Ave Maria University Top Questions

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Ave Maria University is a new campus and is continually growing. It is set in a town in Southwest florida where construction and new beginnings are always taking place. This may seem trivial, however, being a part of a new school means the current student body is creating a foundation for what the school will become in the future. We are playing a part in builiding the future for years to come. We create traditions that generations later will continue.


Ave Maria University is the most Catholic Catholic College according to US News and World Reports.


I feel that the school has a very comfortable familiarity while maintaining one of the best educations. Other schools provide smaller classrooms with closer relationships between students and teachers without the guarantee of a supreme education, and vice versa. At Ave Maria, the classes are smaller but have such great quality. I love the relationships I have with everyone and I love the fact that I can maintain them without the expense of my education.