Baker College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for being a completely online school. This is great for students who are working full-time, have families or any combination thereof. For me, online allows me to still be involved in all my son's activities while still pursuing my degree and working full-time.


My school is best known for its Online Degree Component which specializes in various areas, such as Computer Science, Accounting, Mathematics, and Graduate programs of study as well. It is a college that is ready and willing to help any and everyone achieve the goal in which they are seeking, to graduate from college.


The best thing Baker College in Cass City can be broken down into two parts. The first being the student to teacher ratio. There is approximately a 25-30 student to teacher ratio which is very small compared to a university. The instructors are also very down to earth and are willing to assist you to help you succeed. The second things would be the location. Cass City is a small town in Tuscola County, MI. It's very convenient to have a college that offers classes related to what needed in today?s workforce.


flexible schedules and online courses


The school is best known for awsom individual's approach. Each student has great volume of attention from administration and from teachers. At Baker College people know each other by name and it contributes into each student's life and performance.


This school is best known for giving students a chance when they can't get into a good university.