Baker University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that everyone seems to know about your life. The reason why I think that this is the worst thing about my college because rumors get around the university about you quickly. Also if you tell people about personal things, it still might go around campus because we are such a small community and everyone knows you, everyone wants to know about you and what is going on in your life.


Baker University is one of the best private colleges in Kansas. Their program is much different than that of a public college. It is very difficult. The Quest Program is unique but it makes students live outside their comfort zone. Baker University is an amazing school but just like any college, the classes are difficult but we are lucky enough to have faculty who care about their students and their student’s success.


The worst part of Baker would probably be jumping straight into your major, however I think this is very beneficial. You don't have to waste your time doing general education courses that won't matter for your degree instead you find out if your choosen study is right for you faster. The reason it would be considered the worst is because it honestly makes it very difficult.


The worst thing would be that we are located in a small town outside of Lawrence. So if you want to go to Walmart or go do something you either have to travel 15 minutes to Lawrence or 35 minutes to the Kansas City area.


While the cafiteria and student union facilities are very nice, the food quality is sub par. I do not regualrly eat in the cafiteria on campus, but I have heard from several other students that it could be improved. The university only makes high quality food on days when they are aware that a large portion of campus comes to eat. I would consider the food quality to be one of the worst things about Baker University.


The worst thing about Baker University is the flip side of the best thing. Baker being such a small campus and town, a student is very limited on the oppertunities outside of the classroom. there are also less people to meet at Baker versus meeting the large number and wide variety of people at a much larger state university. The town itself is even small in comparrison of most college towns so whether it is Sunday fun you are looking for or a late night snack, your options are limited.


every one knows everything about every one. you find the people you are mst like and call them friends. when some thing happens every one knows.


I wouldn't change a thing about Baker University. I love this school.


The lack of support for athletics and greek life. I'm on the XC and Track teams at Baker and it seem we never get the amount of support as other sports on campus such as football and basketball. Also, greek life at least on the fraternity side is dwindling. Coaches and certain teacher don't support/accept us. Incoming men have the typically stereotype stuck in their heads from the media, party houses that don't care about school. Guys are afraid to rush or become associated with the greek system.


Gossip travels very fast around campus becuase it is such a small school.


Baker is in such a small town that there aren't too many things to do on the weekend that are non-greek oriented. Not everyone likes to go to parties or likes to party every weekend and it becomes expensive to travel to larger towns in the surrounding area to find something to do.


The outrageous tuition. It is nearly impossible to attend if parents are not extremely wealthy.


The worst thing is probably the acceptance of change. Baker is based on tradition and they do not like to change that. When change does take place, they often struggle to accept the change.


The Administration and IT dept. The higher levels of administration treat the current students as unimportant. The school ONLY focuses on next year's freshmen and keeping this year's freshmen as long as possible. As far as making sure the upperclassmen feel welcome this school is abominable. The IT dept is comprised of a bunch of lazy middle aged computer nerds who don't want to do work. I know because a friend of mine worked for their department. They are unhelpful and slow to respond if at all. The faculty get zero help from them.