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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Senior Me, You have made it far in life; High school is hard, and you sometimes think it will never end; however, be thankful for those years with your parents right by your side; because you have a much greater task ahead of you: college! College is the time when you become independent, you continually learn about yourself and the world, and you are the ultimate manager of your time. As great as it all sounds, you are going to need some advice to help you make that transition a little easier. Firstly, keep God as your top priority always. Never get too busy to pray. Secondly, learn to manage your time well before you get to college, this will make life a lot easier. Start using a planner now, so you are used to it when you will actually need it. Lastly, I know you are craving independence and freedom, but when you are given that freedom, use it wisely. Freedom is coupled with great responsibility. So my advice to you is take all the great lessons mom and dad have taught you and bring them into the world to make it a more beautiful place.


If I was about to go back in time, I would tell myself to work harder and to not fear what the future holds. I was scared what the future held for me, I was scared to leave my friends and family. I realized after my second year of college that the friends you make become your new family and life feels so good when you become independent. Yes there will be difficult times but the freedom college gives is amazing, if handled responsibly. I would also tell myself to read more and practice writing as some of the professors like to give out papers twice a month, maybe more. There is a lot to read for school and the more you read the more it will help in the future with college. College is an experience no one should miss out on, I'm glad I am not. So no fear, just determination that I will graduate from college with a Bachelors in History and become a person I know my parents and myself would he proud of.

John Paul

I would tell my high school self to prepare to work harder than ever before. I would tell my high school self to start outlining papers as soon as the prompt comes from the professor, because you won't have time to think about it when assignments start to pile up and you have two or three papers to write, all of them due within a week of each other. I'd tell myself that I couldn't slide by in my foreign language class without doing homoework anymore because of the greater depth of knowledge covered in college than was ever taught in high school. I'd also tell myself not to focus too hard on my perceived vocation in life during my high school years because everything could change in college, becasue college presents a whole different set of circumstances that change your mind. Basically, I'd tell my high school self, "Forget everything you thought you knew from the last four years. The knowledge you have in most subjects is still worth something in college, but everything else--habits, attitudes, plans for the post-college future--, forget it. College is a whole new ballgame. Get ready.


Absolutely positively don't make college selections based on your boyfriend. Dive in to different depths of your comfort zone. Discover new elements of yourself, but stay original. Learn that peer pressure will only last at an approximation of 5 minutes, poor decisions will last a lifetime. The power of "NO" goes a long way, so when in doubt--scream (and when I say scream I really mean SCREAM) "NO" till' your hearts content. Your first room mate(s) will supposedly be "a match made in heaven".... until you discover they're a pig, so don't be upset. Make new friends, but don't forget the old golden ones. Don't trust easily, but rather wisely. Despite the amazing freedom, don't forget your folks. Go home once in a while--your parents will miss you dearly. Take that "gap year" if you really need to, otherwise get in and get out of school. Your parents won't be able to support your multiple school transfers and 4 major changes all your life. Their loan now = your loan later. And finally, you're going to understand the value of sleep. But above all, fight the good fight of faith.


Worry about my GPA more and apply for Brigh Futures


I honestly feel that my college experience has made me a better person, one whom I am proud of. I knew that once I got into college my life would be different, that I would have to make my own decisions and deal with the consequences. I made many, many mistakes; I stumbled and discovered my flaws. But being in college allows me to bounce back on my feet when I choose to, relying on no other person but myself. I had to develop some qualities to survive, like honesty, patience, and especially frugality. But I can look back now and say that I did all of it on my own, and the exciting part is that I did it while discovering my future. I grew as an individual as I grew as a performer, and being able to merge my love of music with my blossoming adulthood makes me very excited for what is to come. College has helped me in so many ways, but I will never appreciate it more than I do now because only now can I see where I will be standing, and how happy I will be standing there.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself to look at Ave Maria University and not a community college. This is because Ave Maria University has done so much for me. They have helped me financialy so that I could attend the school, but they also offer a good variety of sports and intramural activites. Ave Maria has challenged me in the class room like no other school has done before and is well worth the cost. I would also say to myself that by attending Ave Maria that it will help me to grow both physically, mentally, and spiritually. I would say all of this because Ave Maria has given me opprotunities I have never imagined and I would not trade them for the anything.


If I was somehow able to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now I would give myself quite a lecture. I would sit myself down and DEMAND my full attention. I had to learn the hard way that what all those "know it all" teachers and parents were saying was the truth. I never believed that I would find myself looking back wishing I had listened to their wise words. Even today I find it disheartening to realize that I remember a certain teacher saying to me " You will remember me telling you this one day..." "yea right I thought" Well, yea, she was right. . . I would tell myself that nothing that seems earth shattering actually is. In the grand scheme of things no one is going to care, or even remember who was dating who or who wore the best looking outfits. I would tell myself that I need to cherish each little moment because they will be over too quikly. . I would look myself dead in the eye and tell myself in a tone much like my mother?s that ?studying IS important!?, and to never ever give up.


Learn from your mistakes and don't be afraid to change into the person you want to be. There are so many things out there left to experience and these years go by so fast, make the most out of each and every moment. Take time to look back on who you are now, and know you will be nothing like that person after the year is done.


College is a tough and rigorous full-time job. Be able to stay organized and divide your time and work efficiently. Make schoolwork your number one priority and focus on the task at hand. When this is accomplished you will be able to enjoy your free time and friends with an easy conscience and ultimately live more happily and freely. Responsibilities come first and everything will fall into place.


I would tell myself to never procrastinate on assignments or studying for exams. I would also tell myself to form more personal relationships with my teachers.