Baker University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The first advice that I would give myself if I knew what I know now is that there is a lot of reading in all your classees and you are going to be reading constantly about boring things that is going to make you want to sleep. I would also tell myself that living with a roommate is one of that hardest things that you would ever do because you like things done a certain way and I should loosen up a little and not trying to make everyone do it your way. Also that you will not be alone for very long, it might seem that no one wants to be your friend and no one is around to make you happy and your are going to have a bunch of lonely nights but that there is always your friends to be with and that you will not be alone for every long.


I did not know I would make so many positive changes after my senior year of high school. If I could go back in time to my last year of high school, I would advise myself to step out of my comfort zone. As a proud member of Alpha Chi Omega, I am taught the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone. By trying new things that we do not have control over, we better ourselves while making memories that last a lifetime. I did not make the most of my high school years because I only did what I was comfortable with, and never pushed myself to become more. Looking back, I wish I would have known how fun expanding my limits could be. By pushing myself to go to social events my freshman year of college, I know have friends that will last a lifetime. By venturing out of my comfort zone and running for a position in the house, I now hold a non-executive position and am building up my leadership experience for my future career. If only I would have done the same in high school.


Do not try and have everything planned out before you leave for college. College is a time to make adjustments and learn as you go because you can never be fully prepared for the next obstacle. As a student be prepared to study, college is not all about the parties and having fun any chance you get. Take the time to do your best on you schoolwork to get your degree and you will still have plenty of time to go out and have fun with your friends. Be willing to try new things. Do not just sit around in your room because you have never done anything else that others are doing. College is a time to explore and find new and exciting new things to try because you never know you may actually enjoy it and you will meet other people as well you enjoy the same thing. As a student, ask plenty of questions. The faculty is always willing to help because they want to see you succeed and they will be there for you whenever you need it. Finally have fun, you only get to experience college once so have the time of your life!


If I was to give my high school self advice, I would tell myself not to stress so much about the decision of which college to attend. For me it was a very challenging and stressful decision, but I am extremely happy with the decision that I made. In the end I stuck with my initial gut instinct on which university to attend and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being an athlete from a small town, I grew up playing three sports and was lucky enough to be a part of a lot of successful teams, which presented me with another tough decision of which sport to play. I would tell my high school self to pick the one that you could see yourself having the most fun doing for four more years. The love of competition is what continues to drive me every day because I made the right choice. The last piece of advice for myself is to listen to those who are closest to me because they have stuck with me through success and failure. My support system was an enormous part of my success.


If I were to give advice to my high school self, it would be given to correct the mistakes I have made and those my children have made. The first thing I would say is not to go until you are ready and when you have the maturity to succeed. A life-experienced college student may have much more to offer, with much less struggle to complete the work required. Let college be your job. My second suggestion would be to wait until priorities are in place. My son is very intelligent, but went to college with everything else in his mind as his priority. He joined a fraternity, had a very involved social life, was involved in wrestling, and seemed to be more concerned about friendships made than school work. He was very popular among his friends, teammates and social circles, but none of them helped him stay focused on completing his school work to the level expected from the school and certainly not to the level of his potential. Finally, when you’re ready, go. For whatever reasons you have to stay inspired, you will then let nothing stand in your way of your achievement or success.


I would let myself know that procrastinating is not the answer. It is always best to do things when you have time to do them. Leaving things for the last minute is not the answer and it never gets you a good grade. I would also say that it is important to keep myself organized. Keep a planner and plan out the homework each day, plan your study time and even your socializing time. Everything else comes before socializing. Set your goals before school starts so you can be sure to know what exactly you're striving for. That allows you to keep looking back at your goal when you want to give up and continue to strive for greatness. Last but not least, I would tell myself to keep searching for scholarship and apply for as many as possible because any money that you can find is valuable. It will keep you debt free and you wont have to worry about paying fees.


Students in high school always wonder: What is college like? What are the best things about college? But when I was in high school I never asked anyone what the professors are personally like. Students just worry about how the professors grade, not how they interact, or how compassionate they are about their students. The best advice I could give myself if I went back in time to my senior year is that professors are not the enemy, they are a student’s best friend. They use red pen to destroy your paper to give you the desire to do better next time. They have study sessions on Sunday afternoons during their free time to help you succeed. They make their tests difficult because then when you receive an “A” you will be even more proud of yourself. Professors make their class difficult to ready you for the real world. They don’t do it because they don’t like you or because they want you to fail, they want you to succeed and be a smart contributor to society when you graduate. College, make of it what you will and befriend those who want to help you.


