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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I truly love it here!


Babson is SMALL. This is great in the classroom, because you truly get to know your professors, and even the school deans. (I'm on a first-name basis with almost every one the undergraduate deans, and professors know all their students by name.) At the same time, students can get sick of the small-ness. Classes can become cliquey. Upperclassmen usually go off-campus on weekends, and most international students live off-campus. Unless you're in Greek life or on a sports team, you probably won't have any school spirit.


Babson is a very unique college where students are able to get a world-renowned business education and become part of a close knit community. The small size allows for close interaction both in and out of the classroom, which is extremely beneficial. The resources and opportunities for campus involvement are infinite and something that the ambitious students definitely take advantage of. After having spent two years here, I know that attending Babson was one of the best decisions I have ever made, both academically and personally.


During my time as a student at Babson, I have been incredibly impressed by the school and the student body. I love the small campus atmosphere that allows for a sense of community and a closeness with both staff and faculty. I think time and time again that a small school was the perfect choice for my undergraduate education. I always get a very positive reaction when people find out that I go to Babson as it has a great reputation in the business world, it has been incredibly helpful as I plan for the future that we have such a great reputation. If I could change one thing, I would like to maintain our beautiful campus while moving the school into Boston. Although it is very easy to get to Boston (take about 20 minutes), I find myself sticking closer to campus.


I want to start off by saying that I really enjoy Babson. Freshman year was rough, and the classes are hard. There's a lot of stuff on your plate, and you may come to dislike freshman year. I did. I'm so profoundly glad I stuck around however. I start school everyday and know the opportunities in front of me may be unparalleled. I've grown through babson, moreso than I may have grown at any other school. i'll tell you this, babson is getting big. The impression of Babson is only growing stronger, and the current administration is being extremely innovative. I look forward to entering the job market with Babson's name on my resume, but I look even more forward to Babson's name on my resume in 10 years, or even 5 years. Frankly, I believe the sky is the limit for Babson and it's being well-managed. Academically and opportunity-wise, Babson is excellent. If you think you're gonna live the Animal House or Van Wilder college life however, you should consider elsewhere. Campus life is pretty weak here, and overall students are pretty apathetic about the social life. You're not going to be partaking in massive ragers often, only very occasionally. Frats have been on the decline as they've been hit with sanctions due to illegal actions. The surrounding area isn't very fantastic for college students either. Many things in Wellesley close around 8-10pm, if not earlier. There is Boston, and that's fun, but Boston is also an early town. Babson provides a shuttle that gives access to Boston thursday-sunday and rides are free. With all that said, there are opportunities for social life. If you're active, you will undoubtedly find something to do. And with the huge range of people here, you'll find a solid set of friends to rely on, just don't expect toga parties 7 days a week. I suppose Babson students expect to celebrate when they make their first million.


One thing that I love about Babson is the community and people that go here. First, the campus is really diverse, because there are students coming from England, Germany, Ireland, India, and other places around the world. Since there is so much diversity, there will always be a culture show that you can go see or a culture dinner that you can enjoy on campus. Second, Babson is a relatively small school with around 1700 undergraduate students, so there is a very close-knit community on campus. I love the fact that walking around I recognize everyone from students to Deans and that they recognize me too. I am able to walk into our main dining facility, go to the sandwich station and the person behind it will already be making my sandwich, because they know who I am and what I order. Also, a group of my friends and I have had dinner with the Dean of the Undergraduate program. If even allowed the rugby team to stay at his house in Amherst, so they wouldn't have to pay for a hotel before a game. I think Babson's close-knit community is something that is unique to Babson and it makes school-work more personal.


Babson is the Beaver Nation. It is always green, and innovative. There is always some way to get involved and contribute. We really believe it`s possible at Babson, and that you can make many changes.


Babson has a small student body but this makes it like one community. You will always see a familiar face and this is very comforting especially during your first year. The campus is beautiful especially in the spring and people are often outside either for pleasure or doing their work. No only is the campus nice, the surrounding area is a beautiful suburb and minutes away from great shopping and dining.


Babson is a bit small for my liking. I thought 1800 was big because I'm from a small town. But it is too small and everybody knows everyone. And there is a serious divide between international students and american...making it all seem smaller. I strongly urge anyone going to Babson to involve themselves in extracurriculars. It will only enhance your love for college and sure, its time taken every day. But its so worth it for the friends and memories you make. I love Babson's location. Wellsley is beautiful and we are about 10 min from Boston. And the best part is...everyone comes from all over the world to Babson. And they usually stay in Boston after college! So you're building a network of friends who will most likely hang around and graduation doesn't mean goodbye forever.


