Ball State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not want to be around drunks every weekend or wants to get a better degree at IU or Purdue


Anti-social people should not attend this school. The students and staff at Ball State are wonderfully friendly and outgoing. The whole university is centered around getting involved and meeting friends. If someone were extremely anti-social, he or she may not have the best experience at Ball State University because all the people I have met love to get to know others.


A person that cannot afford college without need based money. If you are not eligible for national merit scholarships then don't attend this school. If you don't have some type of full ride scholarship with the school and you know you won't have help from your family then you shouldn't apply to this school. Basically, if you don't have your financials in order, then don't apply to this school because you'll end up in ridiculous debt.


A person that is looking to go to a school that is easy going and not hard. The corriculum is tough and the work load is difficult.


People who are looking for a big university within a city with lots of social activities should not attend.


A person who prefers a large city area. Also those who are not interested in getting involved or meeting people.


I feel that Ball State University is a school where everybody is accepted. A wide range of students attend Ball State, and they are all welcomed.


I do not believe there is a type of person that should not come to Ball State. College in general is a place where you have to be self-motivated to achieve graduation. I feel that Ball State is very accepting. They allow people from the community to exercise on campus, eat in the dining halls, and use the library. There are also many student lead groups here that support the student’s culture and invite the different cultures to work together.


Someone who wants to be in a big city with constant motion. Muncie is a small town with farmland surronding.


Everyone should have the chance to better their life by furthering their education. I believe if everyone was given the opportunity to be enlightened on the subjects I'm being taught, we wouldn't have some of the problems we have in our society today.


A person who is not ready for a committed school life. A person has to be ready to work and be able to manage time and social life as well.


I believe everyone should have an opportunity to reach for their educational dreams. If people do not meet academic requirements, admissions will not let them in.


If you are looking for an exotic location with a very busy city life, this may not be the prime location for you. It is also a predominately undergraduate college, with less emphasis on graduate research.


People who don't want to get involved on campus, and who doesn't like to "party."


Someone who wants to go to a really big school, because Ball State really isn't that big. Most freshman leave after the first year due to expenses. There are a lot of people who go out to party from thursday night through saturday, so there are a lot of drunks. A lot of people don't like how the meal plan works, because there is a set amount of money to be spent for each meal and if you don't spend all of the money, you don't get it back.


There really aren't any people who should not attend Ball State.


I don't really think there is any person who shouldn't attend this school. Ball State is very accomodating to people's needs. They have something for everyone here.


This school is pretty diverse and offers a lot of different programs that meet the needs of students from different backgrounds. I think a student who wants to major in law or maybe pre med could find a more challenging university that would make them stand out more on an application to med school or law school. Other than that I think this school fits the needs of almost every students


nobody should feel they can't go here, it is for all kinds of people!


I don't believe it's fair to say no one can attend this school. I believe everyone has the right to attend college if they would like. However, if you are not willing to put forth the effort and work hard, college is probably not for you.


Any body who wants to go to college this is a good fit. I have some friends who will not be returning for second semester because they do not like the college atmosphere. However, I don't believe that they would like the atmosphere of any other college either. College is simply not for everyone.


People that should not come to this school are ones that dont care about their studies, that like to drink and party all the time. Students come to this unversity for one thing. To learn and get a college education which will lead to a good paying job


A person who expects to pass classes while going to parties every night.


Everyone can attend this school.


I feel any type of person could fit in at this school.


A variety of people should attend this school. It is like a melting pot of people. I would not recomend it for those who are into very artsy type things or very conservative people.


Someone who would rather attend a small school, and would rather aviod large crowds and not be involved.


there is no personality that would be completely unaccepted. the campus has a wide diversity of students & personalities.


Someone that just doesn't care about anything. They have to be willing to try and do well. They shouldn't just come there to party.


Go to a school first based on what you want to major in, then on how big of a school you would like to attend, then on how much you actually like the campus.


Someone that is cloed minded.


Someone who wants a school with a huge amount of school spirit should avoid this school. People looking for a "big-city" experience should avoid this area as well.


Anyone can.


A person who is craving a big city should not attend this school. Muncie is very small and cannot provide the opportunities that a large city can afford. Ball State does try to accomodate that by bringing in cultural activities such as Broadway shows and dance shows.


Those students interested in doing in-depth research in such fields like chemistry, biology, or astronomy would not be well-suited to attend this school. The majors that are the most popular include education, architecture, business, and communications. If a student interested in attending did want to focus on the natural sciences, then they might find that the research facilities available are not equal to those schools who put more of an emphasis on those majors.


Students who are attending college to party and just have a good time instead of getting a college education for their future shouldn't attend Ball State University. Only students who are dedicated to their work and are focused on their future careers and life should plan to attend here.


Someone not willing to learn and further thier educatin


One that wants to pass just for showing up.


Someone looking for a sports school. We have large football, basketball, etc games but we are in the MAC division and not a largly competitive school.


Ball State caters to a wide, diverse group of students so in all honesty I believe any person would be accepted and welcomed on this campus. Ball State is really good at making people feel at home . I would recommend this university to any kind of person. There is no reason why someone should not be part of Ball State. It has a little of everything for everyone and really makes you feel part of the Ball State family.


The large GBLT community may take some people by surprise. The campus in general is very liveral, so someone who is very conservative might not feel comfortable. However, I have found that people are open and friendly at BSU, so as long as the person is willing to make friends they would probably be okay.


I feel that this school right for any person. It's great for anyone because it has a wide variety of things for anyone.


A person that doesn't like to have fun and learn at the same time.