The biggest piece of advice I would give myself would be to just go for it. It doesn't matter what it is, just go for it. In my first semester I learned that most people don't want to be the first one to do something, so if you show initiative and choose to be that first one, in many cases the faculty will respect you for it and this can lead to some important connections and relationships.


Congrats you finally made it and you're about to move on with your life. Be proud of this change and try not to worry so much because things tend to work themselves out. Change your major to nursing from the beginning so you don't waste so much time doubting your usefulness in the medical field. Don't party so much sophomore year, boys will always be there, opportunity for education won't be. Cherish your time at Zeta because one day you'll wake up and those times with your sisters will be distant memories. Go home more and see mom and dad because they miss you and parties on the weekends can wait. Call grandma more because she gets lonely when you're not around. Ask more questions in class to be more attentive and develop better study habits because you'll need them for nursing school. Go to wellsville in 2013 with sam so you can meet the love of your life, he's everything you've ever dreamed of so try and wait for him. Last thing, stop saying "when your life begins" in reference to after college, life is happening now, so live it.


If I had the choice to go back and tell myself what to do differently. I would definitely advise myself to get a job and work as hard as I can so that I do not have to struggle with the issue of not having enough money in order to attend school. It is one of my larger stressors while i attend school, and I hate feeling whether or not I will be able to attend my university the next semester. I did everything that I could academically for myself but it was a very important key concept for myself and is what allowed me to get the opportunity to attend this college as well as my abilities to participate in a sport. Also to spend as much time with my family while I got the chance. Since I got to college I have not got the chance to see them or spend anywhere near the amount of time I could have when I was a senior. I truly miss that feeling and wish I could go back to have it and experience it again.


Life isn't about high school it ends and it is completely fine to not know what to do with your life. It is ok to make mistakes and it is ok to take time for yourself and figure out who you want to be. If you want to take time to travel then do it, if you want to sleep til noon do it. Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Be your own person and embrace the fact that you can be your own person. It is ok not to fit in and do not let people tell you that your not good enough to do something. Going back to finish a bachelors degree at 35 with a family is harder than when you are single and in your 20's. Live your life so when your ready to make a decision like what you want to do when you grow up you will take it seriously and take the world by storm. You are good enough for anything and smarter than people ever gave you credit for.


As a high school senior I was nervous to think that I would be heading to a place that was going to help me with the biggest decision of my life. This decision was deciding what I wanted to do with my life. If I could tell myself what to know about college, it would be that it is okay to not have a confirmed decision right now. Once I stepped foot on campus as an enrolled freshman, I changed my major and future plans three times. I would tell my high school self that going to college will confirm my carrier choice, so I know that what I will be doing is something I will love doing my entire life.


Going back to last year at this time I would make sur e I gave myself advice about a few things. First, college is not like high school. It is not easy and you need to study for test as well as manage your time. This took me awhile to learn throughout my first semester of college and would have helped me significantly from the start. Second, do well on the first few test in each class. If you do this you wont have to play catch up with all your classes at the end of the semester or have to stress about finals. Thrid, meet a variety of people; this will allow you to not get stuck with one crowd and open you up to many new experinces. In life the first people you meet some where might not be the person you want to be surrounded by. Lastly, college is about preparing you for your future and life in general. You are going to be stressed, fill over whelmed and face many obstacles, but in the end it is preparing you for a better tomorrow, and most of all stronger future.


I would tell myself to be prepared for the road ahead. It will not be easy, but it'll totally be worth it. The most important thing I would try and correct about my high school self is my studying habits. I would teach myself to study even when I feel confident. Studying was difficult when I first got to campus and I would prefer to have had that under control prior to coming here. Another thing I would remind myself to do, don't be afraid to go outside of my comfort zone. When I first got to campus I chose to engage with people and those people are the reason I enjoy college so much. In the end theres not a lot I would change, but if I were able to go back in time and change something I would teach myself to study, and study well.


