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What are the most popular student activities/groups?




I am not really sure about all of the activities and groups that the students at Baker College Online participate in. I know that there are certain clubs that are on every campus that are available to our online students, such as NSCS. Being an online school though, we do not have as many activities or groups as some of the other schools may have.


The most popular student activities or groups would be to just be with one another outside of the class room. There are study groups all over the place, and there are always activities to get you more involved in the college life experience. I know that I have met many people even going fully online through the online school experience and being able to talk and email the fellow students. It is also nice that being a part of the online schooling we are also able to go up to the school and hangout at events or go to the school library, and be around other students that are online or going to the classes at the school. Baker makes all the students feel equal.


I currently was invited and joined the Baker College Online Chapter for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.


On campus, we have students supporting various societies, I'm actively involved in the N.S.C.S (National Society of Collegiate Scholars), they offer various scholarships and activities for exceptional students with G.P.A of 3.4 or higher. Online students are usually more professional and really into academics but traditional students can afford to be more flexible and enjoy dorm parties and other functions. We've had various guest speakers from actors to business leaders.


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, NSCS, (honor society) is currently the only organization recognized by Baker College Online, though the physical campuses do have their own organizations. NSCS is a fantastic organization for high achieving college students that provides many benefits and over $250,000 in scholarships to members each year. I have had numerous networking, career, and educational opportunities through this organization. Outside of this society there is little interaction outside of classroom discussion. There is a community board for students to have discussions and interact but it is only minimally utilized. Students are often busy and do not have a lot of additional time outside of classroom, career, and familial responsibilities to consort.

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