Baker College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Looking back I think the most important thing is to study. College education is much different than what I experienced in high school. In high school you had teachers who gave out assignments and readings everyday; esentially spoon-feeding students what they needed to know. In college, you might go over the information in class and never have an assignment. Whether or not you learn from that lecture is up to you and you alone. I would tell myself to spend more time studying on my own and learning a way of studying that worked for me.


Sometimes the world is a difficult place to live in. As a teenager, you will be surrounded with numerous temptations and distractions. Don't live your life for other people - not other teens around you, your teachers, your parents, etc... Live your life for you. Think about what's best for you. Force yourself to dream - plan for your future and take the appropriate steps to get there.


Instead of jumping into marraige without education I would include my education as part of my married life. I would choose to go to college while raising my children so that they would realize the importance of a collage education. Giving them that inspiration to attend and complete a college education in todays economy is very important. A college education is a very dedicated thing. To work hard in college means to acheive the first part of ones goals. Back then I thought college after marriage responsilities. Today I think back and I could have done both. My Children are now becoming college oriented and I am very proud of them. The biggiest advice I would give myself if I was coming out of High School is to stick with a thought of immediate education for todays work world you never know when you are needed in a marriage or other home situation to work and contribuite to the family


Although i have only been with Baker College for one semester, it has made a world of a difference in my learning experience. Comparing to my prior experience at Central Michigan University, I have made a 180 degree turn-around. This does not mean Central Michigan was a bad school, but that it was not convenient for me at the time. I did not know what I wanted to do and I felt very alone at such a big school. I feel that being at a smaller school is much easier and more comfortable because help is not hard to find. The employees are incredibly helpful and almost scary happy about it. I believe Baker College offers programs and guidance that not many colleges can.


I was hired into my company when I was twenty and was confident I would retire here. Because of this sense of stability, I didn't feel the rush to go to school. After almost ten years, I was given my displacement papers and walked out the door. I never felt so helpless in my entire life. My husband was also having employment difficulties and I was the sole provider to myself, my husband, and my 11-year old son. I was faced with the harsh reality that I would not be able to obtain another job that could provide for my family without a college degree. I was not able to do anything about it because I did not have the money. This added to my sense of worthlessness and depression. I was re-hired after three months and am now back to work; however, I don’t believe I will have that sense of security again. I re-enrolled in school and am determined to never feel useless to my family again. Feeling useful to my family and in the fact that I am providing for our future is what I am receiving out of my college experience.


I have received much more out of my college experience than I ever imagined. I have only been attending Baker College for a short time, but I have learned life-long, valuable skills. I have learned that it takes a great deal of commitment and planning to reach goals and flexibility to attain them. I have learned to make my education a priority and to balance my studies with my family and even to take time for myself. The instructors I have encountered thus far have taught me to push myself, to think outside of normal resources and to not take second-best as an option. It took me 25 years to make the decision to return to school to pursue my educational goals. I did a good deal of research on colleges and, I believe, I made the best choice for myself. I also feel I am setting a superior example for my children with my new-found discipline and pride. There are also those, younger than I, which had thought it too late to return to college. I hope I have proved them wrong.


I have gotten the sensibility that I can achieve anything from Baker College, due in part that I work a full-time job, attend school full-time, and take care of my household which includes a 10-year old and a one-year old. It has taught me to be more discipline in my studies and not to relu on the teacher to check on me all the time, something in which you will see in grade school. The value that Baker College has instilled in me is that I can do my work at any given time and submit it as long as it is in by 11:59pm, my time zone. By attending a college based soley online gives me the opportunity to do work practically anywhere in the world and that is why I enjoy this school so much.


If I could go back in time and visit myself during my Senior year, I would stress the importance of continuing education. Back in the 1990's, an Associate's Degree was enough to land a good job.However today, most employers want a Bachelor's Degree if not a Master's. I would instruct myself to stay enrolled in College until I reached the Bachelor level and stay home with my parents to help ease the strain. As an adult, 18 years later, with three kids trying to return to college while working full time is not a desireable path. It is hard work and very stressful. I would be sure to point out these facts to "my senior self". I would emphasize the need to be diligent and focused on my work, and to know that four years of life at the ripe age of 18-22 is not even the beginning of life as we know it. The four years will be minimal compared to the rest of one's life after college and acquiring a wonderful and meaningful career. Bottom line, stay in College until the Bachelor Degree is completed, at the very least.


Never be afraid to step outside your comfort area. Always go above and beyond to get to know someone. Don't be afraid to get to know your teachers or the students sitting around you. Then if you ever get into trouble or are having difficulty with something in the class there will be someone there that can help you. Also don't procrastinate and get your work done early because there is nothing worse than staying up late to complete an assignment you have no idea how to do. In college it pays off to be the over-achiever and it may mean doing a little extra work but the reward of less stress and good grades pays off largely at the end of the day. College can be difficult or it can be easy if you just keep trying your best, it is your choice.


If i could tell my high school self what to prepare for for college i would say "Work as hard as you can now and start become more professional in my apperience and attitude. As long as you study, work hard, pay attention in class and be responsible and professional college will be a great roller coaster experience that will lead me to success in the end.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to stay focused. I had a bad case of senioritis my senior year and did not stay on top of my school work or any kind of work for that matter. My G.P.A could have been a lot higher if I stayed focus during senior year, and could have recieved more scholarships with a higher grade point average. I could have seen myself doing better and getting better grades, but it was senior year. All that I really cared about was hanging out with friends, going to football and basketball games, and just getting the year over with so I could be free. Boy was I wrong. I am not free and that is what i would go back and tell myself. College does not mean freedom. I would go back and tell myself that. It is harder than high school, and more expensive than high school. So stay focused, save money, and enjoy everyday you have left in high school.


