Ball State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Ball State University?


Someone who does not want to be around drunks every weekend or wants to get a better degree at IU or Purdue


Anti-social people should not attend this school. The students and staff at Ball State are wonderfully friendly and outgoing. The whole university is centered around getting involved and meeting friends. If someone were extremely anti-social, he or she may not have the best experience at Ball State University because all the people I have met love to get to know others.


A person that cannot afford college without need based money. If you are not eligible for national merit scholarships then don't attend this school. If you don't have some type of full ride scholarship with the school and you know you won't have help from your family then you shouldn't apply to this school. Basically, if you don't have your financials in order, then don't apply to this school because you'll end up in ridiculous debt.


A person that is looking to go to a school that is easy going and not hard. The corriculum is tough and the work load is difficult.


People who are looking for a big university within a city with lots of social activities should not attend.


A person who prefers a large city area. Also those who are not interested in getting involved or meeting people.


I feel that Ball State University is a school where everybody is accepted. A wide range of students attend Ball State, and they are all welcomed.


I do not believe there is a type of person that should not come to Ball State. College in general is a place where you have to be self-motivated to achieve graduation. I feel that Ball State is very accepting. They allow people from the community to exercise on campus, eat in the dining halls, and use the library. There are also many student lead groups here that support the student’s culture and invite the different cultures to work together.


Someone who wants to be in a big city with constant motion. Muncie is a small town with farmland surronding.


Everyone should have the chance to better their life by furthering their education. I believe if everyone was given the opportunity to be enlightened on the subjects I'm being taught, we wouldn't have some of the problems we have in our society today.