I would tell myself that it is okay to make friends. Friends will help you along the way. Being in college is difficult. Being away from your everyday surroundings and your family is more difficult. They are people that will cheer you up after a bad day. They will support you and encourage you to do better. They will lend you a shoulder to cry on. They accept you and understand you. You can be your complete self around them. They bring positivity to your life. They feel like family. They expect nothing in return but they know you will be there if they need you. They will love you because they choose to because they feel like they should. They are willing to stick around when things get tough. They make you smile. They are there to listen.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that finding balance is the most important thing. Being a collegiate athlete, it is difficult balancing schoolwork, practice, a social life, and sleep. Finding this balance early in transition is the best thing to do. Prioritizing these things is also a reccommendation I would give my senior self. School should always come first. Education is what you are at college for. Receiving a quality education is an important step towards starting "life". The next most importatnt thing is sleep and health. Without enough sleep, your mind won't work at its full potential. Having a social life is also very important. Being involved and having friends promotes wellbeing and leads to happiness. It is important to have fun and be happy because life is short. As for soccer, the likelihood of going pro is slim to none. It should be viewed as a form of stress relief or a break from schoolwork. Finding out who you are and what you want out of life is important. Working towards that and doing well in school is the key to success.


Do not fall in love with one girl early because they will mess with your life, academically and everything.


If I could go back in time to my high school senior self, I would tell myself college isn't as scary as I thought it would be. I would also tell myself not to worry so much. Nothing in life is worth stressing about; if it is meant to be it'll happen. College life is a great thing, but not only college life, Baker life. Baker has been so supportive to me. I went through a very depressive state right after high school. I didn't think anyone would accept me, because I found out I had a very rare syndrome called MRKH. Baker showed me that I am who I am, and I should be proud of that. I am no different than anyone else I just might have to go through things differently, but I am as strong and normal as everyone else. If I could go back the main thing I would want myself to know is that college is only what you make of it. It gives you what you put in. The more you try the more people are willing to help you.


Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. College is a new transition and its a step below the real world. Your first semester will seem difficult as you start to figure out who you are, but do not give up because this is the best years of your life. You will find friends going through the same thing or upper classmen who help you through it. Just put yourself out there because once you do you will find what you do or do not like. Trial and error is not a negative thing, but a positive step towards the person you will become. Stick it out and enjoy it while you can.


The hardest thing about transitioning into college is time management. There are so many new opportunities in college and at times those can become overwhelming and the actually school part of college gets forgotten. College classes are not like high school classes, they require time outside of class, and teachers don't take mercy on incoming freshman just because it is their first semester at college. Another big part of college is coming to the realization that you are an adult now, and while this seems fun it actually requires a lot of responsibility. Your parents are no longer there to make sure you go to class, make sure your eating healthy, and make sure your spending your money wisely. This new found responsibility can appear very fun but with responsibility so comes decisions. And if decisions being made start to become irresponsible there is no one is there to dig you out of a situation. It is very easy for school to take a backseat to more entertaining things but just remember "knowledge is power", and the knowledge that you earn in college is irreplaceable. Lastly, this is a great experience and enjoy it.


I would tell myself to get involved and break out of my comfort zone earlier on in my college career. It took me some time to join my athletic team and even longer to really get involved in other campus organizations, including taking on a leadership role in my sorority. It was not until the end of my freshman year that I began to become more socalized and break out of my comfort zone when it came to relationships with other students at Baker. Participating in social events has helped me to make lasting relationships with both men and women on campus. Getting involved in organizations has allowed me to grow as a leader and a person. Another piece of advise I would offer my high school self is to not take my academic career to seriously. Getting less than an A does not mean that I am a bad student and now that I have accepted that, I feel more freedom in the way I go about my academics.


I would tell myself to be open to everything and everybody. Even though high school is full of drama, I would tell myself to not get involved in any of it and just be friends with everybody around me. Going to a college with nobody from my high school was great because I got to start all over again! Also, if I could go back I would tell myself to work harder in school and make it my number one priority. The most important thing I would tell myself would be to focus on scholarships. My parents always told me to do them, but I barely put any effort into them and now I'm stuck with a huge bill from my school because I didn't try to earn scholarships. College is SUPER expensive and it's really hard to save money when you're on your own! So I would tell myself to buckle down, save my money, and earn as many scholarships as possible!


I would tell myself that rhings are not as hard as they may seem, that part of going to college is finding out who you are and what you want for your future and not to give up and walk away from the opportunity when things seem to difficult.


