Baker College Center for Graduate Studies Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My experience was the online aspect and so it was great since it worked well with my schedule.


I enjoy the set up for this school. They do a good job with making sure you know what your doing to succeed. They start you off with making sure your not set up to fail.


Baker College offers a very flexible way of teaching students. Most of Baker college students attend online classes which give them the opportunity to improve their lives and future careers!


I love my school. I think that online schooling is the best thing that could have ever happened for me. I am able to have my interest peaked from day one to the end of the six week course. I have found that online classes just work for me, and I'm learning in a new way that I never though possible. And it is actually sticking with me! I think that people need to realize that online school is not for everyone, and even then every online school is not for everyone. You need to find a school that meets your personal needs, just like you do if you go to an actual campus school. But, when you find the right fit, the combination is magical!


The best thing about Baker College Online is I get to complete my school work online at home. I can login at any time and watch my lectures or complete school work. I still interact with fellow students in the class and have discussions just like we would in the classroom. Baker College is well known in Michigan and I have heard many good things about this school before attending this college. The only thing I would change about online course work is the requirement that you most post to the discussion board 5 days a week with two post a day. This is the most frequent complaint among students.


Schedules are very flexible. Class sizes are smaller which allows for more student instructor interaction. People within the school administration are very helpful and polite. The school offers many different programs that range from certification to PH.D.


Baker college online and center for graduate studies has some of the best programs in the country, each course is aimed at bringing out the best in each students, the instructors each have their own style of teaching but they all adhere by the institutions guidelines, the admissions department consists of well experienced counselors that strives to get students the right type of help, from financial aid to degree evaluation. Whether you choose the traditional classroom or prefer to go online, you can be sure that you're getting the very best of what Baker college has to offer, Baker College recognizes the diversity of its students and works hard to make their experience an enjoyable one.


Baker Online has its pros and cons like any other school. I think the best thing about Baker Online is the flexibility. Homework can be done anytime, meaning that you can set up your own schedule--as long as you submit your work on time. Class sizes tend to start off around 25 students and they usually go down in the first few weeks, meaning there is a lot of one-on-one time available. Tutoring is free and often available nearly instantly. The biggest problem students seem to have is about the technological aspects of taking an online class.


When I enrolled in Baker College Online, it was for the convenience of attending classes while working full-time and raising two young children. It fulfilled that beyond my expectations. The staff are accessible and beyond helpful in anyway a student needs despite the distance. The courses are organized and challenging. I have attended a campus location prior to Baker and I have attended campus courses with Baker College. I have found the online courses to be more in depth and require more personal involvement. I also appreciate that I do not have to follow other student's timelines and needs. In on-campus courses, I tend to become extremely bored waiting for others to catch up and feel like me time is wasted sitting in a classroom listening to the same subject matter reiterated and people's personal discussions. This is not an issue online. Once I joined the Honor Society, I was able to meet many staff members personally including Career Advisors, the Vice President, and President of the Online College. They are all very dedicated to the education of their students and providing the greatest experience that they possibly can for them. The staff truly cares about the success of the college and their students.

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