Ball State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Ball State University is, a large school, student body wise; with a small school feel, you are never just a number here.


The school is great for teachers and other small degrees that many students have never heard of, but there is a lot of brige brinking and drugs that are around capus because there is nothing to do.


We have a lot of dedicated students, with some dedicated staff.


Ball State cares about students and the success of these students both as individuals and as a community whole.


Ball State University is a very well diverse, college that is full of opportunities and leaves plenty of room for personal growth.


Ball State is a school where the programs and classes are of a high caliber, but the students cause the reputation to be reduced to that of just a party school.


You take the good with the bad.


Ball State University is a school for go-getters!


It's diverse and has a great night life!


Ball State is a community oriented school that provides students with an engaging and exciting academic career.


Very clean, active, and enjoyable.


Everyone at Ball State wants and helps you succeed in life, and there's always something new going on just around every corner.


Ball State is highly advanced in technology and provides unlimited resources to help the students receive the best education possible.


Ball State is diverse, friendly, resourceful, growing rapidly, and committed to immersive learning.


Ball State University has a beautiful campus and is a great place to attend college.


Ball State is the perfect school to go to that will help you get immersed in whatever field you are going into as soon as you start your first year.


Ball State is a good university for middle income/middle of the road students, like David Letterman.




It's a beautiful little campus with not only a plethera of class choices and amazing professors, but also a ton of fun activities to do; anywhere from sports to poetry clubs and there is even a Quidditch team, so having fun and learning alot isnt hard to do here.


Ball State University is a school where kids from all walks of life , with or without various physical and/or medical disabilities, can come and be treated with respect while being providied an enriching, multifaceted learning community taught by dedicated professionals who's main interest isto educate and produce professional individuals who are ready to enter the workforce or continue to pursue higher levels of learning.


My school, full of spirit and pride, is a beautiful academic learning environment, enriched with diverse classes and knowledgable faculty, as well as boasting comfortable and aesthetically pleasing campus.


Ball State's cup is overflowing with school spirit and camaraderie.


If you are looking for a school that is not too small but not too big, has a nicely landscaped campus with a blend of both historic and contemporary architecture, and offers a wide selection of academic programs taught by professors who are professional and engage students in learning, then Ball State University is that school.


Ball State University is very big, but it has everything I need.


Ball State University has changed the way I view education by holding me to higher standards and expectations, giving me the push I needed to better me, my grades, and my own preparation for the world after college.


Ball State is a university with good intentions to serve its students to the best of its abilities.


Ball State University is a very comfortable enviroment that allows the college student to feel at home and safe, while still getting the opportunity to enjoy the "college experience", by having a wide variety of ways to get involved and fun events that make meeting new people and making new friends that much easier.


Ball State is a progressive university that allows students to learn from one another as well as an engaging teaching staff.


My school is a place where learning is created in new and innovative ways that all students can gain an education from.


Ball State University is a diverse and exciting school with friendly students and exceptional immersive learning programs that make the university a good example of education redefined.


Ball State is a great college for those students who want to go away for college, but not become overwhelmed by the diversity of the college culture while getting a great education.


Ball State University is beautiful (especially during the fall) and makes living on your own and making friends a blast.


Ball State is a school in the middle of nowhere; but there is always a something going on.


My school is surrounded by a rural community, there was once a booming metropolis in dowtown Muncie, but now Ball State University is the booming metropolis that once was located across the river in downton.


Ball State has a very creative, versatile, and academic environment, allowing hands on experience with state of the art technology, and professors highly knowledgeable in their field.


There are a lot of groups, people, and it can be fun!


My school is brilliantly lovely, perfectly sized, continually vivacious and while it has it's flaws which include some large classes and too much drinking, you can find whatever it is that you need.


Ball State is a small campus but with lots of resources to succeed in life.


An average cost school with an above average academic, social, interactive atmosphere to enhance the learning experience that will positively affect the rest of your life.


My school is filled with new buildings and growing, very small and simple campus.


Ball State is a small liberal art university with a highly diverse population that is inter-connected with the faculty and administrators.


Ball State University is a very welcoming and technological advanced atmosphere. They work hard to be considered elite, and are quickly improving physically and academically. There are currently renovations going on everywhere you look, and the students are responding with true pride toward their school. Our football team was undefeated this year, which brought about a lot of school spirit and team work, which may have been missing from the previous year. I am proud of the school in which I attend. They are a true under-dog, and I always root for the under-dog.


Ball State provides an excellent education and prepares you well for your the future of your choice.




Ball State has the perfect ballance between accademics and social opertunities.


Ball State University is home to all kinds people no matter gender, sexuality, race, religion, or anything else.


Ball State is a lot of fun, but a lot of work.


Ball State is very accepting of all races, religions and sexualities, and is a great school to get hands-on experience.


Ball State University is a diverse school with the ability to learn and have a great time while making many lifelong friends.


A place I call my second home that is preparing me for my futrue as a professional.