Ball State University Top Questions

What's the hardest thing about freshman year?


The hardest part was realizing that I had to get my butt out of my room and out onto campus in order to get stuff done. I couldn't be lazy. If I had forms to fill out, I had to actually get up and huff it down to the admin building. If I had a research paper due, I had to lug my laptop to the library and do some research. If I didn't want to get completely sick of the food, I had to make an effort to go to more than just the one, most convenient dining area. Etc, etc.


I would say that the hardest thing about freshman year is the fact that it's a new environment and you don't know where you are going yet. The homework is manageable if you are well at managing your time and the teachers are manageable as well. You just can't let the anxiety of being somewhere new for the first year get you down. You have to keep a positive attitude about things. One of the main things that I have seen around other freshman is that they tell themselves everyday that they miss their high school and friends from back home, and then they say that they hate this school. They end up hating every day here because they keep telling themselves negative things. They end up with not very many friends, and not having good days in general. Keep a positive attitude, because the negativity can really make a difference as to whether you have a great year or not!

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