Baker University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Baker Univesity has a good class size. I enjoy the time that teachers give to their students. The ration with students and teachers is good, that allows the teachers and students to get closer together. That allows to students and teachers to conect more than just as teachers. It makes you feel like you are at home.


I consider the class sizes the best thing about my school. You go to school to get an education and when the class sizes are roughly twenty students, this helps the professor know who you are. At Baker you are more than just a number to your professor, they care about your education and want you to be the best you can be. With the small class sizes, seeking help from professors is extremely easy and they make sure you get the help you need. This helps you get the best education and experience.


I consider the best thing about my school is the environment. The students, staff, and professors are very supportive. If you need help with anything, they will help you or find someone who can help you. They check up on you regularly and they know you by name. Baker University is a very supportive place and it is very easy to make friends.


The atmosphere of learning during the week is outstanding. Makes me want to try hard in class and be academically engaged. Also the social life on the weekends is excellent. It seems like every gets involved in every activity that occurs that weekend.


I think the best thing is the size. This is because the biggest class is probably 50 people total. With these small of class sizes the teachers are able to give each student individual attention if they need and are also able to get to know the students. I have developed great relationships with teachers because of the small classes.


Baker has small classrooms, where you can actually meet with the professor one on one.


the teachers... they work great with the students.


The small school allows for much more face to face time with professors.


The class sizes and the teachers care for how well students do because they are both a very important part of ones education.


The people at Baker are wonderful. I have made friends that will last a life time. Upperclassmen are so welcoming of the incoming freshman and transfer students that the transition to a new setting is easy. It's hard to move away from everything you have known and start new, but here I didn't have any issues because the upperclassmen took me in and showed me the ropes. I wouldn't trade my friends at Baker for anything in the world.


There is a lot of school spirit and the academics are very good. Our faculty and departments are the greatest thing about the school.


The small classes allow more professor and student communication..Coming from a small high school it's nice to have the professors kno your name with out asking you what it is.