Baker College of Auburn Hills Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say to myself,"LaTriece, please take going to class more seriously. Please dont be discouraged about college, please study for the ACT and SAT freverously. Don't just jack off credits just because you have some to spare and you want to relax. Darling, JROTC was the best investment of time in your high school career. There is a world of opportunity and dont be afraid to dream and set goals to aspire to that dream. Continue to love God, yourself and your dreams and do everything you possibly can to make sure that their needs are what matters most." I really do wish this that I could go back into time and say these things to me.


I would tell myself that drugs and alcohol don't help make the change any easier. In fact, these two choices make it much harder to function. You will need to buckle down and develop a strong study ethic. Set aside time each day to study, but don't let it become a drudge for you. There are going to be many challenges so take each one as it comes and make it a learning experience. Don't be misled by people offering a quick fix for problems. The easy way out is usually the wrong choice.


Don't you dare let any one else make this decision for you. Your life will go on long after he leaves and you must prepare for that life. Remember the squirrel and the nuts. Prepare, don't sit there and think "oh, I'll be ok". Be proactive and be ready; your education is the nut you have to store up, a long cold nasty winter is coming. The time will come when you will have to stand up and say I can't do it unless you have that college education behind you. Before long, you'll have many who depend on and look up to you, you 'll need to show them that you could do it and let them know, they can too.


I would tell myself it is scarey to go to college, but you can work through it and give it your best. It is a good thing to go to college right after high school so you can have a career in what you love to do, but if its not and option at the time it's ok. College is a great thing to do improve yourself.


This is not a difficult question for me as I know a key mistake I made when I began my college career was that I did not consult with counselors about specific programs to enter and what classes were required to complete the program. Instead, I took whatever classes I was in the mood for never really following a prescribed carerr goal and, therefore, ended up with a decent grade point average and alot of college credits but no degree. I have learned now to consult with counselors and have a specific goal of becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I just wish I would have learned to follow a specific program course many years ago.


If I was able to go back in time to when I was a senior in High School, I would push myself to go directly to college. I could not wait to graduate, because I thought life would be easier. I would have told myself not to have children right away and to continue my education so that I wouldn't struggle as a single mother. I would have done research on colleges and tuition and financial aid so that I was prepared for the transition into college. I would have done more research on the economy and what the future had in store for me. I now know that I made the wrong decision when I decided to wait eight years to return to school.