Babson is a small school where you know your classmates, faculty, and administration. I like that. Our Deans are amazing. They are always reaching out to students. From being in the school musicals to organizing trips to Ghana, they really care about our student life experience and try to make the often stressful experience a little more fun.


Babson is a small suburban college that is know for its entrepreneurship. All students that are accepted into the college are in the top of their high school class and have a lot of extracurriculars. There is a large percentage of international students, most from Latin American nations. The school pride could be much stronger.


Babson is definitely a business school where topics such as the rise in the price of oil or the merger of companies trickle into everyday conversation. I've even heard about a fight almost breaking out between two people when one of them was questioning the other's knowledge of the stock market, only at Babson. If you're interested in going somewhere in the business world than Babson is definitely right for you. Babson might be a very small school (about the same size as Bowdoin) but because Harvard, BC, MIT, BU and especially Wellesley College (all girls!) are so close there's always something going on if you're in need of a change of scenery.


the best thing about babson is the job openings afterwards.... the main thing i'd change is it's harsh grading system...better schools (like the ivy leagues) don't grade on NEARLY a hard scale as babson why penalize the kids for working hard...just grade normally and have none of this babson curve crap i'd also change the way the college is run...the people at babson are way too cheap...air conditioning should be available in dorms all year long...rather than only being in for a few weeks...i think the babson administration is using the current students to get the most (money) out of them....and i think babson college is run like a cell phone company...screwing over its current users to attract and market to new ones the school is fairly sized in my opinion...i just wish there were more girls...and most people have never heard of i just say i'm going to a business school near boston....besides...most people don't care even if they knew what babson was i don't think there's a lot of school pride because most people i know dislike the school...sure...i like the people at babson...and i have a fair amount of friends...but i don't like the school's way too stressful and "in your face" when it can afford to use a little less structure...if you've ever seen the movie "boiler room" can see how stressful babson college is run.... i'll always remember my friends and my team/club experiences....they helped me survive this school so far...i would have transferred long ago if it weren't for them many complaints are harsh and over protective police officers not enough girls uptight professors too harsh grading system too cheap administration no air conditioning too much "busy work"...meaning work that's useless to the a lot of reading i actually made a babson t-shirt that says front: this is why i'm hot back: because this school's to cheap to pay for air conditioning modeled after the school's shirts that say "this is why i'm hot" "top 10 hottest business schools"


-best thing about babson is the size. very small college so you get to know people, recognize who attends -one thing i'd change is the party scene/activities aspect -people don't really know what babson is, never heard of it. if they do, it's because they are wealthy enough to afford to have gone there, send a kid there, know someone else that did -i spend most of my time in my room,classes, or at the gym. i always go off campus on the weekends however. -biggest recent controversy on campus was a racist incident about 2 years ago at halloween. a white male student painted his face black, and many students were upset by this and the actions the school took following the incident -one experience i'll always remember is the weekends i spent at school hanging out with friends. there were many random, memorable moments -most frequent student complaints are about the food, lack of girls (for guys. there is a higher ratio of guys to girls)


The school is to far away from everything and there is nothing to do on campus. There is nothing at walking distance once you go out the campus. I would recommend for new students to only come if you own a car!


Babson is unlike any other school. It is small compared to most schools, but I think it is perfect. People were mixed when I told them I was going to Babson. The people who were not aware of Babson just accepted what I said, but the people who knew about Babson were very happy for me and had heard many success stories of Babson graduates. Wellesley is not much of a college town, but there is plenty going on, and with Boston being so close, it is easy to find something to do. The Babson administration leaves a lot to be desired. I did not do well my first semester of freshman year, and instead of putting me under academic probation for the second semester, I was asked to take the second semester away from Babson. Unfortunately, even after weeks of discussions with anyone I could find to talk to at Babson, I was still forced to stay home for the second semester.


