Baker College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I haven't started yet, so I really don't have anything negative to say. Everything seems positive at this point.


It's the only one in the Flint area that offers Interior Design


I have recently enrolled in College, therefore I do not have any "worst" items to compare. One thing I noticed, not only with Baker College, but with many others, is the escalating fees (Labs, Technology, etc.). Tuition and books are expensive enough, without the added costs that will be charged to the students enrolled regardless of their major. In addition, I feel it pointless to make students enroll in classes that do not pertain to their future career. For instance, I am an Accountant, but I have had to take Humanities and Science, which has nothing to do with Accounting.


The worst thing about Baker College was the admission process. I say this because I went to the school to get information regarding the winter term. During my visit I quickly enrolled in classes at the Cass City campus. I was then given dates to attend an orientation and a compass test for placement. After completing this process the next week was the start of classes. This has given me little time to apply and receive financial aid from both FASFA and the US Army Reserve. I'm finding myself struggling as it is because of this economist situation.


The Finaical Aid/ Business Office and Bookstore. I say the Finacial Aid/ Business Office because of the fact that they are very boring nothing to do while you wait and it seems to tak for what seems like forever, also the people at the desk are not vey nice and tend to always have an attitude wit the students atteding there school. We always joke on campus and say if you want to have a bad day got to Finaical Aid. Bookstore because there is never enough people working and is always a long wait.


The financial aspect of Baker is not the best. With the recent increase of students, I have found that the financial aid office is struggling to keep up on processing paperwork. I also feel that Baker could offer and/or apply for grant funding to help with students that need additional funding (aside from student loans) for living expenses due to the high cost of tuition.


It can be very crowded in some classes sometimes so it may be hard to sit in a place you enjoy.


Its not a big school and it doesnt offer other things like sports like bigger university.`


The worst thing about my school was the parking lot, it needs to be bigger.