Azusa Pacific University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It's beautiful and small.


During the years at Azusa Pacific University what I appreciated most were the professors taking interest in me as a person; they wanted to genuinely know how I was doing emotionally outside of how I was doing academically in their course. I brag about Professor Beverly Crane who was my voice teacher, and Dr. Brenda Reinebach who was my piano teacher. They were concerned about me, my feelings, the struggles I was having and what they could do to help me through.


I brag about the study abroad opportunities that are given to the students. The university does a great job of providing ways for students to immerse themselves in another culture and receive a great education at the same time.


The theology program was fantastic, probably one of the best undergraduate theology programs currently in existence.


The teachers here are, for the most part, exceptionally genuine. They care about the success of their students more than teachers I've taken at other colleges and they will do everything they can to help their students achieve good grades. It's hard to find people like that these days; people who are just as concerned about how well they're teaching as they are about just making the money to survive. In this small way, Azusa Pacific University has made a wonderful name for itself.


Assuming this question is referring to my Undergraduate education, I would confidently remark that the relationship of the students to their professors is communicative and altruistic. The student-to-student relationship is very similar. It is an extremely encouraging environment that is both personally, academically, and spiritually stimulating and inspiring. It is impossible to attend this university and not be fully impacted by the Faculty, Speakers, and fellow Students. This institution is an example for all other institutions to follow. They successfully exhibit their mission statement through those who have dedicated themselves to serving the students and their needs.


When I am talking to my friends about Azusa Pacific University I share with them all the many unique and different life changing opportunities they offer such as, study abroad opportunites focused around your major, missions outreach worldwide, internships and opportunities to establish relationships with people from non-profits, churches and other companies world wide. I also share with them that Azusa's curriculum is centered on the priciples of the bible with a unique forcus on outreach.


"Pasadena is College is the best school in the area!" They offer the best classes for an affordable cost. The school has good connections with the best Universities in the state for continuing students. It is a great way to save money to attend community college before transferring to a four-year school; and at Pasadena City College, students get university quality classes. The school has great music and art programs (my personal favorites) that will prepare artists for the field. There are many clubs that students can join; Salsa club, International Fellowship, and honor's programs. Overall, PCC rocks!


I often talk about how great the community is here at Azusa. Even as a freshman, everybody is friendly and welcoming, no matter where you go or what you do someone is likely to introduce themselves to you and try to make you feel welcome or part of the group. The community is what draws most people here, I think, because it's just so much different than anywhere else. I believe that's why it is also one opf the college's four cornerstones that they try to build on.


I brag about the dorm life because I believe it is the best experience for anyone to have and if they have the opportunity to, they should try to live on campus. The friendships that you make when you dorm are indescribable and those friends will be life-long friends.


I have great friends here and the classes are very challenging, so when I do well in a class I feel better than if I were at a state school where the classes may not be as challenging.


APU has amazing sports and music programs. Bryan Clay, the olympic gold medalist for the decathalon, attended APU and continues to train there. I ran on the track with him during my PE class last semester. There is a lot of talent and potential at APU.


The small classrooms.


I brag about the community, professors, laptop program, and art classes.


I am out of my hometown, there are beautiful women, we have a good basketball team, small class sizes, professors are great, and students are friendly.


Azusa Pacific University is a great school and honest. They handle their issues and do not ignore or runaway from problems happening on campus. They are working on diversity and understanding. I highly recommended this university.


This is a Christian college, where God is first. I'm in the accelerated program through an inland regional center which helps with the fulltime working mom that I am. It's very helpful in making sure that you understand exactly what is being asked of you. They have so many different kinds of communication, if you prefer one over the other: email, phone, text messaging, and in person. They are nationally known for having an accredited school.


The community at the school is very close. everyone is friendly and the professor love to get to know you personally. (i.e. getting coffee, having dinners at their houses) The school creates a strong bond amongst the students.


I really don't brag about anything, unless you count bragging about not being anything like the students at the school.


I tend to brag about where I work and the things my family members are doing. I like to discuss where I work because I am proud to be a part of something that benefits the youth of Azusa, especially those in low-income families. I also like to discuss my family, because they are important to me and my personal growth and achievements. My mother is one of my best friends, and I value her opinion above that of anyone else. My father is a great support in my life, and my sister is extremely encouraging to me.


We have trolleys!!! We have two campuses and the trolleys are a timeless APU tradition. Each trolley driver brings a certain kind of comfort and familiarity to the campus. Our campus is clean ! Our facilities management is very good. Not only does our campus look great but if anything is broken in our apartment they respond very quickly. There is guaranteed housing for all four years, I didn't even know that a lot of universities only provide housing for the first two years only.


The community


The athletic program, small class sizes, and location


I just go to the school for the Nursing program. The program is fantastic. Everyone has jobs before they graduate with their nursing degree.


That I like my friends. And that I appreciate that my school does bring some awarness to social justice issues such as slavery, fair trade, etc.