources, testing facilities, advisors, financial aide, etc. You really feel like they're all there to work for you and provide the best college experience whether your transferring or just getting your associates.


The best part about a college is the enthusiasm and helpfulness of the professors to be involved with me and my academic work. also, a campus with places to do extracurricular activities like swimming or jogging. (College of Charleston)


The best thing about my school are the small classes, easy access to classes, and the instructors. Austin Community College has one of the best educational systems in the United States.

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