Bakersfield College Top Questions

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Bakersfield College is an excellent college to "get your feet wet" find out your true interests and abililites to find out which carreer path you should go. In attending Bakersfield College, I have been able to narrow down my prospective educational goals to one that suits me best without breaking the bank! Scholarships are available for those who qualify, unfortunately, I am not one of them so I have to choose one or two classes per semester.


Whats unique about Bakersfield community College is that it has two amazing programs. One is Nursing and it is one of the highest ranking nursing programs in our area. Then their is the Culinary Arts program which is an amazing learning experiance. The Culinary program is what first caught my eye to go to this school.


It is very affordable and the ratio from students and faculty is a good one.


A. It's much more affordable than going to a CSU and B. I wasn't ready to enter the real world on my own. Bakersfield College is no different than any other community college but the thing I like about this school is the fact that the professors care about the students and they actually carry the need to help the students. There are a lot of schools out there who hold professors that don't care about their students and some that don't t lend a hand when students need one. I think that's unique.


It's extremely small, and very inexpensive. But the education is not as high quality, and my preferred major (film) isn't offered.


Bakersfield College is a small but dedicated college. The instructors there are available to provide one-on-one consultations and the administrative staff are all very knowledgable about transfer information, if that is what the student is there to acheive. Bakersfield College is very affordable, provides a great education, and allows a student the time to discover what they truly want to do with the rest of their lives. The campus provides a great foothold for anyone desiring a hiring education, no matter what age or socioeconomical background.