Baker University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Baker University is best known for its high academic standards.


Academic performance and acheivement; going above and beyond to be the best.


Baker is a private and liberal arts university. Some say it is the Harvard of the midwest.


Baker University is most known for its academic excellence as well as its tight knit community feel. After I committed to play soccer at Baker, many family friends and others in my community spoke very highly of the institution and were excited for the bright future ahead of me. I am most impressed with the relationships I have with my professors. They geninely care and would do anything to help me succeed. I have never met anyone that has disliked Baker. As soon as I arrived to Baker my freshman year, there were many welcoming activities that promoted student involvement.


Baker University is known for students who work hard to achieve their goals to the highest potential. We are known as the Harvard of the Midwest. Also, we are known for having a strong alumni to help us get jobs when we graduate.


My school is best known for being a small and very connected campus. The small size makes for great, small, and personal classess in which it is so much easier to learn in. The professors get to know every single student on a first name basis and most of them eventually become a friend that is easy to talk to both inside and outside the classroom.


Baker University is known for it's quality curriculum they deliver, and the prestige it has in it's community in the state of Kansas.


Our school is best known for its academic quality. The classroom size here is outstanding. About half of my classes here have less than 10 people in them. Also, this school is known for its friendly atmosphere. Everybody on campus always has such a friendly attitude towards everybody and it makes people feel very welcome. Also, you feel like you are part of a family here. Everybody knows everybody, which makes it very easy to make friends and feel like you're part of a family.


I believe that Baker University is best known for their excellent nursing programs and sports. I believe that anyone that attends Baker University would be more than happy with their education when they are done. As far as the sports go, I play soccer for Baker myself and I believe that their sports can many job opportunities as well. So, no matter what you are a Baker for, I can promise that you would not be dissatisfied.


Being a liberal arts university and allowing students to do multiple activities and recieve multiple departmental scholarships.


Baker University is best known for their hard working students, job placement, and tough curiculum.


Education, traditions


The small size, which results in close professor, student relationships. Also, the historical value of Baker.