Baker University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Everyone here at Baker University is treated like family. We all know and support one another through the good and bad.


Baker is one of the strongest academic universities in the midwest, but also most of the enrollment is dominated by students who are involved with a university activity (ex: athletics, theater, music.)


Baker is a very respected university with high standards of academic achievement. They made it very hard to make excuses of why not to attend.


How my school is widely known for how academically challenging it is and how we are always ranking high when we compete in sports. For example my track team has been confrence champions indoor and outdoor for seven years in a row, and we have two national champions that graduated last year. The fact that my school has such talented athletes that are strong on the field as well as in the class room, truly is a remarkable thing.


This is the best school for a nursing degree, the best professors, the best staff, the best people to educate the population about nursing.


When I tell my friends about Baker Univeristy one of the first things I tell them is how friendly camous is! When you are walking to classes People will say hello, even if you dont know them. It is a small campus and coming from a small town it is something I appreciate. I will also tell my friends about how the proffessors are willing to work with you on whatever you need help with. They want you to succceed and to do your best!


Baker is a small campus but it's great because my classes are small and all of my professors know me by name and they know if somebody is gone from class. The professors are ALWAYS willing to help so each student feels confident; and everybody around me is always smiling! It's such a welcoming atmosphere and I am always having a good time! Also, it's not difficult to get ahold of a professor if you need help with something, which is great!


When I talk to my friends, I would say that I brag about how much I enjoy getting my education at Baker and how the environment is a loving and caring one. I also brag about how close everyone at Baker is and hoe much the teachers actually care about the students and want them to be the best they can be. Finally, I brag about how Baker provides every opportunity for their students in order for them to pass all of their classes and find a job in the career path that they have chosen.


When I talk about Baker, I talk about how we're our own little community. Everyone is friends at Baker and the campus is so small that you get to see people you know all the time! The class sizes are so small and the professors are very invested in making sure every student does the best they can.


I alwasy talk about the amazing academic standards here at Baker, the friendly faculty and students, and the fun and interesting classes that the school has to offer. Also, I talk frequently about Interterm, our third semester during the month of January, where students get to take a fun, easy class to get them used to being back at school again.


That I do varsity sports and hang out with a lot of volleyball players.


My sorority and my friends. I love our basketball games also.


We are known as the Harvard of the midwest. We also have one of the best education programs around.