Baker College Center for Graduate Studies Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?




That we are all the same. No we are all in different levels of life and have different reasons on continuing our education.


I attend an online school. There is definitely a stereotype associated with online schools. People think they are not as hard, you don't really learn the information, and it is much easier to cheat your way through to a degree. Going to an online school is definitely not for everyone. It takes a lot of self-discipline and a lot of time management. In my opinion, you learn more than at a regular school. I have to make sure that I know my information before an assignment is due, while in a regular class I had someone telling me all of the information. Also, the courses are much shorter in length, so my interest is kept a lot longer than in a regular course.


I attend Baker College through their online program, so it is very difficult to determine any student stereotypes in this type of environment. I definitely feel that this is a plus for students because the students are able to focus on their studies without being labeled as a certain "type" of student, which can ultimately hinder a students ability to learn.


I am attending online so students are from various ages, races and even living in different countries.


Many people think Baker College does not measure up compared to other colleges and universities but I can tell you that Baker College offers courses that are challenging and informative. As a Baker Online student I have been sought out by and refused other colleges for completing my bachelor's degree. I have also been contacted by Universities interested in having me attend their school for my graduate degree. When I hear someone stereotype Baker College students as not having the GPA to cut it at a "real" school, I believe I am speaking with someone who really has no clue about the fantastic education Baker College is providing me.


The college I attend has many working professionals, some younger, some older, working to better there careers or to gain more knowledge in the career field the already work in.


I'm not sure if there really is one stereotype of the students at Baker Online. However, with "online classes," people sometimes get the idea that you "didn't get into a real school" or you're lazy. Not true! You're taking an online class from a real school.


It is a common stereotype that online schools do not provide the same level of education and that students that attend are not as devoted to their studies. I do not believe this is accurate. As the President of the Honor Society for our campus, I have had the pleasure of being introduced to many other students in my own college and other more prestigious schools, including Harvard students. It is my opinion that our students are as intellectual and driven as any other students that I have met. Our students are often non-traditional in that they have children, are adult, and many have full-time careers as well. These external factors often drive the students at Baker College Online to succeed.

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