Baker University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who thinks they could easily fit in with a crowd that is ready to be challenged in every single aspect. This is a good thing to look for, because yes our school may seem to small to many, but it is a perfect place to feel like you are at home and where you can experience everything you want in life.


Any kind of person should attend Baker Univeristy. It is an expensive school but finacial aid will work with you to help you attend the school of your dreams. I know some students that have struggled in this department and fincial aid went out of their way to find scholarships for them to apply for. They are very friendly and also want you to succeed in life!


Someone who wants to achieve great things. Someone who is kind, caring, and friendly. Someone who is looking for a family or great community, not just a college. Baker is a small school but it is not too small. The teachers really care about the students. So someone who is looking for personal 1 on 1 attention from the professors and the faculty that work at Baker. You should attend Baker if your education is important to you. Someone who is looking for a career not just a job.


If you are an outgoing want to get involved kind of person you should come here. Baker's biggest classroom size is 40 people, so we have a lot of one on one with our professors. We have a lot of oppurtunities for jobs through our alumni, and we are well known in Kansas as a great private university. Everyone seems to be in an extra curricular activity so it is really easy to make great friends here.


Baker University is a great school for the working adult. You are giving your full schedule at the time of enrollment, eliminating the hassle of selecting classes every semester.


A clear-minded individual. Open to ideas about both liberal and conservative ideas. Must be focused and ready for an ever-changing class structure. Also have great time management skills.


Obviously someone who needs positive reinforcement and comradery would find Baker to be a perfect fit. Those who are also very into their studies would enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the lack of temptations that are present at some of the larger, party schools. I personally chose Baker because I require a personal connection with my instructors, and I don't know if there is another university that facilitates that as well as Baker University.


Anyone that is looking for a good education.


If you are committed to learning and enjoy small class sizes, this university is the best fit for you.


One who, upon visiting campus, feels like this is a place for them. It is not for everyone, however for those that find Baker University appealing, it is likely to be just what they are looking for. A campus visit will tell you these things.


The kind of person I suggest should attend this school is a individual who enjoys small class sizes. Also, the school offers a small town feel so everyone in the school is usually known by not only professors but other students as well.


Financial aid is so much better for athletes. Business majors who want a great business majors, it would be smart to check out Baker, cause it has a very good business department. If you are interested in joining a sorority or fraternity, the ratio is 50% Greek at this school! Partying is very popular at this school.


A person who is focused on their studies and cannot be easily distracted. Also, they should be open minded and willing to make and leave an impact on the school and community.


Someone who is driven to succeed academically and has a desire to be highly involved on campus.