The best thing about Babson is the academics. I was never one to focus on schoolwork in High School, but college has really changed that for me. I was always somewhat of a party girl, but the small class sizes and intimacy with professors is really motivating for a non-motivated student. When applying to colleges, I didn't want something as small as Babson, but after being there I couldn't imagine a larger school. Its really nice when you feel comfortable on campus and recognize most faces. It is NOT a college town, but thats what Boston is for. If you don't care about the "typical college experience" Babson is for you. Campus life has really improved and SGA has alot of campus sponsored activities that are really fun.


I really like Babson's size. I went to the school specifically because it's small. You get to know most of the students and you pretty much recognize everyone at graduation. That's a great feeling coming out of my high school where I couldn't recognize half the people in my yearbook. It's hard to get lost in the crowd, and if you have a problem within the administration, you can always reach someone to talk about it.


Babson is a small school. Probably, too small for many. There is nothing huge ever going on but if you find the right people and like to be with a small group of friends instead of dancing with hundreds of strangers it is easy to find something to do. Babson does try its best to help out as much as it can. There are many offices to help with papers, speeches, financial problems, jobs, and other things even I don't know. The teachers are concerned with the learning process and give up their time to help you understand or get through a project, but how helpful they actually are varies from teacher to teacher. One thing, if you like to play sports seriously other than hockey, do NOT go to Babson. You will be very upset.


Babson used to be run as a business and an unhappy student body has slowly changed the school for the better over the last few years to something more similar to the standard college experience. The school is small but not that small, you may know a lot of the students, around half, but to a point it is no longer you amongst a group of strangers (leading to the capacity to be free of judgment) but an enough people you know or are acquainted with to lead to a feeling of claustrophobia, conformity, and great networking if you play your cards right.


Babson is just right. It is big enough where you will not see the same person day-day, but small enough where you will see that person sometime during the week. Most people from NY do not know about Babson. However, the people who do are very impressed with Babson's business reputation. I spend most of my time on the computer in class, or at the gym. Everyone at Babson has their own computer. I think that this is great. We all can help each other out when we have computer problems, and it really makes it a lot easier to learn and communicate with everyone. I would say that babson is not located in a "college town". It is 7 miles outside of Boston. I think it is great because it is easy to get distracted as it is being on campus with all of the speakers, and great activities Babson offers. However, if Babson was in Boston I don't think the community would be as strong as it is. Babsons administration is awesome. They are very caring and business driven as the students. Many faculty have started their own business and are very passionate about teaching. I can not think of the a controversy on campus. I remember last year there was black face incident, and everyone ralllyed together as ONE BABSON. It was amazing. There is a TON of school pride. Beaver Nation is what the student body calls themselves. At games there is a beaver den, and shirts/memoriablia is handed out at almost every game. Babson is truely about BUSINESS. I have learned more about large corporations from Wal-Mart --Dell--Xorex--small startups from financials to marketing to operations to culture in these companies. We have studied them inside and out, and I couldn't have asked for a better education. One expereince I'll always remember is the BBQs outside of my tower were we lived. Every night we would be outside grilling if it was nice out. The frequent complaints about Babson is that the dinning hall is not that great. I can attest that it is hard to eat healthy when you have soo much freedom! I think that Babson should offer educational eating classes!! They have a nutrionist that is FREE but it is not marketed that well.


The best thing about Babson is that the classes are intergrated and you can use information from one class into the next. The campus is gorgeous and well maintained. Our dorms and building are maintined like the grounds and rooms of a hotel. When I tell people I go to Babson most of them have no idea where or what it is. Tell anyone in New England and they will bow down to you and think you are the smartest person in the world. I spend most of my time on campus at the campus center just hanging out with my friends or attending a meeting of some sort. Here at Babson there is a ton of group work so be prepared for a crap load of meetings and schedule conflicts. I also spend a lot of time in the dance studios. I am a choreographer for the dance group here so I spend aobout 10 hours a week in the dance studio. Wellesley is a small but really nice looking town. Its the second richest town in the state and on your drive to Babson as you pass all of the houses you will be able to clearly see that. There are a few places we all order out from. A pizza place, chinese, tai, and more pizza. Pizza is big here. School pride is kinda funny. We are not really into at all. The people who play them are dedicated but almost no one makes a big deal about sporting events. I will always remember my dancing experience here. I have never had an outlet to dance in front of an audiance and Babson has made that possible for me. The weirdest thing about babson is we are obsessed with the laptops the school gives us. We take them everywhere and Instant message our friends in the same room. We get so used to having wireless internet that it makes us really mad if our internet doesnt work for some reason. It's like the end of the world status. Gay culture in Babson is odd. Everyone is perfectly accepting of gay people, sometimes they like us a little to much. But the culture between openly gay people is minimal. We all know the others exist but its really a hi and bye relationship.


