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Describe the dorms.

Depending on where you live at on campus, the dorms range from decent to really nice. I live in Lafollete, which the dorms are pretty decent. Some of the dorms do not have air conditioning, but I didn't find that a problem because I just got a fan. There are two different designs for the dorm rooms. One is just a general rectangle shape, while the other has more of a "Z" shape to it. Either one is fine. I lived in the rectangle shaped dorm room this past year. It was pretty nice, no issues. Sometimes the students leave their doors open, I feel like the guys are more open when it comes to that stuff than the girls are, but generally people are pretty open to talk to and get along pretty well. On the main level, we have a common area that people can watch tv, play pool, play the piano, and play ping pong. It is a really popular area and there is almost always somebody down there hanging out.

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Many of them are great. I live in a building that was renovated a few years ago. Right next door is a brand new one. Unfortunately, the largest (primarily freshmen) dorm is probably the oldest, definitely one of the least-equipped. The RAs and residence hall staff, however, are friendly and knowledgeable.

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