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One of the most unique parts of this school is the david letterman building, they give you access to computer labs 24/7 as well as camera equipment and access to green screens with an appointment. Ball State is definitely has many perks that make being a student here great.


Ball State University has a small to mid size campus with relatively small class sizes allowing for instructor/student interaction.


The campus is beautiful and a good size.


Ball State has a dorm that is especially for nursing students. I really liked this because if I need help with some homework or if I want to get a study group together it isn't hard because we all live in the same dorm. Having all of us live together and having us in the same classes is really nice.


Ball State is a medium-sized school on a smallish campus, with many excellent specialized programs, interesting students, and great professors. Ball State's motto is "Education Redefined," and they live up to it with several customized majors and an innovative "immersive learning" curriculum that involves students in their own education. It hosts a huge amount of clubs focusing on promoting beliefs, educating about culture, exploring art, media, and a variety of activities, and often participating in volunteer work. Campus life is excellent, owing to award-winning Residence Life and Campus Dining programs and the dedicated University Programing Board. The university ties this all together with a large, informative website, campus-wide wifi, and a centralized email for every student.


Ball State University is unique because it has diverse backgrouonds from everywhere. My school focuses on getting to know your neighbor for who they really are.


Ball State is a great university to attend. The staff here is always willing to help, and provides you with a top notch education. The university is future along in the area of technology than most university. By doing this, students are extremely prepared to enter the work force after graduation. They also encourage you to live on campus, and have a wide variety of activites for students to participate in. At BSU, your education is designed to your goals and what you want to achieve.


Ball State University is an open campus. It is gorgeous here, all the nature and animals is amazing. Most college campuses that I have seen are in the city with all the businesses n hustle n bustle, or out in the middle of nowhere with cornfields. Ball State is right in the middle, it isn't too busy, nor too 'empty'. Also Ball State is the must handi-cap friendly campus in the state. Any where in which a person in a wheelchair, or blind needs to go, there is something or someone to help them get there.


Ball State is so unique because of the traditions that the school carries and the strong history of thse traditions also make them all the more fun to take part in. Also the size of the school is just right. It isn't too big where you feel like you get lost in the crowd and it isn't too small that you feel there is no place for you. There is something for every type of person.


My school works very closely with the public school system in its surrounding area and has a very close relationship with the community here. Ball State does a phenomenal job of reaching out to the community and making an impact on the children and families here.


The campus is comprised of classroom buildings, dorms, music and theatre auditorium, sports facility, library, food and eating areas, and parking lots all situated down one main street through the center of campus with a clock/bell tower right in the center. The crosswalks have bells to press when you need to cross the intersection and loud ringing stops all the cars from continuing and the pedestrians are allowed to cross. There are various statues centered throughout the campus that have significance to the school based on interesting stories and legends. The Ball cannaing jar brothers founded the school.


Ball State University is a very diverse campus and supports each and every student. There are many clubs to join, activities to take part in, sports to play, and academic groups to join. Every person attending school here as plenty of opportunities to participate in things they enjoy, because there is such a variety to choose from. Ball State is a smaller campus which makes getting to classes on time very easy which most students really like. This campus is an all around amazing place for young adults to spend their college years.


Closer to home with a lot of school activities for students that are free and fun.


Ball State is much smaller and more laid back than other colleges that I've been to.


Ball State is unique in many different ways. When looking for a college I looked for a school that was in Indiana, relatively inexpensive, and diverse. I have always grown up around a pluthera of different ethnic groups and religions and I feel that having this sort of community around you enables you to have an open-minded way of life. Once I found Ball State, with it's beautiful campus and dinamic student body I knew where I was going to be going for the next four years.


I think it's the fact that it's not as big as many colleges which allows people to get where they want to be a lot quicker than most people on other campuses. I also believe that since our school isn't so huge, it allows the faculty to be more available to students for help a lot more often so that the students can excel and get in touch with someone if a problem arises.


This school has a lot of people attending it, but you would never know. I was worried to come here because of the size, but when I got on campus, it felt like a small school. You don't get that from a lot of universities.


Ball State offers the best of both worlds in terms of a small school and a large university. Class sizes are moderate and the campus is not too big. Students can feel comfortable with classmates and getting around the campus, much like at a small college. Yet at the same time Ball State is a Div 1 school, and there are enough people, opportunities and culture that you are still able to enjoy all the perks of a large university.


