Baker College Top Questions

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Baker College has several campuses and a complete online college. I consider this unique and accomodating for individuals who are working full time, but want to fulfill the lifelong dream of a college education. Baker College is also very affordable. I have reviewed numerous schools, and this has been the best thus far. It has a great transfer program and the staff is extremely helpful. The courses are six weeks long, and are based on a quarterly schedule. I am enrolled in the Online College, which is perfect for a full time working mother of three.


Baker modifies the programs it has to meet what employers want in the real world. They are always training you for after you get out of school. Also Baker has quarters instead of semesters so many more classes can be completed in a year than if there were semesters. Finally Baker College employees are always very professional and polite and seem very concerned about each individual person. Employees are willing to spend as much one-on-one time with you as you want.


It is degree focused. You don't have to take any unneccessary classes.