I came into college with a false sense of confidence, and I thought I would excel effortlessly because of it. I glided through high school, avoiding what challenges I could. I was afraid to fail, and I was afraid to learn what my boundaries were. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what my academic ceiling was, and I was petrified of broaching it. Knowing what I do now about hard work and what it's like to be facing a scholastic cliff and having to learn how to climb it, I've learned how to have genuine confidence in what I do. I don't think I could've been more disallusioned about who I was when I started my collegiate studies. All that I told others about myself, and how I treated my studies, were a facade to hide how I really felt about it all. I was intimidated. I was afraid to fail, or afraid to show people that I simply didn't know it all - despite the fact that they probably already knew the truth. I would tell myself not to be afraid. I would tell myself to give it my all.


I would advise myself to not wait. Go straight to college from high school.


The one thing I would want to tell my high school self before graduation is that the future, while quite uncertain, is going to hit a major high point in my freshman year of College. While the road to success for Baker's bowling team was a rocky one with many set backs, I would tell myself to stick it out because the end reward is sweet: 5th place at sectionals. The season was filled with firsts, and while I may not have bowled the best, I would tell myself to grind it out no matter how bad I thought I was. I was there for a reason and my high school self needs to know that. This year I was tested many times in my bowling career, and had I known before hand that this bowling season would have been as hard and trying as it was, I would have been motivated even more to go out and shine despite everything holding me back. I would tell myself to ignore that mind games and do what I know and love: BOWL.


Know what you are going to do for the rest of your life. Go out and experiment more often. Do lots and lots of activities and community events. Also, make sure you do your research and don't do things the last week! It's always better to do them early.


The advice I would give myself would be to work as hard as you possibily can to make sure you have the best grades you can get. At Baker, grades and acedemics mean almost everything. All of the staff here wants every student to succeed. I would also tell myself to not slack off with homework assignments because you will get behind in most of your classes. Going to class is a big one also because I know at Baker, you can't miss a week of class and still be on top of things. I feel they do that on purpose to make sure you are going to your classes because most of the people going here are on academic scholarships or athletic scholarships. And lastly is to get involved on campus because you won't be able to make a name for yourself if you just sit in your room all day.


If I could go back in time to my senior year, I would tell myself to get a job. I would also tell meyself to make sure that you have everything that you need and to make sure that you do what ever it takes to get out of Arkansas. I would make sure that I did everything to get some more scholarships and to get out of Marvell, Arkansas. I would make sure that no matter what happens that I would be able to depend on myself and not depend on everyone I know to help me. I would also tell myself to live your life like it is your last and don't make anymistakes. I would tell myself to be strong and don't give in to peer pressure.


Do not worry about growing up so fast. Stop a little bit and enjoy every bit of high school, the girls, sports, and the friends you have had since first grade. I know you already get good grades and it isjust as easy to get themin college just do not get discouraged and stay positive everyday because you have an opportunity that lots of people never had. You need to love every second of every game and every match of the season because when you go to college and quit playing on Friday nights you will miss it. And when you continue to wrestle on Saturdays, it will not be easy like high school. It is really tough starting at the bottom again but you can do it if you just stay focussed and plan ahead to reach all of your goals.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to start sooner to plan for going to college, as it has been a life-long dream of mine to have a college education, and I am an older student. It has been a wonderful journey to continue my education later in life, but my career would have progressed so much better, and I would be so much further along at having stability and accumulation of retirement funds if I would have continued on to college much sooner in life than I did.


If I could go back I would tell myself to not put so much time and effort into unnecessary relationships that have helped me make many bad decisions. Instead, I would tell myself to worry more about my academic success because in the end those relationships seem to just be an overall distraction. I could have done more for myself in terms of extra-curricular activites, community service, sports, college hunting, scholarship hunting, and focusing more on my future instead of worrying about useless things like who hooked up with who or where the party is going to be the following weekend. Time really is money and I think that spending my time wisely is the best thing I could have done for myself. My parents have never been able to help me with school related tasks and responsiblities because they don't quite understand the language so putting my time aside to get things done will benefit me in the long run. As a freshman in college I'm trying to grasp this way of thinking so I won't waste anymore time and so my future can be brighter.