I feel that Ball State is unique in the fact that everyone is very friendly and willing to help you when needed. The relationships I have developed will be cherished for years. Students are encourached to become involved in campus activities; this is very beneficial for first year students.


I love my school. It is very comfortable for me. All the teachers I had were very helpful.


it's the perfect size at around 18,000, not too big, not too small. Everything is within a 10 minute walk. the technology is very advanced and easily accessable.


Ball State University has one of the best journalism programs in the country and for my major of magazine journalism it was the right choice for me to choose Ball State.


The campus is pretty compared to most large schools.


There is a large variety of majors and the school specializes in many of them.


The main thing that allowed me to choose my school was the location and the size. I think the one thing that makes it different from other schools is the size. Although it is not a huge school it is not a small school by any means either. With its large size it still does a great job at getting students involved in all areas of campus from school events and sports to community service.


There is a lot of school spirit and people are proud to go to this school. They have a lot of activities set up by the campus to dissuade people from joining the drinking/partying atmosphere, which is a very possitive attribute.


My school is highly technologically advanced and has some of the best technology in the country as far as schools go. It is also in a very diverse area in indiana.


Ball State is unique because they care about all the students and they help you find a job when you graduate college. They are amazing!


It's not too big and not too small, it's the perfect size. It's a unique campus in that everything is so easily accessible, unlike many large universities.


We are all very involved and have organizations dedicated to helping students.


I believe the unique thing about my school is how our campus is not too big, but not too small. I like the size of it because it's not small enough to where I know everyone but not too large so I can make friends.




Ball Sate staff really works to help you. They really seem to care about what you need, and every thing is very organized.


The campus feels more like home than any of the other campuses.


It is smaller than the other two major schools in IN


My school is a perfect size for personal interaction. I wanted a bigger school yet small enough where I would not be lost in the numbers. This school was also close to my home town, therefore trips home could be as often as I wanted.


Ball State is unique in that it has about 20,000 students. The other schools that I applied for had at most 2,000 students. Yes Ball State is not the largest school for me but it was a big adjustment from where I came from.


The people tend to relate to each other well. There are lots of Christians and the Campus Crusade for Christ organization on campus is very big. The residence life is extremely active and fun. On-campus activities and events are fun and offer an alternative to drinking on the weekends. Students are extremely proud of Ball State. People are friendly and enjoy getting to know each other and hanging out with one another instead of just studying all the time. Students are hard-workers. Also, Entrepreneurship, Music, Art, Architecture, and Aquatics are top quality.


It is a lot bigger and there is a lot more going on than other smaller schools I looked into.


Ev eryone here is very friendly and it is very easy to get involved with campus activities and organizations.


Ball State is a school where you can feel comfortable being yourself. People at this school don't really care what kind of background you come from, and are generally accepting of who you are. The size of BSU is perfect for the college setting. A little over 25,000 students and staff total, and an average class size of 30 members. Learning becomes for focused on the students and the professors are always available for appointments, and if by chance they are not available, most will go out of their way to meet the needs of the students.


I like that it is far enough away from home that I can stay here, but it is only an hour and a half from home so I can go home if there is an emergency. I also like the fact that BSU is a medium size school. There are a lot of activities to get involved in and you can get from one end of campus to the other in less than fifteen minutes. BSU was the perfect fit for me and my needs. I am a business major and they have one of the best business programs around.


Happy Friday Guy!! and Greek's Pizza!


Ball State has always been known as a party college but the college has redesigned itself and is more focused on the education. There are so many opportunities here. Compared to other school all of Ball States Departments are nationally ranked and has the best Education Department. Ball State is so unique because it offers something for every person here.


ball state has the perfect population. large enough to get the energy and enthusiasm of a big school, but personal attention and smaller classes such as private universities


The amount of females to male ratio.


It was alot more comfortable!


Ball State is a very diverse school. I think the diversity makes it better among schools because we are given the opportunity to continuingly meet people who are so very different from ourselves. Not only is it a diverse school it is a school that is very focused on education and our careers beyond college.


The most unique part about the campus is how many people I have met just in my classes and throught my residence hall. People at school are so open and willing to meet you and it is something you might not find at every single campus.


It is a school that employers think highly upong.