Bakersfield College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone wanting the prestige or looking to brag about the university they go to should NOT go to BC. Bakersfield College is usually a place for people looking to save money or as a last resort for people who couldn't get into a CSU.


A person that doesn't exactly know what carreer path they are suited for.


Honestly, I think that everyone has the chance for success, and community college is a wonderful stepping stone and training ground for further education. If a person is not at all motivated to go to school, then they won't get as much out of it as someone who has set goals. At Bakersfield College, however, one can somewhat passively work toward completing General Education requirements for whenever the spark catches. That being said, I would recommend that everyone try it.


Any person that decides to continue and further their education has the right to choose that. The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school or any school should be the kind of person that doesn't want to better their education for themselves. Every school provides so many opportunities in life, yet some do not take the time to do the work. Going to school is a job now, there's no room for laziness or lack of focus. If a person carries lack of focus or just doesn't like school then school's not for them.


People who are not willing to try should not attend BC. There is alot of help offered so there is truly no excuse to not do well. BC is not easy, and like any college there is plenty of work, so lazy, unwilling to learn people should not attend BC.


Everyone would benefit from an education, not everyone wants one. No one should be eliminated from the opportunity to have an education regardless of our differences and ability to learn. Some of our greatest lessons in life come from learning from one another in practical everyday situations and we can learn from anyone, even the ignorant have something to give, especially if it is the opportunity for the learned to give back what was given to them.


If you know for sure you want to do a vocational job such as mechanics or something like that, then you should attend that school instead of this one. Also, if you are just taking classes to get your parents off your back, you shouldnt attend either because you would just be a distraction to those who really want to challenge themselves.