Keep your head on straight. Dont get wrapped up in your social life or life back home. It is all about managing your time and having the ability to adjust to every thing that life throws at you. Coming in you skated through high school without having to try, now you will be faced with adversity and new challenges. Use the friends around you and from back home as new support for all your challenges. Dont be suprised if you face challenges being away from family in the first couple months. Take advantage of your available clubs and social life to make new friends and form a new family thru the fraternity. You will be successful if you focus on the task at hand and keep a level head when faced with challenges, big or small.


Assuming i could go back to when i was in high school, there are to many things to name that i would tell myself about college life. I would begin with the finances, it cost your SOUL to attend college. I would tell myself to save every penny i got to my name and to work even harder freshmen year to get scholarships cause it is very hard when thousands of other kids want the same thing you do. I would tell myself there are no such things as limits and even when i think i can do anymore, do more because its never to much. But most importantly i would tell myself not to let people get to me when they told me i would never make it. I would tell myself that im just as smart, talented, and hardworking as any other student. If not more. And how just because i wasn't born into a rich family, didn't mean i couldn't go to college to. I would have told myself to look forward when i walk, becasue thats the only direction im headed in. And how i deserved it.


Use your young age of 17 as an advantage. Work hard to acheive your dream as efficiently as you possibly can with out getting discouraged. Remember that you can do anything that you set your mind to, just make sure you don't waste the time and effort that you have put in to it. Don't let anything or anyone step on your goals in life.


Never give up on your self, right now may look like the hardest it will ever be but that is not true. The worst is yet to come but dont fear it embrace your challenges. You and stonge and you can over come any battel. Never let your self feel alone you have support from every on around you. Do not be afraid to ask for help the people you see as not careing will be the ones to surprize you and help you in the dark times. Lastly remeber it is okay to feel unconfable, when you feel this way your are learing the most about your self. Love you- your older wiser self


Being in my second year of college, I wish I could go back and give myself some advice as a high school senior. When you're in high school, you feel like you have your entire life ahead of you and you can't wait to get out of high school and get to college to start over. My one piece of advice would be to take the time to enjoy the little things. There are some times now that I miss home so much and I would give anything to be able to spend a weekend at home, but I can't. I would suggest to high-school-me to cherish the moments you have left living at home. I miss sitting down to dinner with my parents, going to my sister's soccer games, talking to my family in car rides to dinner, going shopping with my mom and sister, kicking the soccer ball around with my dad, and so much more. You never really realize how much you miss something until it's gone. Yes, I still have my family, but I can never get those precious moments back of relaxing and cherishing time with my family.


College will be fun but will be more fun and less stressful if you manage your time correctly. Make lots of friends and be nice.


My advice to myself, would be to always expect the unexpected, and if there's one thing to never stop believing is that if you think your ugly today, tommorrow you'll wake up sober and still be ugly. College life is long hours of head full of stress with tremondous amount of emotion battles within, on top of that you have bills to be payed on time. Work, is your snooze button every morning and due dates are your daily news, for lunch you'll know how much you've spent and how much you could of saved, relationships will be the same, like time is money, and still spending more money than you expected! For dinner your dreams will be like your favorite music video, easy to see but hard to comprehend because your life will be moving so fast you wished you had a reset button. Ambition is your only grip on reality or bust.


Honestly, I would tell the past me to pursue an engineering degree. I came to Baker thinking I would major in Nursing, though engineering was my dream. I was just afraid that though I was deemed intelligent for a high schooler, I wouldn't be smart enough to achieve a degree in engineering. Now I am a couple step behind those who stuck to their guns and pursued their dreams because I let a fear of failure influence my choice of goals. Also I would have to tell the past me to have some confidence and actually challange myself with a heavier course load. Other than that I would just remind him to handle college like he had handled everything else in life, smile and don't disappoint yourself, cause that is the one person you will never forgive you if you fail.


I have aquired many skills needed to succeed in the business industry. In 2008, I recieved my Bachlors of Science in Management and now I am starting on my MBA. After I graduated from Baker I started my current job with the University of Kansas, I married, bought a house and had my son, Calvin. In the two years that I have been out of school not a day goes by that I don't use my BS, however not a day goes by that I do not think about furthering my education for myself as well as for my family. The value of a college experience cannot be measured in 200 words but in the personal successes of an individual. I accredit all of my personal and professional successes and spiritual growth to my college experience. I hope to set an example and inspire my son to one day go to college and get a higher education.