I am from Chicago and none of my friends had heard of Babson, but everyone i have ever run into in the business word HAS. I don't know about most people but I would rather have my future employer know Babson's outstanding reputation than one of my best friends. The best part about Babson is that you can create your own college experience there. College doesn't just happen to you, at Babson your college experience is something you create. Going to a smaller school was the best decision for me because i have been able to get so involved and I am able to do things I would never have been able to do at a large school. But Babson is not for someone who wants a large school where they can skip class and blend in. Babson is somewhere that provokes it's students to standout and take charge of their education.


It is a school that is too small, with way too many of the same people, everyone has too many lawyers, and you will need them to either protect yourself against another student, or more likely the administration, they make life very hard on you.


The best thing about Babson, I think, is that you are able to have a personal relationship with your teachers. The one thing that I would change would be how people think that being a Babson student means all work and no play, especially the social activities on campus. I think it is in the range of being just right. It could have maybe a few hundred more students. People often haven't heard of Babson when I tell them I go there. On campus I spend most of my time in the residence hall because I am an RA. What college town??? I think Babson's administration is great. I have the opportunity of working with a lot of supervisors because of my RA position. There is hardly and school pride which really sucks. The experience of being an RA is one I'll never forget or being part of the ECAC East Champions Team my freshman year. The most frequent complaints are that there is no social life.


-Best thing about Babson - free stuff -It's a bit small...too much like a high school sometimes -Most people have never heard of Babson -Not enough school pride -we have a pub -Trim food is not so good


the best thing is no friday classes, i'd change the library times, its too small, people either react like wow good for you or oh where's that? i spend most of my time in reynolds, my dorm or pub, what college town? administration is awesome!, controversy is that the sox are better, there is starting to be a little school price, its unusual that there are no houses and no one parties, ill always remember going here


Babson is a very small school in the suburbs, so unless you have a car you are going to have a hard time getting anywhere. The best thing about Babson is the connections that you have to the alumi which help with getting jobs. Outside people react really well when I say that I go to Babson, they think that it is a hard school and that I must be smart to go here. One of the reasons I chose Babson was because of the admissions staff were really nice and helpful. Once at Babson I have found that the administrative staff and the majority of the professors are not helpful, and kind of give me the run around. I would expect things to be different at a small school. This is one of the reasons that I would not go to Babson if I were to make the decision again. Another reason is the teachers attituded towards the students. The majority of the teachers take the stance that they are always right, and this makes class discussions boring, because everyone is trying to say the "right thing" (what the professors want). I transferred in and have the experience of another school to compare Babson with. So unless you like to study a lot (even though you don't really have to), spend a lot of time in the library and suck up to the teachers Babson is not the school for you.


The faculty and admistrative people here at Babson care a lot about their students. If there is an opinion or suggestion, they def. take into consideration. Babson is a small college so it might be a shock to some people. There are some good and bad with being in a small college. The good part is that there is a tight community, the bad part is that a lot of the time it can be very competitive either in class or just getting into a class.


The best thing about Babson is its size. It is big enough that you don't always see the same people, but small enough to always see someone you know when walking to class. The campus is beautiful and classes are close no matter where you live.


Great place to be in..just the right amount of children..most of the faculty is really nice and helpful..people at Babson really want you to succeed in life and work towards your progress everyday.


There are several great things about Babson. You get a fantastic education and you have a really large workload, but so does everyone else you're going to school with. It is not like a big state school where some students are out partying all the time and not doing any work and other students are killing themselves with work. Everyone has a ton of work to do and everyone is always willing to help each other. If you have to pull an all nighter, there is always someone else that will have to with you. Almost all of the students are super friendly and helpful. The professors are always trying to help you. All you have to do is ask and your professors will be accomodating. You get to know your professors very well and they even attend a lot of social events sponsored by the school. The school is very small, only about 1700 undergraduate students, making it feel like home. You generally get to know just about everyone's name, especially in your year, and you get to work closely with several students among your different classes. It is great for business students because you get into business classes your freshman year. In fact, in one of your freshman classes, Foundation of Management and Entrepreneurship (a required class), you and a group of about thirty students are given up to $3,000 to start your own business with your own ideas and products. It's a great experience and you learn so much while starting, running, and closing down the business. Our student government sponsors all kinds of great events like fall weekend, winter weekend and spring weekend. There are concerts, formals, comedians, free food, and sports games. Free items are constantly being handed out at all events, such as tshirts, water bottles, and all kinds of different fun things. Babson is a great school and I am really enjoying my experience here. I am very involved around campus and I have made some great friendships that will last a lifetime.


