Ball State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Ball State University is best known for its immersive learning program. This program gets students involved and gives them actual real world experience in their selected field by doing projects that actually have a tangible value. It allows students to come out of college with some experience in their field which will give them an edge when applying for jobs after graduation.


Ball State is best Known for our most famous alumni David Lettermen.


Ball State is known for being a mid-grade, medium sized school. It is a school that is not massive nor miniscule, and provides an education that is not overwhelming challenge while still being worth while. Ball State is by no means an Ivy League school, but its education is definitely a valuable asset none-the-less.


It's teaching and telecommunications programs


Ball State University is best known for redifining the student's educational experience and allowing them to experience what they call submersive learning.


I would have to say that Ball State is known well for its althetics and educaion programs.


Ball State University is best known as a teacher's college.


Before coming to Ball State I heard a lot of people say that it was a party school, which worried me a little. However, when I got here I would say that Ball State is known for so much more. Ball State, to me, is known for their awareness about things going on around the world and their ability to do what they can to help. They are "Green" sufficient, they are about wellness, they care for the disabled and so much more! Ball State is a really caring school!


Ball State is known for its theater program and its nursing/medical program. Their theater program is known because the theater department host Broadway play’s that come to the campus and they provide real working experiences. The nursing/medical program is known because the campus has a hospital that provides nursing/medical students real hands on experiences. After students working in the nursing/medical field graduate many of them are giving jobs in Indiana hospitals because they have would the experience.


The parties that go on


I would say our school is best know for their communications program and acritechtual program.


We have an amazing nursing program.


Ball State is best known for the their communications department. They also have students who would like to pursue a degree in the medical field, there is a hospital on campus to help their goals be achieved.


Our school is know for many things, but the things I have heard the most about are the Arcitecture school and orientation into the school. Both of these programs are at the top of their game. Both take a lot of work, but the end result is phenomenal!


I would say that BSU is known mostly for it's partying. Besides that, it is best known for it's Teachers College, Business program, and Telecommunications program.


Parties, achetecture majors


Ball State is known for its Telecommunications Department


Ball State is best known for the hard work and success of its football team in 2008.


My school is best known for it's diverse class options, well educated teachers, graduate study availability, and renowned athletics.


My school is best known for its education programs. Ball State was started as a teaching college. I have heard really good things about most of the education majors.


My school is best known for the communications program that it offers. David Letterman came to Ball State and puts a lot of money into the program to have it grow. It's also known for it's beautiful campus.


We are best known for our nursing program, education major, and communications. Our school is stereotyped as a school that only likes to 'party' but that is a definite misconception on today's campus.


Ball State University is best known for it's communications program along with the fact that David Letterman attended this school.


My school is best known for its teaching and nursing major. The nursing program is very hard to get into and its really educational. The teaching program is also very good.


It is one of the best wireless campuses in the country. It also has a very good music program as well as a very good theater program.


Ball State is best known for its architecture program (it is ranked 3rd in the nation). In addition, it is one of the only campuses in the nation that is completely wireless. Also it has one of the best teaching programs in Indiana.


Broadcasting/Journalism and Teachers College


It's best known for partying.


It is best known for it Architecture program.


Ball State is best known for its journalism, teaching, and nursing programs.


Being enthusiastic and having a lot of school spirit. The teaching program.


They have a really good nursing program and teaching program. They also had an excellent football team last year


Ball State is best knowb for their awesome teaching program, which i am enrolled in.


Ball State University is mostly known as a college for Education and Architecture, however, there are many great programs here. We have one of the best undergraduate programs for theatre in the nation. Our Music program is very good as well as the Telecomunications program. There are many other great programs; the great things about Ball State is that there are so many great programs that anyone could do well in any field here.


Our alumni!


Balls State's known for its architecture, journalism, telecommunications and teachings programs.


Being a "Teaching" university. Many students come here because they want to teach, that's what Ball State is known for. That and alcohol.


Right now our football team is undefeated, but we are also know for our teaching programs and our communtication programs.


Ball State University is best known for its education degree. Before it became a University, in 1929 Ball State was called Ball State Teachers College. Students all over the country come to Ball State to earn a degree in Education. The Teacher's College offers a variety of degrees within the education program such as elementary, secondary, or middle school education. Not only does Ball State offer general education degrees, but also specialized areas such as music, art, special, and physical education. Ball State thrives on its outstanding and ever-growing education program, producing knowledgeable, well-prepared teachers.


Ball State is best known for some of its specific undergraduate programs such as Nursing and Teaching. It is also known for the availability of social events and the size.


Our school is best known for our diverse groups and functions that are put on by associations.


Yes, people here about the party scene here. But that's how it is for all schools. The football team is awesome. We are an all wireless school. We have the one of the top Journalism programs in the country. This school is very up-to-date when it comes to Media. Spectacular computer labs and electronic equipment. In a nutshell, every department has something outstanding about it.


It is best known for either the architecture program or the fact that David Letterman graduated from Ball State.


David Letterman.


We're best known for our campus-wide wireless connection and our education and telecommunications program.


Ball State University, is well known for the teaching program. It is also know for Carter's Hot dogs that comes out at night!


Ball State is best known for it's architecture and education programs. We are also known for our alumni including David Letterman and Papa John.