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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To go back and talk to my high school self would be a gift. I would tell myself that I need to apply myself more to my school work and less on working to make money. I was bullied in high school becasue I enjoyed school and shyed away from the parties and people that would have a negative impact on my life. If I went back I would tell myself not to be so shy and that it is okay to like school and want to have a future when you grow up. Besides social life I would strongly encourage myself to study more and take more time out to read and review the assignments given. I would give Highschool self the most important advise I would tell anyone; do what makes you happy.


Currently as a college sophomore, I would love to redo my freshman year of college. There are quite a few things I'd do differenty but with the amount of things I'd change would exceed the maximum words limit. I would tell myself to get help when I first started struggling with classes. In high school, I took Advance Placement courses which through me into my major as soon as I began college. My first semester at Averett I struggled with Math and Chemistry because I hadn't taken any Math or chemistry courses since my junior year of high school. I kept telling myself that I didn't need the help just yet and I'd do better on my next quiz if I studied harder, but I continued to push back getting help. Looking back now, I realize that my GPA would be a lot better had I went and asked for helpl when I first began struggling. Although I can't go back and change it now, all I can do is move forward and begin to get help as soon as I realize I don't understand the material.


First and foremost, nice choice in Averett; there are so many different people here from all over the world and nation. Don't worry that their accents are a little difficult to understand, just listen closely and don't be afraid to ask them to repeat it a billion times. Next, make sure you take a full credit load, preferrably 15 or 16 credit hours a semester. Also, if you really want to go to medical school...do it! However, double-check the application requirements for the medical schools you want to attend and make sure you have all the requirements to apply, you may have to double major in athletic training and biomedical science to prepare for specializing in sports medicine. Ohh, if you can take Physics and AP Calculus, you definitely should; it's so easy to transfer credits in from high school. Sometimes it'll be stressful and the tuition is pretty expensive but hold on, it gets better. You are going to break your family's cycle and obtain a bachelor's degree, you can do it! Most importantly, take a deep breath and go for a run every now and then.


If I could go back and give myself advice while still in high school, I would tell myself to get more involved, fill out more scholarship applications and work harder at school. High school was a piece of cake compared to college. I wish in high school that I had tried harder to achieve the goals I had set for myself. I also wish that I had taken the scholarship process more seriously because I could not go to my number one choice of colleges due to tuition cost. I figured I did not have to try too hard on scholarships due to my GPA but I was wrong. Senior year in high school should be taken seriously. It can decide a lot of your future and you do not realize it at the time. High decides college and college decides your life.


I would tell myself to make better decisions and the chose my friends more wisely. I would not trade my child for the world but there are so many different places or jobs that I could have already had if I had made better decisions and associated with different people. I am thankful for my family and friends and everything that I have but there are some things I would definately go back and change.


I have gained valuable memories that I would not trade for the world. In four years, I have accomplished so many things-- participating on a championship volleyball team, travelling to Europe and Costa Rica, and forming and participating in various campus activities. Many amazing individuals have found their way into my life and the friendships that I have formed will last a lifetime. Most importantly, though, Averett provided me with a thorough knowledge of the biomedical sciences which has enabled me to be accepted to a Master's program that begins September 2010. My goal in life is to become a doctor and my undergraduate experience successfully began the path towards my dream. Because Averett is a Liberal Arts College, I not only I gained the knowledge to fulfill the neccessary requirements for Medical School while in attendance, but I was given the chance to learn about a variety of topics that I otherwise may not have found interesting.


Well I have became more mature and independant towrds my self. College has turned me from a boy into a man of responsibilites and has showed me that life is what you make of it. People are givin chances every day here, some take them and some just let them pass by. College has been very valuable to me. It turned me in the rite direction when I was trying to go in the wrong direction. It will also make you cherish your parentes a little bit more than you did when you were in high school too. You become an adult while you are in college because you go through fazes where you have to make adult decisions. You also have to be care full of what decisions you make, because one bad decision can mess up your whole entire life. I always try to look at other peoples mistakes and remeber the price they had to pay before i go ahead and make a mistake of my own. This college stuff makes you very aware of things you would have just let in high school go through one ear and come out the other.


nevermind i will be done with school by the time this award is handed out


I have gotten alot out of my college experience. I have gained friends that I believe i will keep for a lifetime. I have also joined a athletic team that is now like a close knit family. The best part is I have learned so many things that I can relate to my everyday life. I love attending Averett University and wouldn't have chosen any other school.


If it was possible for me to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would let myself know that I needed to develop better study habits. I also would convince myself to join school clubs, such as a foreign language clubs or community active clubs. I would also cooperate in after school activities as well. Mainly I would tell myself that I could be able to attend a college away from home instead of deciding to still leave in the same place and just commute.


There are many things i would tell myself in high school if I could go back in time. I would advise myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible, regardless of how long some might be. I would also advise myself to come up with some sort of organization system that would help me keep everything in order and to manage my finances wisely. In addition to this, I would also tell myself to avoid falling into a habit of procrastinating on small and important things from doing homewrok for the next day to studying for midterms. I would also stress to myself the importance of helping others and giving back to the community. I would tell myself to participate in organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Phi Theta Kappa. The last thing I would tell myself is to believe in myself and to not be intimidated by anything that I would face because it is something to be enjoyed not feared. Once I had imparted all that I had learned through my experiences as a college student I would hope that my younger self would heed my suggestions and improve the already wonderful present time period.


