Azusa Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not a Christian or do not practice the Christian religion, then Azusa Pacific is not the school for you. This school requires students to attend chapel and take bible classes. Most students who are no Christians, don't like Azusa because they are forced to attend these classes and chapels.


Some who doesn't not believe in God because it is a God first school.


A person that is lazy, not commited to study/learn, and doesn't realize the meaning and importance of a higher education.


Students who are not looking to grow spiritually.


I would suggest people who are athiest, but non-Christians are allowed to attend too.


People that are not open to religion, considering that the school is devoted to Christian teaching and has mandatory chapel. Also, those that are seeking to be challenged academically.


If you are looking for a very secular and liberal school, APU is not for you. Curriculum is taught from a Christian worldview which I personally love.


Azusa Pacific is not a boring school, but it definitely isn't a party school either. So those who are looking to go crazy in college and party all the time would not do very well at this school.


Someone who should not attend this school is one who is not willing to grow in faith with Christ. Also they should not attend if they are not willing to come to an understanding that there are a variety of way to worship and praise the Lord.


The type of person that should attend my school are those who first want a good, soild education. Azusa is on of the best schools in southeren Cal. Although it is a Christian school, a person does not have to be christian to attend. If a person wants to broden their horizion on Christanity and obtain a great education, Azusa is the place to be.


The type of person that should not attend Sonoma State is someone looking for a big school feeling, there isn't a huge amount of school spirit. Also, many of the students there live in the area and; they live on campus but leave on weekends, so if you're not independent you'll probably be lonely. If you lke a the city feel, don't come here. Rohnert Park is very rural and spaced out. Lastly, we are a Green school, so if you're not into saving the environment, you probably wouldn't like it very much.


Someone who is not of the belief that a higher power exists would not be a good fit for this school.


Everyone should


it's not fair to say a specific person should come. if someone is uncomfertable by something then they would need to decide it for themselves. It's about what fits each individual best.


If you want a free degree where you can party all the time and never work, this is not the place for you. Azusa Pacific is a very caring and understanding school, but its strength comes from the allegiance of its students and their involvement in school activities as well as each other's lives. APU students usually have a million different things going on, because building relationships is just as important as the education they are receiving.


A person looking for fraternity or sorority should not attend this school. There are clubs however, there are no fraternities or sororites allowed.


A person who doesn't care about getting an education and just wants the experience.


APU is somewhat liberal compared to other Christian universities. Classes, chapels and even discussionswith friends will challenge you to think in ways about your faith that you may not have considered before. If you are looking for a strictly conservative faith based education, this may not be a positive aspect for you.


A Liberal shouldn't attend unless they are willing to fight or else feel suffocated by the obnoxious and overwhelming conservativism. A black student also shouldn't attend if they would like to feel completely accepted by the majority of students, and not just superficially. Any student who invites and relishes debate, argumentation, and true, deep, intellectually stimulating discussions would also be greatly disappointed, annoyed, subdued, ignored, or shunned at this school.


i think this school is pretty diverse, but if one is looking for a lot of aid to come here, forget it.


Someone who does not want to experience God.


Someone who is incredibly inclusive and would rather keep it that way.


If you aren't a Christian, it probably isn't a good idea. Not that there is anything wrong with you, but choosing to go to a religious school if you don't agree with that particular religion is just setting yourself up for a frustrating few years. The school tries to be open minded about other religious view points, but the students can be pretty closed-minded when it comes to their religious beliefs