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What do students complain about most?

This Weather! Dear me, it is icy, snowy, and freezing 75% of the time you will be enrolled in school here at BSU. Before I arrived, students told me the winters would be bad, but I had no idea. Walking to class becomes even more of a task when you've fallen on polished ice sidewalks numerous times and your snot is sliding horizontally across your face because of the frigid wind. Don't count on the bus system, charter system, or campus escorts to help you out too much during these hard times either. They're just as occupied trying to preserve body heat as you are. My advice: layers, hot drinks, carpooling, and scheduling classes before the sun goes down and Muncie turnd into an arctic tundra. Good luck and bundle up aspiring students!

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I don't experience this a lot as a member of the Honors College, but a lot of people complain about sorting out the classes they need and getting into them. It's left mostly up to you, unless you take the initiative to make an appointment with your advisor. It's not explained very well to most students, so it can be difficult to figure out the process and know the rules.

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