Ball State University Top Questions

What do people really wear to class?


There are a lot of different styles in the classrooms. Some people wear workout clothes, and I've seen people in suits. Mostly we're somewhere in the middle, with a large percentage of people in jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and flip-flops. Not all at once, of course.


People wear all kinds of things to class. Really, I have seen a wide range of clothing from girls wearing cute, designer clothes, to people wearing tennis shoes, sweat pants, t-shirt, and no makeup on. It really is whatever you feel like wearing that day. I would say the majority of college students wear a typical jeans and t-shirt. Not many people can really afford to be wearing awesome "chic" outfits every single day, although there are some people who are really into style. Especially during the spring, the girls are very dressy because they can finally wear their spring clothes!

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