Ball State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag to my friends that even though Ball State is a large university, the professors are approachable and are there to help you in anyway you need. I have on many occassions gone to a few of my professors for help and everytime they have been insightful and glad to help.


It is allowing me to achieve many different degrees at the same time without too many complications.


Campus is relatively small, so it doesn't take too long to get to various classes. There is a lot of school spirit--in students and faculty members.


The teachers practiacally like your older brothers /sisters or aunt /uncles! They really try to connect with you. Ball State is also the very first in the world to use geothermal energy to power most of the buildings on the campus.


I could go on forever! Ball State is the perfect learning environment, it is a great size and perfect fit for me. Thank you to David Letterman, Ball State is known for its excellent communication's programs. I also found a home in Ball State's greek community and have found many promising oppurtunites through that.


The dorm sizes are great


I brag about the great people I have met. Ball State has some really great students, and I love feeling a sense of home while I am there.


Education can be the fuel for your future success. Ball State University helped me predict my future by inspiring me to simply create it. My college experience developed the foundations for the characteristics that encompass who I am today.


Small town environment with a big family feel.


The best part of Ball State is the people. You get to know a lot of new people and the classes are small enough so you feel like you are still in high school but you have the freedom of being away from home. Everything you need is on campus somewhere, it is just a matter of paying for it. If you are a partier, there are parties every weekend off campus to go to. The library is the best place to study and there is wireless internet everywhere on campus. Great food in the dining courts!


I love all of the clubs and activities you can choose from outside of you classes. Anything that you are interested in the is mostlikely a club or group for it and if there isnt one yet, you can create it.


Everything, this school is amazing. Our motto is education redifined and we hold to that. We want to give the students the opportunites to better their education and find themselves. They gain independence and also knowledge that they will hold onto the rest of their lives.


The professors take attendance and actually expect us to be there. They hold us accountable.


We have one of the top architecture and nursing programs and we know how to have fun on the weekends.


Stating the obvious, the campus is absolutely gorgeous and Ball State is constantly at efforts to make sure the campus contains its new aged look. Although Ball State can be considered a larger school, the campus aslways feels at home. Besides having countless activites that allow students to get involved, and the comfortable living the university provides, my favorite thing about Ball State is the outstanding education it offers. The proffesors are always willing to help in any way they can, and if a student is still having trouble, there is always the learning center and other resources to use.


I don't necessarily brag about it, but I do say wonderful things about it. When my family or friends ask me how school is going I can always tell them that my classes are going well and I still love being here after 3 years.


My favorite thing about Ball State University is the Honors College program. I am in the Honors College, and I actually prefer my Honors classes over my General Education classes because they taylor to a different type of learning style. Instead of expecting students to memorize and regurgitate information, the Honors college professors encourage students to analyze, criticize, and discuss what they teach.


When I find myself discussing Ball State University with others, I find myself "bragging" aboutt the amazing faculty and staff of the Honors College. The professors are exceedingly involved and invested in the wellbeing of their students. This is displayed through their engaging choice of cirriculum, their willingness to help students, and the open nature of the class. The Honors College strives to provide a well-rounded education, and I truly believe that the courses I've taken through the Honors College will allow me to become a better doctor, as well as human being.


When ever I describe Ball State I make a point of talking about the numerous majors ofered. Many students come to college with an idea of what major they would like to recieve their degree in, but many change their minds. So, when I tell y friends about Ball State I make sure that they realize how many options they have so that, if they were to change their major, they would not have to worry about changing their university as well.


I personally brag about how great the nursing program is. I am in the nursing program and realize truly how tough it is. The only thing I can say is it will be worth it in the end.


Wat i brag about most is our football team and how often I am able to come home. I have never attended a school where the football team was undefeated. I'm not far from home so whenvere I feel the need to get away or just would like to see my family, I can hop right on the highway.


I brag about this school how students are really involved with campus. I also brag about David Letterman coming to school here and saying you dont have to be an A student to make something out of your life. NFL quaterback rookie Nate Davis played football at Scheumann Stadium last year and how he took our football team to the GMAC Bowl with a 12-0 regular season record


Interesting classes. Great facilities for students. Immense computer labs with great computers.