Dear Darren, There are a few things you should know about college as you prepare yourself from high school graduation. Probably the first advice I can give you is do well in high school grade wise and take the ACT and SAT tests. You want to ensure you do well on those two tests because these two tests are placement tests for the college or university that you choose to attend. After graduation you should take sometime off school and determine what you want to do with your life. Once you figure out what you want to do as a major you should start to look at individual schools and figure out which one would benefit you after graduation. After making the decision to attend a certain school you should meet with a counselor and begin to pick your classes. Ensure you pick entry level classes so know what you're getting yourself into before jumping head first into the core requirements. While you're attending school you need to limit your distractions so you can focus on getting good grades and maintaining your attendance. The last advice I can give is to participate in all class activities and events.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about high school it will be to learn as much as you can. Knowing what I know today I would not have dropped out of school in 9th grade. I received my GED but thats not go enough for me I felt like I took the easy way out. Attending college has been a challenege for me not being able to understand everything. I ask a lot of questions until I understand what I'm trying to figure out. That's why it was so important that I stayed in school and learned everything I could have. The advice I would give myself would be until you spread your wings you will never know how far you can fly. Now , I 'm the first in my entire family that's attending college and that makes me feel so good about myself. Just seeing my two year old son trying to read his book when I doing my homework motivates me more. I have to finish so that my son will finish school and attend a college.


I personally had the mind set of thinking I knew everything of what it was exactly all about, however now that I have lived it and have experienced it for a little over a year and a half, boy was I wrong. So if I had the ability to go back into time and talk to myself I would defiantely say its not going to be just a cake walk as high school, your going to have to work your hardest, stay focused, and also manage your time well. However you may have some time for friends but thats not what it is all about, they arent going to get you trough school, only you can. I would also say to myself that even though I have to work ten times harder in school than someone eles, I still need to stay focused and keep working hard, because in the end im going to have a great job, that I am going to enjoy doing and experience different things each and every day that I am there. Lastly, whatever you end up putting your mind to your more likely to succeed in the end.


If I could go back in time and advise myself about making the transition to college life I would stress that determination, maturity, time management, critical thinking skills, test taking skills, and effective listening skills are the keys to doing well in college. At the age of 18, I possessed the critical thinking, test taking, and listening skills but I didn't have any responsibilities. I was not mature, lacked motivation and had poor time management. I feel that if I went to college right after high school, I would have partied instead of studied. This would have frustrated me and I would have dropped out or failed. I also would tell myself that time is not on your side. It took 17 years and two children before I enrolled into college. Now, times are hard economically and socially. I would tell myself to take advantage of your youth and freedom and utilize the skills that you possess to become whatever your heart desires.


Don't give up. Push yourself to do great. If something doesn't seem right, then follow your instinct and fight for what you believe.


Make sure that the college you choose fits your needs acadmeically, financially and socially to get the most out of you college experience. Make sure the college offers challenging courses, but not so challenging that you become stressed out and can not complete your work. Also look into the size of the classrooms. Classroom size is usually a important part of your overall learning experience at college. When the classrooms are smaller, you are able to comunicate with your professor and classmates on a more personal level and understand the material presented.


My advise is simple. Before any decision on the college and program of study made, consult college administration on all questions you may have. While you reaching administrators be honest about your desires and your abilities.


Look at all of your options and choose carefully. Find a place where you can fit in and get the most education for your time and money. Try not to go into a lot of debt since you have the rest of your life to live after college.


One part of finding the right college is that the student has to want to be in college. Look around and see what each college has to offer in academics and socially. Sociality is very important because being able to surround yourself with others that are in the same field, or even in another field, helps you accept culture and also helps you to learn from each other. A collge that takes pride in their acadamics and have professors that can understand a student and offer more than just being a standard teacher is a benefit to succeeding in college. It helps to know and feel that staff cares about the students that are on campus everyday or few days out of the week. Choosing a college is very important and takes time. If an education is important to recieve, who gives the education should be just as important too.


The advice I would give to students would be to find the college that fits your interests, field of study, offers what you need and you can find your classes and the campus with out too much trouble. For parents I would suggest they look at the location of the college, what is offered in scholarships and financial aid and to also take a look at the cost of tuition there as well as living quarters avialability.


make sure you research the school and see what exactly the school has to offer, learn about the the programs,student life and the location of where the school is located, choose wise because this is the place where your paying money and have to be at for 4 years or more.


The advice I would give parent and students would be to find a college that has what you need and is affordable. To make the most of the college experiance I would suggest that they make sure they will enjoy their time at the college and the college suites the need of the student and the parent. I would also tell them to look at all their options, don't just stick with one school, look around and be flexible to some extent to make sure that they get the college that best fits thier needs and will give them the best experiance because they found a place that fits thier personality and needs. I would also tell the student and parent to be prepared for the unexpected and to use their resources available at the school to get the full experiance and to be prepared to work for their degree because you get what you pay for and it is up to the student to show that they want thier degree or not. The teachers are there to teach those willing to learn and do the work, not to pass you along because you are paying for it.


I would advise a parent or potential student to research fully all of their options for a school before they choose a school. It would actually be the best if they were to visit any potential schools before making their decision. Once they have narrowed down their options, then they should consider what program they are entering into and make sure that the schools they have chosen have strong programs so that they may succeed as a student.


Come to baker if you are looking for a smaller college. Also, if you want to get a degree asap also choose baker.


Do a lot of reseach and ask a lot of question from past and current student about the school of interest.