One piece of advice I would give myself is to stay focused because alot of time students can get caught up on the things that happen outside of the classrooms; losing focus can result in bad grades or failing a course. Another thing is to avoid peer pressure. Students are always put in a situation where their morals and vales can be tested and they need to take into consideration the purpose they attended college and not let people in their surroundings have a bad influence on them. A student also needs make sure they know the standards of scholarships that they receive because a lot of times you scholarships depends on you GPA and there they should to keep in good standing so they wont lose a schololarship. The last thing i would suggest to anyone is to strive for the best. College can be stressful and if students continue to strive for the best their futures will be bright. Its good to have a life goal because then whenever they feel the need to question themselves about the purpose of continuing college they can look ahead ans see that what they do affects their entire life.


If i knew back in high school what i know now. I would tell myself to push yourself to go further. Acheive the goals that you made. and anything is possible. Stay focused and do the right thing.


I would tell myself to just relax, I stressed myself out trying to get into college and looking back on it I wish I had just taken it a little easier on myself. I would tell myself about how excited you should be, that being in college is alot of fun and you should be looking forward to it even more than you already are. Lastly I would tell myself that there is a whole lot more responsibility in college, that you can't just float through and expect someone to always be looking out for you, that its big step towards being in the real world and that I need to be prepared for that challenge after I get dropped off my Mom and Dad.


Apply for early decision on all the colleges you apply for, start on scholarships early, try register for your classes early because even at a small school the classes are filled up fast, if you bring a car bring it, and buy your books online instead of at a bookstore.


David, do not stray too far from the path of your education. The temptations of life are many and you are going to be deceived by opportunities that at first glance seem easier than finishing your education. Education is hard, and it should be, or else it will not worth the time and effort. If I could be the ghost of education future, I would not want show you a future of a 48 year old trying to struggle with the challenges of marriage, kids, work , and getting an education. I would hope to show you the future of a successful businessperson that was able to use a college degree to open doors to opportunities that were locked to those without an education. David, enjoy life, but take the time to get your education now before the pressures of life and time present you a degree from the school of hard knocks.


All ways try your hardest. Don't slack off or take anything for grantit. Take it one day at a time and live life to the fullest


As an adult student now, I would definitely advise myself to consider my career choice carefully, then choose a college that will best prepare me to be successful in that field. I would then give the advice to stay the course to complete the degree regardless of what life brings your way. The transition from high school to college life is much easier than high school to employee life without a college degree or that of employee to adult college student. I would also advise myself to seek the support and advice of well respected, successful people in my chosen career field to mentor me and keep me disciplined in my studies. Finally, the best advice I can to myself and others give is not to be afraid to dream and then to follow that dream. Focus on your goals and dreams and do not allow distractions to take you off your chosen path


Go to the college that you really want to. One you feel at home in. You can only really experience it once. Live without regrets. There will always be ways to aceive your goals if you search hard enough for them. Good luck!


College choice is essential to the happiness of each college student. When picking the most fitting college, remember to pick a college that best reflects the person in attendance. Make sure that you are comfortable with the location, the diverse backgrounds, size, and course qualifications. For me, one of the more important qualifications for choosing my college was location. The University I currently attend is only two hourse from home. Also, the school is located in a reserved community away from heavy traffic. It's located near many attractions (at most 45 minutes away), and located near essential stores such as Wal-mart and Food-Lion. Location is very important. Another thing that caught my attention was the size of the University. It was small, yet the perfect size for me. The student-teacher ration was exceptional, which allows for more one-on-one time for students and teachers. For me, these were the most important qualities at college. The best advice I can give is to make sure that you will be comfortable where you choose.


Pick the school that best fits you the student, not what everyone else thinks is good for you.


Choose the school that fits your needs


As far as making your college decision, consider all the factors: Do i like it?, Am i comfortable here? , Is it affordable for me and my family?, Can I see myslef being successful?, Do they offer my major, and what can I do about sports ( if you're an athlete). Make sure to take advantage of all the things that the university will make available to you. Take the campus tours, official visits, and orientations that the school may offer, and be sure to update all information necessary in order to fully receive all financial aid possible. Making the most of your college experience is entirely up to you the student. You dont want to spend your four years sitting around and then notice that they are gone just as soon as they came. Be active, make friends, be visible, and join a club. What ever it takes, dont leave the college or university you attend with the "woulda shoulda coulda's," you know? No regrets, you only live once, and make the most of your four years, and live life everyday.


make sure to visit the college and make sure its a good fit, its not for everyone.


Find a college best suited for your child.


My advice to parents and/or students would be to make sure to find and select schools that best fits you?re their criteria. Financially stability for school is one of the main considerations I find important. Parents and students can use me for example; I am financially struggling at my school. My school is expensive and the college tuition is going up every year. Since this is happening all of my paper work is delayed and I am short $975 that has to be paid as soon as possible. Knowing that this is backed up I may have to withdraw from my up coming semester which would delay me of building up my GPA. Also not to mention I will not graduate on time. If I was to get accepted to schools in my state New Jersey, I would have attended there. Since my current school is in Virginia I can not get state aid which help pay for my tuition. So therefore attend college in your state would be great because then you will get state aid and your tuition will be much cheaper.


I would tell other students to find a school that fits their personality. If they are really outgoing and like big crowds then attend a big school. If they are like me though I would tell them to find a small school that allowed them to be seen through all the other students. Smaller schools can also provide more attention for learning disabled or handicapped students. Bigger schools offer better sports programs and can work better for more independent people who do not need as much assistance. I would tell parents to find a school that provides enough services to support their child, in whatever difficulties their child may face. It would also be helpful for parents to be able to meet someone face-to-face that they can talk to again while their child is in schooll


Make sure there is the right number of people for your kid.

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