Ball State University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Depending on where you live at on campus, the dorms range from decent to really nice. I live in Lafollete, which the dorms are pretty decent. Some of the dorms do not have air conditioning, but I didn't find that a problem because I just got a fan. There are two different designs for the dorm rooms. One is just a general rectangle shape, while the other has more of a "Z" shape to it. Either one is fine. I lived in the rectangle shaped dorm room this past year. It was pretty nice, no issues. Sometimes the students leave their doors open, I feel like the guys are more open when it comes to that stuff than the girls are, but generally people are pretty open to talk to and get along pretty well. On the main level, we have a common area that people can watch tv, play pool, play the piano, and play ping pong. It is a really popular area and there is almost always somebody down there hanging out.


Most incoming students get put into either Johnson or Lafallotte. They have been described as the worst residence halls on campus, but most people I have spoken with have loved living in these buildings. Johnson has Z-shaped rooms which allow for more privacy, and Lafallotte has a place to eat at downstairs and lots of storage space. These are probably the best places for freshmen to live because they are open-door communities allowing for students to meet new people. Every building has study lounges/common areas. They normally have a bunch of couches and a tv. Residence halls also have workout rooms, practice rooms (if you play a musical instrument these are really convenient), and pool tables. All residence halls have communal kitchens. Most of them are kept locked, but you can check out the kitchen keys and cooking utensils at the front desk. Elliott Hall and Kinghorn do not lock their kitchens. I know Lafallotte locks theirs. Residence halls also have washers and dryers. So laundry typically costs $2.25 to do, unless a machine isn't functioning properly. You can always get refunds at the residence hall front desks if this happens, or a coin is eaten by the machine. All dorms come with a desk, chair, bed, mattress, a mirror, and either a wardrobe or chest of drawers (this depends on whether or not you have a closet). The buildings that don't have closets are Stu, Noyer, Dehority, and Woodworth. Everywhere else you get a closet and a chest of drawers, instead of a small wardrobe. Noyer and Elliott have sinks in their dorm rooms. Kinghorn, Park, and Dehority all have semi-private bathrooms. These three buildings and Noyer all have air conditioning. Some exceptions: Incoming freshmen are normally put in Johnson and Lafallotte. Lafallotte has all the international students. Dehority is strictly for honor's college students. Elliott has a 21 and older floor, allowing students to consume alcohol in their rooms. Woodworth is all-female and is also called the Nunnery. Noyer is the most handicap accessible building. Kinghorn and Park are typically all upperclassmen.


Many of them are great. I live in a building that was renovated a few years ago. Right next door is a brand new one. Unfortunately, the largest (primarily freshmen) dorm is probably the oldest, definitely one of the least-equipped. The RAs and residence hall staff, however, are friendly and knowledgeable.

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