Azusa Pacific University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Everybody goes home on the weekends.


The most frustrating thing about Azusa Pacific University is the amount of extra requirements. For example, by the time you would have graduated you would have taken six extra biblical classes and a total of 120 credits towards minitry volunteer.


APU did not adequately help students to find jobs. Once you graduate you are on your own, despite an office that is supposed to help with career opportunities.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of parking provided for students. Those who pay for parking permits cannot even find parking often times, and it is a waste of money. In addition, with the unavailable spaces,sometimes we are forced to park far away to avoid being ticketed, and it is very inconvenient.


The most frustrating thing about school is that I'm a perfectionist I always want to do well and do my best and I have come to learn that not everything will always be perfect and thats okay.


Nothing to complain about!


Overcrowding of campus housing.


Our campus is split in two, so it takes longer to get to class and we have to take a shuttle between the two campuses. There is becoming less and less housing available as the school grows in size.


The lack of party life, the availability of dining options on the weekends, and the dead campus on the weekends.


Granted, I have a great social life, but a little more diversity and a girlfriend would be great... I guess I'm pretty picky though...


When some students and teachers dont accomodate with your learning dissability and look down on you for it instead of trying to help you.


The expense of it.


I am a student pursuing a double major in graphic design and marketing. The most frustrating thing was the lack of specialization in my focus which is ecommerce and web developement. However, they have not created specific course work for that therefore, it partly my fault.


Often students are not entirely sure of what is required of them to graduate. Sometimes the smaller requirements, outside of just classes, are not communicated clearly and articulately.


offices were not the most organized


My only regret is that I was able to play D1 football and chose to come here. The stadium and facilities are not as nice as D1 schools.


Our athletic program is great but not enough resources to advertise sports other than football and basketball. Plus, our weight room/fitness center is in horrible condition.


Sometimes you get the run-around between departments trying to find answers. People are also very encapsulated in this 'bubble' called APU. There is not a lot of exposure to the professional world in some fields of study.