babson is small, high school sized small. you can't walk from one end of campus to the other end of campus (a whopping half a mile) without running into at least 5 people you know. its great to never feel like a stranger anywhere you are. along with that comes the high school cliquish side of babson. everyone knows everyone elses business whether or not they have ever had an actualy conversation with that person. athletes do not intermingle with non athletes, frats and sororities do not intermingle with non-greeks and everyone else is left to fend for themselves. you are judged if you go against these cliques, you are judged if you do anything except what is expected of you. the town of wellesley shuts down at 6pm. despite all of the high school drama, its not about where you are in the end its about who you are with. its about the friends you make and what you all make of any given situation. as an athlete you cant help but have pride in your team and therefore in your school. but outside of the athletics department, school spirit is lacking. the large amount of international students plays a huge role in this. it is just not in their culture, they dont have any interest in after school activities they are here for the education and they dont usually mix with non-international students. mostly because the american students dont allow them to. the most frequent complaint is about the social life. people LOVE to complain here. whether its about the somewhat dense courseload or the lack of weekday parties. there is always something going on, you just have to find it. i have enjoyed many a babson night - and day - of partying. you have to make your own fun, dont just expect it to be handed to you like it would be at a huge state school. people say that the campus police - babo - are way too strict, they're just doing their job and for the most part they dont break up fun unless its dangerous.


Business school, you need to like it in order to survive here. They teach the entreprenuerial spirit and it shows. Many students start their own companies and it is easy to find people wtih similar interests. Babson is a community, you will know mostly everyone in your class. There is no school spirit in terms of sports. We could care less. I love the size of the campus and it is beautiful. It is a quick drive into boston with 2 T stops nearby. Natick area has many shops and dining. It is a great location. Most students are looking forward to graduating to land the job they've been working so hard for. Noone knows what Babson, where it is, or that it is a business school. I've been told that in the "business world" it is very well known and will help with the amount of alumni that are famous in the business world and are doing very well for themselves. Internationally(india) apparently Babson is like Harvard of the business schools. The babson curriculum will set you ahead from any of the other business schools. it is very well rounded and we learn a lot your freshman year. FME lets you start a business as a class but really it's a joke and not very "real world" experience. I wouldn't take it too seriously.


Babson is a small business college located in an affluent suburb of Boston, MA. We are a college of only 1700 students, and the faculty are here to instruct first, and research later. The best thing about Babson is that we have a brilliant faculty that rivals Wharton or Stern, but unlike those schools we have tremendous access to them. You really get more bang for your buck. Each professor holds office hours, no classes are taught by teaching assistants, and the majority of professors truly enjoy teaching undergrads. I have had coffee with a number of my professors, and have actually had breakfast at the house of my Statistics professor. When I tell people that I go to Babson the responses are either, "I've never heard of it" or "That's an amazing school!". Our reputation is far greater internationally than domestically, though we are well-known by financial and accounting firms. In essence, Babson students are highly-regarded in the proper business circles, even if your grandma has never heard of it. The town of Wellesley has a number of great restaurants and shopping (pricey shopping though). I couldn't imagine a safer town to go to school in. I almost wish it had more of an edge...


I got into all the good business schools - UC Berkeley, Michigan - Ann Arbor, etc. But I came to Babson and it was the easiest and best decision of my life! I've spent 2 and half years studying my ass off, and as a result, I have a great, well-rounded business education. The fast-paced, business-centric environment is indicative to hands-on learning. I'm taken advantage of many Babson opportunities - studying at the London School of Economics (which is easily once you've spent a year at Babson), worked for Nielsen Ratings, interned at: a private equity, a risk management consulting firm, and a global NPO solving environmental issues. I've also started my own NPO to increase education and knowledge amongst high schoolers back in Seattle. I applied for internships this past semester after getting some resume help from Career Services - I had 3 offers in 2 weeks. Suck on that, Bentley!