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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


In my shoes, I would totally change everything about my high school experience. I would tell myself to push hard and try better. Everyone can do it, you can do it. Just pu full time and you'll succeed.


I would tell myself to apply for all the scholarships I can because highschool flys by and before you know it, you'll be deciding on a college and if you don't apply for financial aid or scholarships, its going to be very expensive.


The only advice I would give my high school senior self is, just be yourself, don't let anybody change you and don't change for anybody, try your hardest at everything and I know you will succeed, and one last thing, never ever give up.


Since attending college I have experienced the stress, and the money problems. Though I have also experienced the dedication a person has to have in order to not only complete a class, yet to graduate. In high school, one can usually slide by class to class and pass. In college though, it is like a job. Going to each and every class is a job. It takes hard work, perseverance, and great attendance (like a job). I have not failed a class yet and I do not plan to. Nor have I ever dropped a class. What I have learned of other people who have dropped a class is that, why bother dropping when you have to take that course anyways. It is a waste of your own money to drop a course. So because of my hard work, I am that much closer to getting my degree.


I am no longer lost in my own mess. I have learned who I am as an individual, as well as gained confidence and education that WILL help me to succeed in my future career. I have a strong passion for helping others, but i've never known how. By learning who I am as an individual and what I want out of life, I have learned how to move forward and to be a more productive individual. I think it was very important to my future that I learned who I am as an individual because I didn't realize I couldn't help anyone else if I couldn't help myself. I know now what it is I want out of life and how I will get there. I worry about my financial future, but I do not worry about my ability to move forward with my education. I know all I have gained during my experience in college will be beneficial to my future career in the helping field. I don't always agree with everything at my college, but I have made life long friends and gained an indescribable education. These things I am thankful for.


I have gotten so many experiences out of this school. Also many new friends and hopefully future business partners. Pretty much every one and everything is pretty determind to do their best and survive out in the real world.


What I have gotten out of my collge experience is self fullment. I always wanted to go to college. Because I would be the first to gradurate college and make something out of myself. Another thing I got out is that I like to help people. So that the main reason I wanted to be a teacher.


You can do anything as long as you keep a cool head and think things through. Take that job opportunity to work at the vet clinics or grocery store. You can still balance school, work and even sports at the same time. In fact it will help you gain that needed experience that you desperately need in the coming future. Don't give up, though times and the recession is hitting the family pretty hard you?re going to survive. Reread all your notes until it becomes second nature and don't let the internet and social sites get in your way because they ARE very addictive and will take up too much of that precious time that you need to use for studying. Don't take anything for granted and whatever you do stay strong. Sorrow over loved ones will hurt you deeply in the soon to come future; just remember that you will survive the pain and to keep studying. You do not want to burn out before your life gets going, remember to take breaks and to enjoy life, because no matter what, you will get through this dark year.


If I could talk to myself just a short two years ago, I would tell myself to apply myself more to what I want and not get discouraged because of the amount of work needed. The program is difficult, but making it into the program is giving me an even harder time because I lack the study habits needed to truely learn the material I need to know because I get discouraged easily. College is not high school and cramming information the night before a test no longer works. It takes serious dedication, hard work, and long hours of reading and rereading material until you are blue in the face. Yes, dedicating yourself so much to each class and each test or assignment is like torchure, but when you get the grade you have been working for and finally make it to what you've wanted, I will be worth it because that pain will no longer matter, you've made it through another class on your way to your dreams. I might not actually be able to give myself this insight but I can remind myself of this now to make it through the journey to my dream.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would have encouraged myself to apply for scholarships, do more research on the college of my choice and not just pick the first college that visits my highschool, lastly I would have told myself to save up money for college since my parents weren't able to help at all.


If I was somehow able to talk to myself when I was a 17 year old senior in high school, I would probably impart the wisdom that college is not nearly as scary as it seems. During your entire senior year you have teachers breathing down your neck telling you to maintain your grades because your college can drop you after your final transcripts arrive, and heaven forbid if you haven?t decided where you want to go yet. I know they have your best interest at heart but the constant looming idea of college always comes off as very intimidating. There are too many people who seem to have an investment in your college decision and the only person you should really be worried about pleasing is you. Your parents, your counselors, your teachers and your friends won?t have any real investment in where you go to college; the only person that it truly impacts is you so that?s who you should be thinking about when you make your decision. That?s probably the best advice I could give myself.


If I could go back and tell myself something about the college process, it would be to relax and not stress about the future beacuase I am a firm believer that whatever is going to happen is going to happen and looking back on the whole experience I've found that it wasn't as bad of a transition as I thought it would be. I would also tell myself to buckle down and stay focused because as I'm sure many of us have heard of the phrase "Senioritis" well, I started to get it at the end of my senior year and so coming into college, it is a whole different ball game and there really is no time to slack off, because there is so much to learn and the time flies.


