Baker College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


At first, the type of person that I thought should not attend this college would be someone like me. I am over 40, I am married, have for children and a grandchild. I never thought I would be able to make time in my busy life to further my education. I have learned skills at Baker College in time management, priorities and goal setting. I have become more disciplined and diligent in my studies than I ever thought possible.


A student that does not attend class frequently or who likes long semesters should not attend Baker. Semesters here are ten weeks long which could be difficult for someone unprepared to take on a chapter a week in each class.


A person that is not motivated, hard working or interested in learning should not attend this college.


If you tend to struggle a school work and cant seem to keep up with it this school is not for you. It is also very much based on highest GPA so if you struggle with keeing up wih your GPA and having it high this school is not for you. If you have trouble with attending classes on a regular basis then this school is not for you. Although is you work hard and focus then you'll do just fine at this school and walk out with a great carrer for your life.


Someone who is looking for a party college or someone who wants the big school environment.


A person who is all about parties sex and drugs should not attend here and someone who doesn't want to earn thier grade shouldn't go here.