Ball State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The drugs. Why? Simply because I don't partake of them. I don't want to. I've seen what they can do to people and I don't want that in my life. You're going to find them in whatever college you go to, but that doesn't mean you have to like it.


There are two main issues that I have is more with any college or university and not specifically with Ball State University. The cost to attend college has been become so expensive that it is cost prohibitive for many people. Additionally my college expenses are mine to repay, so students have to be prepaired to pay debt for many years. Secondly students must be prepaired to put morework in than they every have before. I was told three hours of studying for each classroom hour. Prepare for the hardest scholastic work of your life.


I havn't had any poor experiences at Ball State


The worst part of BSU is the lack of dedication with some of the professors.


There are very few negative things about Ball State that I can actually think of. The only complaints I have are of the people that drive their motorcycles around at night and make a ridiculous amount of noise. Ball State can really do nothing about that so I can't place blame for that upon the school. I guess that would have to be the worst thing about Ball State.


Very clique oriented. Anyone outside of freshmen and greek life are not very welcoming of new friends.


The area. Central Indiana, 1 hour away from Indianapolis, is not ideal.


The worst thing about this campus is the lack of things to do in Muncie. There are a limited amount of things to do in Muncie once you leave campus.


The worst thing would be the surrounding area simply because there is not a lot to do in Muncie off campus, evenchoices of places to eat are slim.


The worst thing about Ball State University is that it is not a very diverse school. I can tell that they are working to change that, but the school is predominantly white. I think they should try harder to make the school more diverse and make other races less intimidated to apply to attend the school.


I don't consider anything there bad at all!


There's really slim to no diversity, which doesn't really seem to match with the school's emphasis on diversity and real-world experiences. But, I guess it's representative of Indiana as a whole.


Honestly, I feel that the on-campus living could use improvement in a lot of areas. The dining system is basically set up in such a way that it's nearly impossible for students NOT to lose money on their meal plans. Hall policies are also not very friendly to individual room situations, especially for students left alone when their room mate moves out or withdrawals from the university. Lastly, the overall cost of on-campus living, in my opinion, is much too high when you consider the overall quality (or lack of) of certain facilities.


The worst thing about Ball State is the fact that it is not extremely diverse. I came from a high school with very minimal diversity and I was hoping to get more of it in College. Diversity is extremely low on campus. Ball State is currently trying to change this problem to attract more diverse students.


The worst thing about Ball State University is the financial aid program here. The scholarship packages offered here are biased towards certain majors and most of the scholarships are given to minorities or people who live in Indiana. It does not seem like financial need or academic esteem plays much of a factor for a student here that needs a scholarship. They seem to help the incoming freshmen a lot, but do not help the students who are already undergraduates very much.


The dorm situation. My dorm is very old and being taken down next year. Old and outdated.


The worst thing about Ball State is dining plans. Dining is expensive and unfair.


The worst thing about the school is that during the winter, the weather can be unbearable and the walks to classes can seem longer than normal.


The worst thing about my school is that it is extremely competetive. I am in the field of Nursing and it is extrmely difficult to keep up with the other students.


The one aspect of Ball State Universtiy that I do not like is the cost. BSU is reasonably priced, but students are charged for all sporting events. Instead of having tickets for sale and students being able to choose what sporting events they would like to pay for, the cost of admission for all events is included in the tuition as a dedicated fee and this is unfair for students who are not sports fans.


I don't think that Ball State has a worst side.


The worst thing about my school is the location. Its very cold here in Indiana in the winter and the students have to walk to class. The school i s not very prone to cancelling classes due to weather, even in sub zero temperatures.


a big campus. many classes contain more than 100 students, which can sometimes make it hard for one on one time


Sometimes it is difficult during the winter months, walking to classes in the snow or ice. Organizing a network of friends is a great idea to help one another get to and from classes in a timely manner; without being out in the inclement weather for long periods.


The meal plan is use it or lose it.


The worst thing about Ball State is its lack of attention to students' academic plans. It seems as though academic advisors just want to place you in classes that you don't need just so they can fill classes, not so they can help you finish your degree.


The worst thing about my school would be that there is not air conditioning in all the dorms. It gets very hot in the summer and fall months making living in those dorms very uncomfortable. Asome of them also do not have elevators that go to all the floors, so it't extremely hot walking in the stiarwells.


The students here can sometimes get very loud, which is very distracting when your trying to study or sleep.


My school is dwarfed by the two powerhouse schools of Indiana, Indiana University and Purdue University. Ball State is a great school, and I wish that it woudl be given a little more credit. I also wish BSU had more recognizable name, such as Indiana University.


The parties. Some people think college is just about parties. It's annoying. I don't want to have some stranger falling over on me because he was drinking. But that is going to happen everywhere.


I consider nothing to be the worst thing about Ball State. There is always something interesting to do on campus.


There's nothing really that I think is terrible.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is the focus of some students to join a fraternity or sorority to be "popular" and wanted. But, once they join the organization, they drink and party in excess. They have a bad reputation of being big partiers and drinkers. I think that this is sad, because I honestly believe that the point of college is to learn and earn a degree in order to pursue a career that will allow you to make a life for yourself and your future family.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the lack of a sence of community among students and lack of friendliness. Also the town that we are in does not provide very many activities for students off campus.


There is not a great variety of things for students to do.


I think that most people think it is just a party school and that most people don't do well. I think it is a great school and a lot of people get really great jobs when they graduate from there.


The worst thing about my school is I don't believe they get information about social events out to everyone as best they could. Most of the time they do ok but occasionaly I will hear of an even I missed because I didn't know it was going on.


Sometimes, it feels as though the president runs the school strictly as a business and forgets that the school is focused on its current students. She has run a large number of campaigns to bring in money, which is great, but it seems like she is forgetting the current issues to focus on developing the school for the future.


I consider the lack of seriousness to be the worst thing about Ball State. I hear jokes from professors and students about the bad reputation Ball State has, and I can't believe they don't take it more seriously. I believe in order to change the school's reputation the professors and students should get serious and tell everyone the good about the school, not the bad.


Nothing is that bad about my school, I really do love it! The only thing would have to be money, and feeling like I am good now, but knowing how much I will owe when I am done!


The water drainage system is not very great causing some standing puddles in parking lots and around campus after raining. The weather in Muncie is not very great as well during the winter and late fall. Some of the roads outside of campus are old and need repaved.


The greek life is not very good here, and I wish it were better.


Living on campus and eating the same foods over and over again because it's convenient to stay near your dorm and get food. Try all of the available dinning locations on campus or you'll get burnt out and quick.


The only thing that I can say is the worst thing, which I believe is the same at all colleges/universities is the fact that the increasing costs of the university causes a constant struggle for students to attend including myself. Of course, the administration does all that it can to assist in these issues, but it can still become a strain for the finances being in the economy that we are living with right now. It is something that I think most college students have a problem with.


The worst thing I believe is the financial aid. For anyone who gets denied the schools financial aid has a hard time paying the tuition.


The worst thing, well I haven't found one yet.


Feeling that my republican views are not respected.


More scholarships or financial aid info.


The sororities and fraternities are ran very poorly.


Parking. The Parking Sevices are very strict and there are not many places to park on campus without paying for a short-term meter or buying a pass.