Baker University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?




The most frustrating thing about Baker is the way the nursing school is away from the main campus. It makes nursing students stress about the financial situation they will have to incounter once they transfer to the nursing school.


Small range of minority females.


The one thing about Baker that I find the most frustrating is the growing expenses that come with attending the universtiy.


The most frustration thing about Baker University is that there is literally nothing around us. We have Lawrence about 15 miles from us and Gardner about the same mileage the other way. Most of the time on the weekends, I get bored, but then again I always have homework.


Baker is located in Baldwin City, where there are only 5 resturaunts and almost nothing else to do. The closest places with things to do are at least thirty minutes from campus, which can be very inconvienient for those of us who are lacking a car.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the city it's located in is very under developed for a college town. There isn't many activities to get into in Baldwin City. This leaves students to travel to Lawrence in order to have fun and leaves room for them to get into lots of mischief.


I don't know of anything frustrating. I like it all.


Baker is very likely to screw you over on hours if you are not careful, and most good professional courses take 5 years to graduate in.