Jackie Robinson once said, “A life is unimportant except in the impact it has on other lives”. I believe that the most valuable thing that I have recieved from Baker University is the mind set that, I can and will impact lives when I am done with my education. I have learned a lot in just one semester at Baker University, however, I believe that I still have so much to learn and I am excited about that. I have learned that caring about others and respecting others is a way of life and what ever I can do to help people I will do. I believe that my degree can help me achieve all of these goals. Baker University has been valuable to attend for me because it has helped me learn more about myself and how to take responsibility for everything that I do. This money would help me get the degree of my dreams and more help me help other people.


I have learned about time management and my own personal study skills/habits. I have learned that I am not not good at catching up on work, so I can't get behind. I have learned alot in my major (physics) from classes, and from office visits with my professors. I have improved my critical thinking skills through liberal arts courses. I have also improved my writing skills from the liberal arts courses. I am a member of the Kappa Sigma fraterinity and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. AFROTC has taught me leadership, attention to detail (my biggest weakness), and how to organize two schedules (academic coursework at Baker Univerity and AFROTC at the Univerisity of Kansas). I have had the opportunity through AFROTC to attend the US Strategy Command Space Symposium, and I have learned that I want to work in the space field.


My college experience has gotten me ready for a career after college. Although I still have a year until I graduate, I am already starting to feel confident about how I am going to be prepared to begin a career and be a very desirable employee for whomever I end up working for. However, I have not only gotten a great education so far from my college experience, but I have also gotten great friends and memories that are going to last me a lifetime.


After going through almost four years of college life I think the the best advice I could give myself is to take chances. I have taken quite a few chances in the past four years and it has shaped me into so much of a better person today. I would tell myself to not be afraid to jump, this is the time to experiment and really find out who you are and what you want to do for the rest of your life. I would not change a thing about my college experience, except for maybe to not stress out about the little things as much, so I would definitely say to just relax and be myself and not try to be who I think people will like because I have made the best relationships at Baker and will stay friends with many people from here for the rest of my life. Take a Chance!


First of all, I would tell myself to take as much english, science and technology classes as possible. I have written numerous papers in my classes. By paying attention in English class, I was able to write these papers with ease. Another course that should be taken is science. The biology and chemistry courses in high school do not have enough information in them to prepare us for college, at least not at the university level. I would also tell myself to take more technology classes. In college I had to present many presentations. The first few were difficult because I did not have the tools to make good presentations. I have learned more about it now, but if I would have taken the technology courses in high school I would have been prepared to do power point, videos, and etc. Lastly, live in the dorms your first year of college, even if your parents live close. The friends and the comradery that is made will last a lifetime. There is so much to learn from other people and by living in the dorms and experiencing this lifestyle. I would definitely live in the dorms for all the experiences.


If I could go back and tell my self what I know now about college that I know now, and didn't knwo back in high school then that converstaion would go something like this. "Chels, you're going to think I am carzy when i tell you this, but college is nothing like you thought it would be! You actually enjoy your classes, and have many great friends. To get a step ahead of the game, do your math homework and try to understand it. Other wise you will have to take two semesters instead of one. Practice, practice, practice!!!! Just because all the other kiddos in band and orchestra have private lessons every week doesn't mean you can't be just as good or better! If you prcatice as much as you do here in the near future you will be suprised about how far you can go in just a few months. Keep your head up your almost done!" With that converstion to my self then I am sure I truely would be suprised in the now (present).


I would tell myself that studying is very important, especially in classes where tests make up the majority or all of the semester grade.


I would tell myself to go to community college first before going to an actually four year college. That way I could get a better understanding how college works. I would talk to my professors more rather than figure out situation on your own. It makes learning difficult. Procastination gets you nowhere, but way behind in your classes. Also I would get involved in more study groups. You may struggle in a class and maybe a classmate could explain it so you could understand on a student level.


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior self I would tell myself to focus on being solo. Ever since I moved into my dorms i've gotten lonely without a car to travel with friends to Lawrence. I would also tell myself to be more involved with my school work. I believe that if i would have concerned myself with school work more so than just having fun I would be more prepared to study long nights and have the ability to balance work and play equally. The most important thing I would tell myself is to STAY AWAKE IN CLASS!!!!!! I've found that college doesn't allow students to sleep in class and maintain grades. I would tell myself to break that bad habit before I made it to a junior in high school. I think if I could just share those three things with my past self I would be better prepared for college.