Baker College Center for Graduate Studies Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


From what I could tell many students were busy with jobs and needed school that fit to their schedules and so online education was their best option compared to going to traditional college setting.


The students here are a great learning resource. Each person has different points of views on a topic that you may not of made the connection for. We are all different ages, have different careers, and are at different levels in life and education.


The students at my school are very diverse. There are students from all walks of life, students who are older than me, students who are younger than me and students who are my age. There are students who have children, students who have grandchildren and students who have none. There are students fresh out of high school and students who are starting over after pursuing a different career.


The students in the school feel that they are accepted. I know that I am an online student at Baker which I find to be very nice. I know that with my classes we put up a bio of ourselves in the first week of every class as well as a picture of ourselves so that our fellow students are still able to know who we are. The students are always talking about their future and what their goals are each week. There is a discussion board so that we can all talk to each other including our teacher, which allows all of the students to be able to know one another very well. A lot of the teachers use this discussion board to talk about feelings and to talk about our goals for each week. Having this as a part of the class allows us to have a positive attitude and to help one another in the class.


Since I am taking all my course work online, students are required to post in discussion forums to count towards participation. This is the only way we can interact. Sometimes it is beneficial other times it becomes just posting to get your points for the day. Students are from all ages and from all over the country. Many men and women from the military attend Baker College Online because of the convienance.


I am a full-time online student. I would say the online courses are challenging but geared toward anyone pursuing a higher education. Students from all around the world.


Wow! Baker College has a mixture of students, from Asians to Hispanics, everyone has their unique story, online students interact more because they have to actively participate in the discussion board, and if you are campus-based, there are activities geared towards social development, most students are generally from the Michigan area but are very open to meeting people from different background, in fact it's one of the things that makes this institution appealing to everyone.


The students that I have met through my courses and the honor society showcase a very broad spectrum of people. They come from diverse backgrounds in every sense, age, financially, socially, politically, religiously, different areas of the country and even world. Yet they come together with little judgment through their courses. I have attended several courses that touch on very personal and controversial subjects including Principles of Ethics. Despite the nature of the courses that basically require differing opinions and personal admissions the other students have always been understanding, accepting and supportive. I have personally experienced an outpouring of support for a fellow student that admitted to having an abortion during our ethics course. Even those that did not support abortion by any means stood behind her and offered consolation and support. It was truly touching. I feel that this environment provides such a large and diverse group of generally very mature students that absolutely no one would feel out of place at this school. I have even had fellow students that are retired and simply wanted to further their educational enjoyment and practice computer skills.

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