Avila University Top Questions

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It was small and personable. The teachers really cared about the students.


The class sizes are perfect, not too many people, yet enough to have good group discussions. There is always something going on as far as student related activities such as stress relief week for the students which include massages from professionals. Everyone here is geared toward working with and for the students, helping us get through this experience without losing our sanity.


At Avila University, the staff and faculty are truly interested in me as an individual. They want to know what I'm interested in, why I'm in their class, what I plan to do with my college education.


My school is unique in a lot of ways. For one thing the classes are small. In most of my classes I have about 20 people. No class is ever much bigger than that. Another thing I love about Avila is that the teachers are so friendly and willing to help with anything they possibly can to make sure that you are successful. Also, I love how the campus is set up. I don't have to walk very far from building to building. All of the buildings are set up in a circle, so it makes it easy.


small enough


It's small and intimate. Professors always have their doors open to you and class sizes make it easy to learn and stay focused. I never have more than 20 students in a class.


The faculty all get to know you and form strong personal relationships if you're willing.