Azusa Pacific University Top Questions

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This School is unique in the community it builds. In your first semester of freshman year, they put you in their Alpha program which places random people together in a group for the entire semester. These relationships have a chance to truely grow really strong in addition to the relationshps from your dorm and any clubs that you may join.


Azusa Pacific is located right at the base of a mountain range. Its location makes it a beautiful and unique. It is also close to the beach and LA.


We have trolleys that take students from both campuses.


Everybody here at the school is very Friendly. It's almost very rude to not hold the door open for someone or say "Hi" to at least one person a day.


My school is unique because of the community on campus. I stepped on campus and I instantly felt at home. Everyone was super nice and willing to help you out with whatever you needed. I have met some of my best friends there and I havnt even started yet. The incoming freshman class has already built up a strong morale and community just by communicating over facebook! I am so excited to see what happens once we start school.


Almost everyone at APU will tell you that our school has a unique community about it that you cannot duplicate anywhere else. Everyone is welcoming and kind and enthusiastic about Jesus and about school. I absolutely love the professors because they support each and every student, and they take personal interest in students by staying in touch after the courses end and even inviting students over to their homes! The community is just so loving and happy and there are so many warm people at APU who will totally take new students in.


Counselors are caring, class sizes are smaller, it's a great community amongst students, friendly environment


I would say the best thing about APU is the opportunities given. One of the greatest opportunities I have taken advantage of is the High Sierra program, one of the only programs of it's kind in the nation. I spent an entire semester about half an hour from Yosemite living at a summer camp, and participating in activities such as backpacking, camping, wakeboarding, swimming, rock climbing, etc. I took some of the best and hardest classes I have ever taken; I read Jane Austen by a waterfall, John Milton in a tree, studied Aristotle, Socrates, and more. I have felt the love of 39 other students as we learned and grew together; I have personal relationships with my professors as we have spent hours as a class discussing what we're reading, as opposed to simply being lectured on it. It's an indescribable program. There are many other study abroad options as well; my cousin just returned from Oxford, I have a friend studying in Spain, and I have about six friends in South Africa right now. APU offers more opportunities than I will ever be able to experience.


I know that people are discouraged to go to APU becaues they heard that students must attend chapel 3 times a week and that you have to take Bible classes and what not. Even though this is true, it is an experience that you'll be grateful for. APU is not only for Christians, its for everyone (non-believers and atheists also). If you're confused about Christianity then no problem, because APU will help you understand more what the Christian faith is all about. Non-believers and atheists, you will not be judged or looked down upon here. APU encourages you to be apart of their community and invite you to contribute your different worldviews.


APU is unique because it has a genuine desire for all students attending to commit their lives to seeking the Lord. They offer multiple ways for each individual student to see God in a new, eye opening way; whether that be through chapel, classes, or descipling, there is a means for every APU studet to get help in understanding what faith truly means. Another unique aspect at APU is the incredible proffesors and staff members. Not only are they oustandingly intelligent, but they also each allow themselves to get to know their students personally, creating lifetime friendships.


Christ, the bible, and God are incorporated in studies and everyday life


It is a Christian based school. I was really looking for a place I could be comfortable in my faith and there wasn't pressure in other directions.


Azusa Pacific University is smaller and is very community based. The school is a close community and it encourages us to become close with the city of Azusa.


APU is small compared to major state universities (although it has grown alot since 1981). I wanted the small school atmosphere & experience, where more students & faculty actually know each other personally, take interest in each other, & not the feeling of being "lost" on a large impersonal campus. The nursing program at that time was also small; I think about 30-40graduates per year. So we were all there for each other, helping each other, pulling for each other to succeed. The Christian ethic of the university was also beneficial; (What I mean is that it was not a "party-school").


The faith based curriculum and emphasis on returning adult education.


APU's Christian environment appeals to be because of being a part of a community of believers that are growing in their walk with God, and want to answer God's call to there life along with receiving the educational tools necessary to fulfill there calling. I believe that APU is a place that I can be disciple by God?s word and be educated by a faith-based curriculum. Being one of the larger christian school Azusa Pacif University appeals to me not only for its diverse enviroment but also for the community outreach opportunities that are availble.


What I believe is unique about SSU is the size. We're not a very large school at all, around 8,000 undergraduates. It gives the campus a close knit feeling and you see the same people everyday walking to classes. The most unique thing about SSU are the dorms. They are huge! They are all suite style and no communal bathrooms. Every dorm comes with a bathroom and a living room and size varies from two bedrooms to five. All the upper classmen housing has kitchens and are apartment style and even some of the freshman dorms are.


Creative, spiritually-driven, passion, community, service.


The Christian Community and its support of one another (whether student or staff) was on of the major uniquenesses. I would never change how I grew personally, spiritually, and educationally as a result of that university over and above what you would expect from college.


The wonderful CAPS (Center for Adult and Professional Studies) program.


This school is smaller than most and the atmosphere is very unique. Everyone is friendly and there is a sense of belonging. There is just a joy that radiates from most people and I love being a part of it.


Azusa Pacific felt like home the minute i stepped onto campus. the students and everybody around the campus seemed so happy and genuinly excited to be there.


Students are free to argue and discuss a wide variety of safe and unsafe topics. Around 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students get some form of available financial aid. It's very involved and caring in regards to its surrounding community.


The commuity that APU is a part of is diverse in the areas of ethnicity and socioeconomics. While the town of Azusa may not be the most beautiful first impression, it allows for the perfect opportunity to reach out to a community that needs help in many ways. APU encourages interaction and support of the local community that pushes students to step outside their college bubble.


what has kept me in this school is the friendly community and all the support and help they provide.


Everyone is so happy, proud, ecstatic about being at school. They want to be at APU and they are passionate about their school, their education and their relationships. APU isn't about throwing anything down your throat, it's challenging but in a non-threatening and ultimately healthy way. It is a beautiful place to be. They allow you to explore, but set logical boundaries to protect everyone.


It is more diverse then other schools like Biola. It is more cultured and has a spiritual emphasis rather then pure intellect.


APU is the 2nd four-year university I have attended. I transferred here from Chico State and what strikes me as unique is students' desires to find new and interesting ways to have fun. For example, my first semester being here, I did various things such as broom ball, line-dancing, dressing up to go out to dinner, and bonfires at the beach.