Averett University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Averett University is best known for being one team and one family. The faculty and students all have a great time with each other and find our own paths within the first semsters. Besides the family Averett is known for being a liberal arts college, allowing for many oportunities for the students to mold their future paths and careers. They offer a wide variety of majors and minors, as well as, creating a major specific to the subjects you would like to study.


My school is best known for its athletics and community involvement. As a student-athlete, I, and other athletes, are volunteered to do work around the community in order to get more community support at our athletic events such as games. Also, in athletics a few teams including the volleyball and womens soccer teams have earned championship rings. The volleyball team, which I am apart of, went as far as to recieve first in conference, achieve championship rings and never lost a single game at home this past season.


Its Aviation Program


Averett has a history and is known for preparing men and women to be leaders in their community. Their GPS program is well know and respected in this area.


Averett University is best known it's quality academic courses for each major. Equestrian studies, aviation, and sports management are amont the more popular majors at Averett.


Our basketball team



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