I brag about how helpful the staff is and how much my campus feels like a community. Everyone seems to know everyone and if they don't then you can usually find a person who does know the one you don't.


The smaller amount of people. Helps with class sizes, getting to know people, and various other things. I love our greek life, its not as dominating as bigger big ten schools, and due to this less segeration among organizations occurs.


I brag about the amazingly diverse language program as well as the East Asian international population.


Going to school and being a single-mom yet still getting good grades.


The campus looks better and better every year. There are a ton of friendly people. Most professors are helpful and willing to meet you when ever you're looking for some extra guidance. Living in the dorms can be a great experience and is probably one of my most memorable parts of college.


The College of Media and Communications, of which I am part of. I love to brag about my professors, and the Communication Studies field in general. It is easy, interactive, and highly engaging.


I brag about the theatre department and the quality of productions we are able to put together. I am very proud and grateful to be apart of it. We are not just a theatre program, we are a family.


very open minded faculty and students. fun campus with a very nice "village" about 5 minutes from campus with bars, off campus housing, dining, etc. very fun times!


When I talk to my friends about Ball State, I tell them about how our football team has had a great season and since I cheer for them it's alot of fun. Also I explain to them that balancing cheerleading, a sorority , a job and a school can be done. Overall, I tell them that this is a fun school but you have to be willing to work for the grade they will not give it to you.


Our school has great team spirit and support. The campus is gorgeous! Go cardinals!


The total amount of students is the perfect balance of not being too big or too small. The campus has undergone some very nice renovations and additions in the past few years making it a very pretty place to be. The quality of education is among the best in the state.


They are ranked 8th in the country for their entreprenuershp program.


The friends that I've made. How our campus is not too big, but not too small.


I brag the most about the atmosphere of the school. It is very warm and welcoming, and it really reminds you of the comfort of being at home. The first thing you get to know is the Muncie area where the campus sits in the midst with all its beauty. Everyone is helpful to one another and very kind. It was not hard for me to get to know people or receive help from staff and other students. I would say that is the thing I love about Ball State; it provides an excellent environment to be in.


How boring the city is compared to places I've, but people always talk to me about the football team.


I don't brag about anything


I brag about how it is a bigger school with small classroom atmosphere, so we get 1 on 1 attention more than other schools. I also brag about the opportunity here at Ball State. They are very open to new ideas for clubs and organizations.


I like to tell people about the variety of art and music shows and how open minded the people are here. Its not as big of a school as some but in my mind its the perfect size. It's not too big where it's hard to meet people and is personable.


I brag about the ability to meet new people fairly quickly and the size of campus. I love that everything on campus is in walking distance and that I do not need to take the bus if I do not want to.


The immersion programs. I am in one right now and it is a great experience and a big difference from regular classes.


I think the best part about this campus is the aize because we have a lot of students on campus so you are always meeting new people but the campus itself is not too large as to where it takes half an hour to walk from one end to the other. Also, our social atmosphere is amazing.


I tell my friends that Ball State University has given me wonderful and valuable experiences that I will always be thankful for. I tell them how I don't regret the experiences from my initial telecommunications major because they helped me realize early on that I wasn't cut out for a job in that field. The experiences from my English education major have inspired me to become a great educator and positively influence my students just as my professors here at Ball State University have influenced me to make the most of my abilities and talents.


The size is just right its easy to walk from class to class. The longest it takes to get from one side of the campus to another is only 15 minutes. And we have buses that all across campus very often if you don't want to walk. The class sizes as well are very suitable so you can get to know your professor.


The amount of school spirit, the homecoming week activities and the food!!


Campus life at my school seems better than all my friends' schools. The all have complaints about something, but I don't.


I absolutley love the people at Ball State everyone is so friendly. I truley have meet some of my life long friends. The school atmosphere is very supportive and there are tutoring facilities to help students out with any questions they have about classes. I feel excepted and I feel that if I ever needed help I could find someone there to help me in anything I would need.