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The most unique thing about my school is that it is the oldest school in Kansas. It is very interesting that Baker is such a small but old school with a lot of history and it is very unique.


I completed my undergraduate classes at the University of Kansas and while I really enjoyed it and I was in a great atmosphere, I realized that when I would go to nursing school I wanted it to be a smaller school with more of a personal connection between student and teachers. Once attending Baker School of Nursing I got exactly what I was looking for, I am no longer just a number on a piece of paper I am Emily Prais a future nurse, and that is the most welcoming thing ever.


The atmosphere here is what I find unique. There, for the most part, seems to a friendliness in the air. Everyone almost seems like a great neighbor, very positive and cordial. Almost too much so. I had really never been to a place where a majority the people were all so warm and welcoming. I feel that this is probable due to both the caliber of students that apply to Baker University and the relatively small student body, which makes it possible for you to really get to know many of your class mates.


The small class sizes allow the professors to engage the students individually and give them one on one help.


I have loved the environment that the students, faculty, and staff all provide to the campus. The school focuses on the best education possible for each student while preparing them for careers afterward.


I feel like the interaction between the professors and students is the most unique thing compared to other schools. I feel like they are there 24 hours a day if you need them, most of them give out their home phone numbers and sometimes have get togethers at their own homes. It's just something that you would not find anywhere else!


The setting is small andthe professors are very personable. The school is very friendly and has a good percentage rate of graduating and continuing masters program. The success rate of the field I have chosen at this university is 85% which is important to me. The dorms are in suites rather than in community style dorms.


What makes Baker University unique; is that it feels more like a community than a school. The small campus allows for students and teacher to get to know each other and your fellow students become your friends, best friends, relationships that will last a life time. The Baker community feels more liek a family more that a buch of students taking classes together. The campus is beautiful, and there are so many activities to get involved in. From sports to music and art! Baker is the place to be!


Baker University is very unique compare to other universities across the nation because Baker University the oldest school in Kansas. My school is relatively small and the proffesors truly care about thier students. Baker University has its own little church on campus and you really feel part of a family at Baker University. Besides the excellent proffessors, students learn how to apply what he or she has learned ,over a course of four years, into real ife situations. The other Universities I applied to did not even come close to what Baker University offers.


How small it is and how we all are, we look out for eachother here


It's in a small town, and has the small town feel. Everyone knows everyone. The teachers know you by name and are very interested in who you are as a person. The teachers really care how you do in class, and in life they will help you do everything you want to do!


It definately has a small town feel which I like. The professors and staff are very easily reachable. The class sizes are small and the professors know you by name and take an interest in how you are doing. You are not known as a number or "the guy in the orange shirt."


Its friendly and accomodating, socially, athletically, and academically. The professors get to know you, push you, and want you to succeed. Each student is a valued asset to the university, and many opportunities are given to them that may not be avaliable at other institutions.