Baker University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how to get involved more right away, instead of learning about things throughout the school year. This would have helped the transition from leaving home and high school were I was very involved in, to a college where I could be just as engaged in. Know that I am entering the second semester of my first year I can finally find clubs I want to join and begin to find my "group" of people to help Baker feel like a home.


I wish I would have know that Baker is like a family. Then I wouldn't have looked at any other college. I would have been more set. I love everything aobut Baker and there is nothing I would change about my expierence here.


I wish I had read my paperwork for my FAFSA so that I could have not spent so much money while I was earning my Associate's degree from Washburn, so that I could continue my education to earn my Bachelor's degree at Baker University.


how the baker grape vine worked... Word really does go around fast here. If you get marrieed brake up or just get to wild at a party some good with the bad.


I wish I had known how to better manage my time and money before I came to college. After the first few months, I had spent quite a lot of money, but I learned to create a budget and manage my money much better this way. I also wish that I knew how to manage time better. I had to create a schedule for myself with balancing school, sports, family, and a social life.


The only thing I wish I would have known about Baker before attending was where/what all the building where. That way I would know where I was going for classes on the first day.


How hard college is!


I wish I knew more about writing essays. Since I started I have improved greatly.


I wish I had known that you have to be in a sorority to have something to do. Since my parents didn't go to college I didn't know what a sorority was and so I didn't join. It's too late now, but I wish I had joined.


I would have liked to know how expensive it gets.