As a high school senior I was not concerned with what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life. I didn't have the money to go to college and wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I chose to wait before going back to school. I wish I would have really pushed myself in my classes to get the best grades possible. I don't regret waiting to go back to school until now because it took me a while to know for sure what I wanted to do. I would have taught myself excellent study skills as well.


I wouldn't wait until my later years in life to go to school I would incourge my self to go as soon as I got out of high school it seem as if the younger people have a eiser time at collage than the older students.


Apply to more than one school! You have a 3.9 gpa dont waste it on just one school when you have a chance to go anywhere. Keep your grades like they are, scholarships are always available when you have good grades.


Explore all your options. If your child has a low GPA still apply to colleges. They will most likely put your child on Academic Probation. Don't be discouraged by bad grades!


Make sure you do a lot of research and be sure to visit each school.


In order to make the right choice for college, you need to make sure your going into something that you like. Another thing that helps is whether or not you like big colleges, with over 60 people per class or if you like something smaller about 30 people per class. For me i really enjoy the small environment where teachers can help you directly. When it comes down to deciding what college to choose, money shouldnt be an issue. Many people think that if you have to take out a loan that its not worth it. Well i would think that getting an education that you like and will suceed in is much better then one thats the cheapest. Many colleges offer enough financial aid to cover tuition, loans may be needed for help with books or dorm fee. In my opinion in order to be sucessful in college, you have to do something you love or find facinating, and then after that dont give up. College is a challenge, but also a great experience.


I would tell students to try and choose a college that they feel comfortable with and to not worry about how much it costs if it's the college for them. There's many ways to pay for college and it would be a shame if the students had to choose a college they didn't like because of price. College isn't like high school; you have to want to learn and want to be there to get the full "college experience". You'll make lifelong friends while you're at college. I would tell parents the same thing my parents told me. That they were proud of me and of what I accomplished and that they were supportive of what I wanted to do with my life. They told me to believe in myself and that I'd go far because they taught me to think about what I wanted and to not be pressured into doing anything that I didn't want to do.


Always make sure to visit your school of choice. You may get there and decide that the facilities and staff are completely not what you are looking for. Also remember it is admissions job to get you into the school. They will sugar coat everything in order to get youre name on their registery. Once you find your school, make sure to come with an open mind, just because your roomate/classmate is different, its doesnt mean you cant become the best of friends.


I would have to say think long and hard about where you want to go, don't just take the first brocher that comes in the mail and if its a school go to it. You should be researching what school you want to go to from the begining of you junior year till the the end of it and be submitting aplications but the summer before your senior year. during your senior year it is the time that you go and visit those colleges that you sent applications to and then waiting for the acceptance letters. then you also need to weigh weather you can afford any of these colleges wether it be with a loan or out of pocket these are important decisions.


I would tell students to START EARLY. You can never take enough time finding a place that's right for you. Students should visit several campuses, not just one. They should also talk to current students and alumni- NOT just staff. Check out the housing options both on and off campus even if you're planning to live in one or the other because plans change. Also, if students are planning on transferring to another school after getting a certain degree or taking certain classes, they should be sure that most of their credits are transferrable and accepted by most colleges. As a parent, I couldn't stress involvement enough- especially if they had attended college. It's helpful to have the experience of an adult behind you when you're choosing a place to live or figuring things out financially. They should also be involved with loan paperwork so the student doesn't get themselves into financial trouble. Overall, I'd say when you think you've found the right place, visit at least one more college to make sure you're doing the right thing.


If you have a career in mind, this college is right for you. It gives the perfect amount of training in as little time as possible. However, you need to be committed to learning in order to succeed. If you just do the work that is required of you in the time it is required, college will be fun AND easy.


I have only been attending college for a year and have bearily scratched the surface of my chosen field, making it hard to tell anyone that this college or anyother for that matter perfect for their field of study. My suggestion would be to ask you're self what you want out of college. I have chosen to focus many on getting my degrees at a fair price. With that in mind I have given up the oppertunity to participate in college sports by my choice of school. That is extremely important to some who are going to college so make sure when you are looking at a school, it has all the extracariculars you are expecting to experience. The other main thing and perhaps more important than anything else is to check what kind of experience you're teachers have. I would be leary of a school with professors who only learned about what they teach out of a book. To some that may be ok, but teachers with real world experience seem to have a better understanding of just what you need in you're carriculum to be affective in you're field of study.