Bacone College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself the college experience, especially away from my family and friends, is very worthwhile for many reasons. It has allowed me to become more responsible for my educational and social growth and choices. I would tell my self to be open minded to all the new experiences that lie ahead. Be prepared to embrace every opportunity that comes your way. All of the experiences are valuable in one way or another, both positive and negative. It's an oopportunity to find out more about who you are, who you will become and what interests you. Most importantly it will give you thee opportunity to develop your strengths and weaknesses.


to keep your grades up do not fall behind


Leaving home for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. This is your opportunity to develop in many ways before entering the workforce: intellectually, creatively, socially and emotionally. Recognize the invaluable opportunity you have to expand your world view and your perceptions through international study abroad. You can pay tuition at the University of South Carolina or the College of Charleston and receive enough money to experience life and education in a different country. Additionally, this will help you to become much more mature, more sure of yourself and with more direction of how you might want your life to look in the future. The one question you need to be asking yourself every day is "Who am I going to be?" followed by "What choices am I making that will lead to the probablity of my becoming who I wish to be."


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself one thing, and one thing only: "Don't be afraid." I remember applying for college and being anxious about whether or not I would be accepted. Then I received a phone call from the Admissions Office saying, "Congratulations!" Believe it or not, that was more intimidating than worrying about acceptance! My first year of college was nerve-wracking, but it was a beautiful time of self-discovery that I wouldn't trade for the world. In retrospect, even the hard times were worth every minute. Every test I sweated over, every final paper I worked on into the wee hours of the night... It was worth it just to graduate in the end. Now I'm enrolled in grad school, and the butterflies are churning once again. I have no idea what lies ahead, but this time I'm strong enough to face it.


the experience that i am getting out of college is that coming into my own is what i needed to make me feel like i was someone. with my accomplishment in college i can finally do what i want to do without the restraints of people who have held me back for a very long time. college life is for the serious ones who plan on making something out of there lives and that what im going to do because in my family there are just dropouts and failures. i want to put a stop to that and create i new path for the younger generation to follow.


If i could go back to high school, I would definately focus more on my ranking and GPA. Even though I took AP classes, it didnt really help my GPA out that much since my grades in those classes weren't As. I think it would have been higher if I would have just taken regular classes and got straight As than AP classes and got Bs and Cs. I also would have actually tried harder in my AP classes to recieve that college credit because it would have definately helped me out alot by saving me time and money.


If I could go back to myself as a senior and give myself some advice about the transition, it would be to give school a chance. I was too focused on my family and (then current) boyfriend back home to even think about school or the work I needed to do there. I missed out on a lot of oportunities at school and with friends because I was too busy going back home every weekend. Also I think I would have told myself to look at my options a little more. I ended up discovering the perfect college for me on the third try. I'm happy with the colleges that I have been to but I would have rather found the right school the first time and finished my bachelors degree rather than my associates degree. Oh, and study abroad. It's an invaluable experience.


Always be open to new experiences! You need to know that having an open mind allows one to enjoy their college experience a lot better. Being closed minded will only effect your college experience in a negative way by inhibiting your learning process. Your friends, teachers, and advisors all have great advice for you to learn from and to grow from, so you should always remember to be receptive to other people's opinions. I have personally learned a lot from being an opened minded person, and I would not have gotten as far as I am now if I did not try my best to learn from different beliefs and opinions of my own. If you want to become a success at the college level and if you want to truly get the "college experience", you will have to break out of your shell and step out of your comfort zone. You will be faced with contraversial subjects in which you might already have your mind set on what you think the solution is, but instead of coming up with a solution that fits your beliefs, try to come up with something that can benefit everybody!


Keep your eyes on Jesus. Pray and trust that God will guide me in the direction He has planned for my life. It is not about me, it is about Hi, and His plan for me. As long as I keep the "main thing" (God) as the main thing in my life I will not fail. I will always give Him all the thanks, and the glory. My strength lies in Him. "I can do all things through Christ who strenghthens me" Philippians 4:13.


Apply to all of the college you would like to go to and see which ones accept you. Then you should go tour each one of those campus and see what each one has to offer you for your major. When you go to visit the colleges see what kind of clubs or other activites they have for you to do while you are at school there. To make the most of the college experience be involved in as much as you can like clubs, sports, or anything else the school has to offer you to do in your spear time.